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Raw Results 11/19/12

Raw Results from :

Rw opened with video and still photo highlights from last night's Survivor Series matches: Sheamus vs. Big Show, and the Triple Threat WWE Championship match.  The video ended with a "What are you gonna do Vickie?" said by AJ, and various superstars shown.  Right after the video ended, they went to the arena, and Ryback's music hit.  Cole talked about how angry he must be after the youngsters from NXT attacked him last night.  Cole and Lawler were shown on camera talking it over.

Ryback talked about how Punk employed three guys to take him out last night.  He told Punk and all of the others to come down to the ring now or he'd tear the place apart until he found each and every one of them.  Vickie came out saying "Ryback won't tear anything up tonight."  She said he blew both chances to win the WWE title.  She said if he causes any chaos tonight he'll be subject to a fine or suspension.  She said she enjoys how he destroys people and said we'll see how big your appetite really is.  Tensai came out for the opening bout.

Ryback wins via pinfall over Tensai.  At one point, Tensai had control but Ryback withstood all he had, then clotheslined Tensai out of the ring.  He left the ring and tossed Tensai into the crowd barrier, then back into the ring.  He waited for Tensai to stand and hit the meathook clothesline.  Next he hoisted Tensai up on his shoulders to hit Shell Shocked for the win.

Sheamus was shown backstage chewing out a referee over last night's decision.

They also announced Punk will have his one-year WWE championship reign celebration tonight.

Wade Barrett and Kofi Kingston were shown on the split screen, with Cole saying Barrett wants a title shot.  He fights Kofi in a non-title match next.

Wade Barrett defeated Kofi Kingston via pinfall in a non-title match.  Barrett couldn't put away Kofi several times.  Kofi had the same issue when he hit SOS for the pinfall.  Barrett used the ropes moment later to rake Kofi's face/eyes, and then followed up with the Bullhammer Elbow to finish off Kofi.

Cole noted that Randy Orton and Alberto Del Rio will meet in a best 2 of 3 falls match.  Also, Vickie has more evidence against AJ and Cena.

Cole identified the three guys from NXT who attacked Ryback at Survivor Series: Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose.  Lawler brought up Brad Maddox s well, and they reviewed his "story" including the screwjob on Ryback at HIAC and getting beat up by Ryback in a match last week.

Paul Heyman was carrying a CM Punk poster around backstage and told some WWE staffers to call all their friends for tonight's celebration.  He went over and knocked on Punk's locker room door, and out came the champ.  They began talking as Punk showed off his "I'm a Paul Heyman Guy" T-shirt.  Matt Striker interrupted to ask them about how the main event went down last night and his affiliation with the three attackers.  Punk was upset at him for asking a disrespectful question.  Heyman told Striker tonight is all about the celebration and even Ryback's invited.  Punk asked to talk to Heyman privately as Raw went to break.

Kaitlyn defeated Aksana via pinfall.  Aksana tried to leave the match early, but Kaitlyn went out after her, only to get duped into being clotheslined down.  Kaitlyn fought back late after Aksana had control most of the way.  Kaitlyn hit a knee gutbuster to finish off Aksana at the end.

They showed highlights of how WWE will invade The Soup on Wednesday November 21st at 10:30PM EST on E!

Antonio Cesaro defeated Brodus Clay via pinfall in a non-title match.  R-Truth was on commentary for the match and said Lil Jimmy was not with him tonight.  Brodus missed on a splash from off the middle turnbuckle and then Cesaro hit a twisting uppercut from the ropes.  He followed up by planting Clay on the mat with the Neutralizer for the finish.  Cesaro taunted Truth from in the ring post-match.

They showed a video about how John Cena was presented with the 300 wishes award.  The crowd gave a standing O.

Backstage, Vickie was seen talking to two unknown individuals who she shook hands with and said she was happy they could be there tonight.  Cole talked about her having more evidence to present.

They showed footage from Survivor Series where AJ showed off funny photos of Vickie with Ricardo Rodriguez, JR, and Brodus Clay.  Tamina attacked her and hit the Superfly splash after with Vickie laughing about it.

Vickie came to the ring with her two unknown guests, a man and woman.  Vickie introduced them as her eyewitnesses, Miss Whitney Smith, a waitress at a hotel restaurant in California, where Cena and AJ had their alleged business dinner.  Vickie gave her the mic to tell her story and to speak up so everyone could hear.  Miss Smith said they were very "touchy-feely" in the back corner and looked like they were talking about more than business.

Next up, she introduced Mr. Brady a parking attendant, sho said he saw AJ and Mr. Cena remain in a parked vehicle for nearly an hour.  He said a man in a nearby vehicle came to complain about what he saw going on in the vehicle.  AJ's music hit to interrupt and she came stomping down to the ring to interject.  AJ said she's tired of Vickie twisting things around to try to make stuff up.

Vickie said Mr. Brady got a picture of AJ and Cena in the car, but people at home may want to shelter their children so they won't see nudity.  Before she could show the picture, Cena's music hit.  He came to the ring and talked about all the crap Vickie was doing, then told her if she really wants a way to get people talking, this is how it's done.  Cena took off his hat, and then turned and apologized to AJ, before planting a passionate kiss on her.  He turned back to tell Vickie "You see that's how-" but AJ grabbed Cena to spin him around, then jumped up on him and started to kiss away.

They locked lips for nearly a minute until Dolph Ziggler rushed in to attack Cena.  Cena managed to fight him off out of the ring, then rushed out after him.  As Cena went up the ramp, he was hopping as if he may have had a cramp in one leg, or hurt himself.  AJ stayed at ringside looking shocked.

Randy Orton won a 2 of 3 Falls match against Alberto Del Rio 2-1.  After Del Rio took early control of things he kept targeting Orton's arm.  Orton won Fall 1 due to disqualification of Del Rio since he kept beating on Orton and his arm near the ring post outside the ring.  Raw went to break after that.  Later still, Orton managed to gain the advantage against Del Rio and riled the crowd up for a big move.  He went for it, but Del Rio countered, tripped him to the mat and locked on the Cross Armbreaker to make Orton tap out.  It was tied 1-1, with the next fall determining the winner.  The ref asked Orton if he can still go, and Ricardo got up on the apron to get instructions from Del Rio.

Del Rio hit a huge kick on Orton's arm in the corner to further damage the hurt arm.  However, Orton regained some control, and dropped to the mat to stalk Del Rio.  Ricardo grabbed his leg to hold him back, but the ref caught it and ordered him to go backstage.  Del Rio hit a Backstabber, with Orton barely kicking out of the pinfall.  Moments later, Del Rio mocked Orton and then went for his RKO.  Orton countered and took Del Rio to the middle ropes to hit the DDT.  He dropped to the mat to pound it, despite the hurt arm.

Del Rio avoided the RKO and managed to get Orton back down on the mat into the Cross Armbreaker.  Orton grabbed his hand to try to block it.  Del Rio beat on his arm to break his hold up and kept the armbreaker locked in.  Orton managed to shift his weight and pin Del Rio for a near fall.  Del Rio kicked out before 3 and regaind control.  Orton dodged a late attempt at a kick in the corner, then followed up with an RKO for the win.

Cole and Lawler reviewed the kissing scene involving AJ and John Cena in the ring in front of Vickie earlier.  Dolph Ziggler interrupted by sneak attacking.  They reviewed Cena landing badly on the ramp, with Lawler saying maybe he twisted his ankle.

Backstage, Cena was getting his leg taped up by a trainer with AJ standing by.  The trainer said he may have a torn meniscus.  AJ said she was so sorry and asked if Cena's OK.  He told her he'd be OK.

Great Khali was in the ring for a match with Primo and Epico.  Hornswoggle's music hit and he came down the ramp carrying flowers.  He walked over and slapped hands with Khali who reached out from in the ring.  During the match, Horney walked over with the flowers and pretended they were for Rosa, then puckered up for a kiss.  Rosa went to oblige him, but got sprayed by water from the fake flowers all over her face.  Rosa was furious and told Primo and Epico to go get him.  However, Khali smashed them both down and made the winning pinfall.

Backstage, a few men were seen talking about preparations for CM Punk's big celebration.  Paul Heyman came in and sent the one guy off, then looked at the paper the other was holding.  He demanded the guy go get balloons for the celebration, now!

Jerry Lawler said Inside Edition on Tuesday will have a story about his heart attack and Dr. Sampson saving his life.

Miz defeated David Otunga via pinfall.  Cole reminded fans that Miz will compete against Dolph Ziggler on WWE Main Event this Wednesday.  During the match, Otunga began to dominate things, but Miz fought back.  He eventually hit his running clothesline in the corner, then a dobule axe handle from the top rope to knock Otunga down.  As Otunga got up, Miz got him from behind with Skullcrushing Finale for the win.

Cole and Lawler talked about last night's Sheamus vs. Big Show match at Survivor Series.  Still shots were shown and some video of how the match ended with Sheamus hitting a Brogue Kick by accident on the ref, and Show hitting his KO punch.  A different ref counted the pinfall, and then post-match Sheamus beat up Show with a steel chair.

They plugged "Now or Never" by Outasight, the official Survivor Series theme song on sale at iTunes.

Cole and Lawler reviewed earlier in the night with Ryback demanding CM Punk and the three attackers to come to the ring and face him, or he'd tear the place apart.  Vickie came out and told him if he caused any chaos he'd be fined or suspended.

Sheamus came to the ring and demanded Big Show come out so they could settle things once and for all.  Show came out from backstage limping after last night's steel chair shots.  Lawler said he was surprised to see him walking at all.  Show came out and said Sheamus isn't the World Heavyweight Champion anymore, he's just barbaric.  Sheamus told Show to come down to the ring for another fight, but instead Damien Sandow's music hit and he came down for the match.

Sheamus defeated Damien Sandow via pinfall.  Late in this one, Sheamus regained control after Sandow had him down on the mat in a headlock. Sheamus managed to complete his bashing on the chest move with Sandow on the apron.  He followed with the battering ram shoulder from the top rope and then White Noise, before setting up for and connecting with the Brogue Kick for the win.

Backstage, Vickie was meeting with Tamina Snuka in her office, when AJ walked in to talk to Vickie.  Vickie introduced them to each other, and AJ said she'd be getting to know her a lot better in the near future.  Vickie accused AJ of playing tonsil hockey with Cena in the ring, causing AJ to lunge towards her, but Tamina put her hand up to stop her.  AJ told Vickie that Cena's hurt and asked what she's going to do about it.  Vickie stared at her, then said "nothing."  AJ said "well if you're not, then I will" and stormed out.

Cole and Lawler talked up the upcoming big celebration by CM Punk for his year-long championship reign, saying Heyman was still backstage making preparations.

AJ was seen backstage walking down a hallway with Layla, and then came up to the men's locker room.  Layla told her "don't do this," but AJ said "leave me the hell alone" and Layla walked of.  AJ opened the door and several superstars were in there talking, while Dolph Ziggler was seated in the corner of the room.  AJ stormed up to him and said "Who the hell do you think you are?"

Dolph stood up and gave his speech on what type of girl AJ is, saying she just latches onto whoever gives her attention, but at the end of the day she's just the same lonely girl, weak and pathetic.  After he made her tear up, he sat down, but AJ became enraged and started pounding on him.  Cena rushed in and pulled Cena away, but as he turned his back, Dolph attacked him again.  Cena gained the upperhand, but Dolph kicked him in his taped-up leg, and Cena fell down.  Cena moved towards the shower/bathroom area, with Dolph rushing over and tackling him through a stall wall, crashing it down.  Dolph kept beating on him, until referees intervened.  One ref attended to Cena and called for the doctor to come in and help out.

Josh Matthews was standing outside the Athletic Training Room saying Cena was rushed in there, and he is in a tremendous amount of pain.  Matthews said the earlier torn meniscus injury might be much, much worse than before.

Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara and Team Hell No fought to a no contest/double DQ when Prime Time Players interfered.  PTP were on guest commentary for the match saying they were there to scout.  They kept calling themselves "leaders of the tag team division."  Late in the match, Bryan got knocked outside the ring and Sin Cara jumped out on  him.  Rey goes to the top rope, but Kane knocks him down as he jumps, mid-air.  The match eventually ended with PTP getting involved.  Bryan helped trip PTP into the ropes for a double 619 by Rey.  Kane then hit a double chokeslam on them.

Backstage, Heyman tells Punk that nobody will tarnish the night for him.

Paul Heyman was in a decorated ring with posters of CM Punk to commemorate his championship reign.  CM Punk came to the ring and talked about how he did what The Rock, Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, Triple H and Bret Hart couldn't - held the title 365 days.  Punk then says it's not just about the past year but about looking towards the future.  He says he won't stop until July 2018 when he surpasses Bruno Sammartino for longest championship reign ever.  Heyman then talks about Sammartino, Stone Cold, and Hulk Hogan saying none of them can beat Punk.  He says it will be proven at the Royal Rumble that The Rock can't either.

Punk starts talking about how he had the odds stacked against him at Survivor Series.  Out comes Ryback, but on his way to the ring, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns attack again.  He fought them off and got into the ring, but they went after him and kept fighting.  Punk hid in the corner, as Ryback kept brawling with them.  They drag him to the outside and kept beating up Ryback, then powerbombed him through the announce table again, just like at Survivor Series.  The show closed as Punk was standing over Ryback on he smashed table proclaiming he is "best in the world!"

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