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Main Event Results 11/14/12

WWE Main Event Results from Cleveland, OH:

The latest show opened with Cole and Miz at the commentators table to talk about tonight's show, just four days from Survivor Series.  Backstage, Josh Matthews interviews Daniel Bryan and Kane.  They got into an argument about Miz, with Kane storming off.  Rhodes Scholars attacked Bryan leaving him down on some WWE set equipment.  Kane came back after the damage had been done, with refs and Josh Matthews coming over to check on Bryan.

They showed a video package to cover the history between Kane and Daniel Bryan.

Daniel Bryan & Kane defeated Rhodes Scholars by pinfall to retain the tag team titles.  Late in this one, Kane had control against Sandow.  He hit a sideslam for the nearfall, then punched Rhodes off the side apron area.  Kane hit a huge clothesline off the corner, then hit the Chokeslam.  He tagged in Bryan, who went to the top rope and hit a diving move to get the pinfall.  During the match, Rhodes landed bad after a back bodydrop.  A replay showed he landed on his head.  He was attended to by trainers post-match.

Striker interviewed Team Hell No ringside after their victory.  He asked Daniel Bryan if he thinks he can co-exist with The Miz.  Kane got on the mic to say his reply should be, "Yes, Yes, Yes!" and the crowd started to chant.  Miz got up from the commentary area and offered a handshake.  Bryan shook his head, then yelled "No!" multiple times.  He then tried to hug it out with Miz, but Miz refused to do it and sat back down with Cole on commentary.

They showed a video package about how they whole CM Punk vs. Ryback and Cena Triple Threat match at Survivor Series came about.

Michael Cole interviewed Dolph Ziggler who was standing backstage about his team's chances for Survivor Series.  Ziggler talked about being the leader who won't abandon his team so he thinks his chances are "awesome!"  He talked about how Kofi and Miz hate each other, and so do Kane and Bryan.  He said Orton hates everyone.  Ziggler told Miz to look at Foley who is that big loser who doesn't know when to quit, which will be him some day.  Ziggler and Miz got into a war of words.  Miz asked the last time Ziggler main evented a PPV.  Ziggler said he's the show stealer.  Miz said Ziggler can't even steal the World Heavyweight title.  It ended up with Miz challenging Ziggler to a match on Main event next week.

Santino Marella defeated David Otunga via pinfall in the final match of the night.  Otunga was dominating down the stretch, stepping on Santino near the ropes and hitting a big elbow drop on him.  He charged Santino in the corner, ramming his gut.  Otunga posed with Santino down on the mat.  Santino tried to jump up to his feet Shawn Michaels style but fell on his head.  Santino avoided Otunga in the corner when he rushed at him, then hit the split and hip toss.  Santino pulled out the Cobra sock and hit the finisher on Otunga to get the win.

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