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2012 TLC PPV Results Coverage

Welcome to 2012 TLC PPV results coverage.  On this blog post, the latest updates for each match on the Sunday night WWE TLC card will be presented as they occur.  Among the big matches are Sheamus vs. Big Show for the World Heavyweight Title in a Chairs Match, and Ryback teaming with Team Hell No to take on The Shield in a TLC Match.

The 2012 TLC PPV begins at 8PM EST from Barclay's Center in Brooklyn, NY.  CM Punk will not be on the card due to knee surgery, so the WWE Championship will not be contested.  However, the World Heavyweight, Intercontinental and US Championships are all on the line.  There's also a free live stream show featuring a divas battle royal to determine a #1 contender for Eve's Divas title.

Results will be updated starting after 7:30PM EST when the special live pre-show begins online.  Full results will be here after 11PM EST!

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Scott Stanford opened the pre-show with an outside shot of people filing into Barclay's Center.  On camera, Matt Striker joined Stanford, as they discussed the first-ever event in Barclay's.  Stanford hyped the Santa's helper battle royal with the winner taking on Eve during the TLC PPV.

They showed video highlights from Friday's Smackdown where Big Show got involved and hit William Regal with a chair, causing Sheamus to get counted out.  Sheamus was frustrated that he couldnt' attack Show.

They went backstage to Booker T talking to Sheamus in the locker room about the no contact clause.  Sheamus interrupted said he knows he's just doing his job but doesn't hold against him.  Sheamus got up and said he's tired of all the games and wants to wipe the smirk off Snow's face.  Booker told him to do that he needs to beat him - with one of these - and handed him a steel chair.

Stanford and Striker talked up Ryback and Team Hell No versus The Shield in a six-man tag match.  They showed video highlights of the feud and how it started.

Backstage, Michael Cole and Josh Matthews talked about the upcoming Slammy awards for Breakout Star of the Year, Match of the Year, and Superstar of the Year.  They said winners will be determined by the WWE Universe via voting on the WWE app and online.  They talked over some of the online winners of awards so far.

Brodus Clay won Best Dancer of the Year.  Top Social Media Ambassador went to Charlie Sheen who joined WWE Raw via Skype earlier this year. Exclusive Video of the Year went to Jerry Lawler for his video after his heart attack when he met with the doctor who helped save him.  Crowd Chant of the Year was "Feed Me More!" for Ryback.  Upset of the Year was Daniel Bryan defending the World Heavyweight title against Big Show and Mark Henry at Royal Rumble 2012.  WWE Diva of the Year went to AJ Lee.

Santa's Helper Divas Battle Royal

The winner of this match becomes #1 contender for Eve's WWE Divas Championship. This match will be part of the live streaming pre-show at 7:30PM EST on YouTube and Facebook.

Competing were Rosa Mendes, Cameron and Naomi, Kaitlyn, Natalya, Alicia Fox, Layla, Aksana, Tamina Snuka.  Eve Torres joined Stanford and Striker on commentary.

Rosa Mendes was dumped out of the ring first and argued with the ref as he told her to leave the area.  Eve talked up her own accomplishments as the match went on.  The Funkadactyls did a double split legdrop on Aksana, right before Tamina tossed Cameron out through the ropes.  Aksana started to pose on the middle ropes and got dropkicked out of the ring.

Striker asked Eve about her strategy if she were to face Layla later on, and they talked about how Layla, Eve and Naomi were all NBA dancers.  Layla hit a double crossbody off the ropes to take down Natalya and Tamina.  Later, Tamina was able to punch Layla off the side apron to eliminate her.  Moments later, Natalya was eliminated by Kaitlyn and Naomi.  It came down to Tamina vs. Naomi vs. Kaitlyn.  Tamina hit the backdrop on Naomi.

Tamina was trying to eliminate Kaitlyn, but instead, Naomi rushed over and shoved Tamina out.  Eve stood up with her championship belt on her shoulder to watch the finals of Naomi vs. Kaitlyn.  Naomi managed to dump Kaitlyn onto the side apron, but Kaitlyn responded with a yank down to drag Naomi neck first across the top rope.  Eve came over and hit Kaitlyn on the apron, then Naomi dropkicked Kaitlyn out of the match to win.  Eve laughed from the ramp as Naomi celebrated.

Winner: Naomi wins the Divas Santa's Helper Battle Royal.  She faces Eve for the Divas Championship during TLC PPV.

Cole and Matthews gave out some more online Slammy Award winners:

Show of the Year: Zack Ryder YouTube
Tweet of the Year: Daniel Bryan "Goat face is a horrible insult."
Insult of the Year: John Cena

The TLC Pay-Per-View opened with Lilian Garcia and then the bell sounding 26 times for the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in CT.

Opening match starts.

Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara vs. Team Rhodes Scholars
Tables Match

Late in the match, Sin Cara and Sandow go to the outside.  Rey takes Cody into the ring and the two fight back and forth. After hitting the 619, Rey puts Cody on top of a table and then goes to the top rope.  Sandow knocks Rey from off the top to save Cody.  Cody and Sandow hit Rey in the head with a table sending him to the floor.

Sin Cara comes back in to take down Sandow with the enziguiri.  He sends Cody to the outside.  Cara kicks Sandow and then goes for a big springboard move.  Rhodes makes a save here, shoving Cara mid-air to send him crashing through a table on the outside.  With the win, Sandow and Rhodes become new #1 contenders for the tag team titles.

Winners: Team Rhodes Scholars wins the Tables Match over Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio to become new #1 contenders for the tag team titles.

They showed a video from earlier today by The Shield.  They talked about how tonight they'll feed Ryback more than he can take.  They also doubted if Kane and Daniel Bryan are much of a team, saying they're a disgrace to all tag teams.

R-Truth vs. Antonio Cesaro
US Championship Match

The two fought back and forth late in this one.  Cesaro put on a submission hold and kept it locked on for several minutes.  Cesaro brought Truth to the corner where Truth gets revved up and starts to fight back.  Truth drops Cesaro several times before hitting a big elbow from off the ropes.  Truth kicked Cesaro then hit a scissors kick for a near fall.  Cesaro tries to come back with Truth kicking him in the face for a 2 count.  Cesaro finally makes another comeback and this time hits Truth with a big uppercut from behind.  He followed up with the Neutralizer for the win.

Post-match, Striker interviewed Cesaro in the ring about how the fans are reacting to him.  Cesaro calls himself "an international superpower" saying he's unlike America.  He calls himself the greatest US Champion in history and says fans are booing their own country when they boo him.

Winner: Antonio Cesaro wins via pinfall over R-Truth to retain the United States Championship.

The Miz did an episode in the ring of MizTV.  His guests were Slater, Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal of 3MB.  Slater talked about how they'll be performing live at the Slammy's tomorrow night.  Slater wasn't happy that Miz called them a trainwreck.  They also went outside the ring and started surrounding the Spanish announce team.  Ricardo Rodriguez came down to try to intervene and got pushed up against the ring.  Del Rio came running down and starts beating up all three guys from 3MB.  Miz and Del Rio said they'll find a partner for a tag match later on.

They had a segment with Daniel Bryan and Kane backstage discussing Ryback and teaming up with a guy who chants the same thing over and over.  Kane said he just cares about what he does not what he says.  Bryan did his "Yes, Yes, Yes!" chant to end it.

Wade Barrett vs. Kofi Kingston
Intercontinental Championship

During the late stages of this one, Barrett hit a backbreaker for a 2 count.  He went to the corner then hit a huge elbow drop for the near fall.  Kofi was able to counter a move from off the ropes then hit a Russian leg sweep.  He continued to attack, hitting the Double Boom Leg drop and then went for Trouble in Paradise, but Wade ducked it.  Barrett went for a sideslam with Kofi countering and rolling him up for the near fall.  Kofi then hit SOS for another near fall.

Later still, Barret charges at Kofi in the corner, but Kofi gets up the boots to kick him.  He hits the crossbody from the top with Barrett rolling through and getting a 2 count.  Kofi had his own rollup attempt for 2.  Barrett hits a huge sideslam, but Kofi kicks out of the pinfall.  Barrett went for the Bullhammer elbow, but Kofi countered it, hitting Trouble in Paradise to win.

Winner: Kofi Kingston wins via pinfall over Wade Barrett to retain the Intercontinental Championship.

Ryback & Team Hell No vs. The Shield
TLC Match

In the late part of this match,  Kane was speared through the fan barrier by Reigns, and then The Shield stacked up various objects on Kane to bury him underneath.  Later, Ryback was fighting with The Shield at ringside.  The brawl went towards the stage area where Ambrose hit a chair on Ryback's back, then continued to smash him with it.  Rollins knocked a ladder over onto Ryback and Ryback was hit by more chairshots from Ambrose.  Reigns set up a table and they put Ryback on it.  Rollins then climbs up a tall ladder for a big move, but Ryback is able to get off the table.  He climbs up the ladder after Rollins and pulls him down through several tables.  Meanwhile, Ambrose and Reigns go back to the ring where they double powerbomb Bryan through a table.  Reigns takes the pinfall for the win, as Ryback comes stumbling back to the ring.

Winners: The Shield wins via pinfall over Team Hell No & Ryback in a TLC Match.

Naomi vs. Eve Torres
WWE Divas Championship

Naomi showed some flashes of athleticism during the bout including a big kick to send Eve into the crowd barrier.  Late in the match, Naomi missed on a crossbody move from the corner area.  Eve eventually hit her neckbreaker finisher for the win.

Winner: Eve Torres wins via pinfall to retain the Divas Championship.

Sheamus vs. Big Show
World Heavyweight Title Chairs Match

During the late stages of the chairs match, Sheamus hit a running knee on Show in the corner.  Sheamus tried to continue the fight but Show got a chokeslam out of nowhere for a 2 count.  Show went to the outside and tossed a bunch of chairs in the ring and then went back into hit Sheamus with chair shots.  He put a chair on top of Sheamus and hit a big splash off the corner ropes for a near fall.

Later, Show set up chairs to try to chokeslam Sheamus through them.  Instead, Sheamus countered it, then hit White Noise for a near fall.  Sheamus goes for a Brogue Kick but gets stuck in the ropes.  Show hit the KO punch and had another near fall.  He finally went under the ring to grab an even bigger chair, a Big Show version, which he hit Sheamus in the back with before pinning him.

Winner: Big Show wins via pinfall over Sheamus to retain the World Heavyweight Championship.

Heath Slater, Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntyre vs. Alberto Del Rio, The Miz and Brooklyn Brawler

The Miz and Del Rio brought out a resident of the area as their partner - Brooklyn Brawler. He came to the ring wearing a Nets jersey. In the match, 3MB tried to double and triple team him to keep him away from a tag. Slater eventually missed a second rope splash move and Brawler made a hot tag to Miz. Miz beat up Mahal then knocked Slater off the apron.

Miz hit a huge DDT and had a near fall on Jinder. Del Rio took out McIntyre wit ha dive move on the outside. Ricardo Rodriguez even got involved. The Miz hit Skullcrushing Finale on Jinder, then tagged in Brawler for a Boston Crab to win it.

Winners: Brooklyn Brawler, The Miz and Del Rio win via submission over 3MB.

John Cena vs. Dolph Ziggler
MITB Ladder Match

Late in this match, Cena had the ladder ready but Ziggler dropkicked it into his face and the ladder fell to the outside floor. Ziggler tries to send Cena towards a chair, but Cena stops and makes his comeback. The two end up fighting on the turnbuckle. Ziggler hits a headbutt to send Cena down to the mat. Ziggler jumps off the top rope, but Cena catches him and rolls through. Cena goes for the AA but Ziggler managed to block it. He hits some chairshots and takes Cena down again. Ziggler goes for a superkick but Cena counters with the AA. Ziggler rolls to the outside as Cena gets ready to climb a ladder.

All of a sudden, Vickie Guerrero rushes down to the ring and gets a chair to bring in. Vickie prepares to hit Cena with it but AJ rushes down. Vickie swings at AJ but AJ ducks it and then takes Vickie down. AJ hits a spear on Vickie then takes her down. AJ then hit a Five Knuckle Shuffle on Vickie and then celebrated as Vickie rolled to the outside. Cena set up the ladder and started the climb, but shockingly AJ shoved the ladder over and Cena went down. Ziggler looked surprised by it and AJ acted upset. AJ stared at Dolph then smiled before skipping off. Ziggler climbed up the ladder and grabbed his briefcase to win.

Post-match, Ziggler celebrated while replays were shown. Ziggler went up the ramp with the MITB briefcase, as Cena is recovering in the ring.

Winner: Doph Ziggler wins the ladder match over John Cena to retain the MITB briefcase.

Thanks for choosing WWE Characters the Blog for your 2012 WWE TLC results coverage! Make sure to check out Raw on Monday night for follow up and fallout from tonight's big PPV!

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