Monday, December 3, 2012

Raw Preview 12/3/12

On last week's Raw, Ryback had most of his demands met, as he was granted a WWE Championship rematch against CM Punk at the TLC Pay-Per-View.  However, he did not get The Shield as he demanded at the start of the show.  Instead, he had to show up during the final match of the night, as CM Punk had defeated Kane, thanks to The Shield's appearance.  Ryback went on the attack against the trio, only to be beat down once again.  A spear from Reigns was followed by a triple power bomb to leave Ryback down on the mat.  With that, CM Punk stood tall, but the question remains, is Punk connected to The Shield, or are they two separate entities?  Will Ryback get some measure of revenge against them on tonight's show?  Will The Shield even show up?

Also on last week's show, another TLC match was set up as the AJ and John Cena scandal situation continued to boil over thanks to Vickie Guerrero.  This time around, Cena came out to address the WWE Universe, only to be interrupted by Vickie, who gave examples of all of AJ's crazy romantic situations of the past.  AJ came out to address those, claiming she'd learned from the mistakes and moved on, saying she's no longer GM and can have a relationship with whoever she wants on the roster.  Dolph Ziggler came out to add his two cents, claiming that Cena got "riled up" because he knew when AJ was kissing him, she was really thinking of Dolph.  Before a fight could happen, Vickie declared that these two would meet to settle things on Raw.  Cena was victorious and shared a victory kiss with AJ, but will these two continue on as a couple?  What will be next for AJ, Cena, Vickie and Dolph?

The WWE Tag Team Champions had their share of losses in singles matches on last week's show.  In one match, Daniel Bryan lost to Rey Mysterio, while Kane lost to CM Punk in the main event.  To follow that, they were both part of the attack by The Shield.  With Ryback rushing in to try to make a save, will Kane, Ryback and Bryan team up on tonight's show for some tag team action?  Will The Shield finally make their in-ring debut?

Check out tonight's episode of WWE Raw starting at 8PM EST on USA!

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