Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Main Event Results 12/06/12

Main Event Results 12/06/12:

Michael Cole and The Miz opened up on commentary.  They mentioned how CM Punk will need knee surgery and will be unable to compete at the TLC Pay-Per-View.

They showed video clips from last week's show setting up tonight's main event match of Kofi vs. Cesaro.

Kofi Kingston was interviewed backstage by Josh Matthews.

A recap of this past Monday's Fatal Fourway for the US Championship was shown.

A video package about Antonio Cesaro's dominant title reign was spotlighted.

Kofi Kingston and Antonio Cesaro fought to a no content/non-finish.  Late in the match, Kofi was in control.  He hit a back body drop and then multiple chops to Cesaro's chest.  After a flying forearm, Kofi hits the Boom Drop and then gets ready for Trouble in Paradise.  All of a sudden, Wade Barrett gets involved in the match.  R-Truth rushes in as well.  Truth gets on the mic and says they all want to fight, so why not a tag match?  The rest of them agree to it as Main Event heads to commercial.

Kofi Kingston & R-Truth defeated Antonio Cesaro & Wade Barrett via pinfall.  Late in this one, Kofi got a cross body on Wade Barrett for the near fall.  Barrett managed to retaliate with a sidekick and then tagged in Cesaro.  Kofi hit a jumping cross body and some punches followed by SOS for the pinfall.  Barrett came in to break it up, so hit Truth comes in to hit Little Jimmy on him, and they both go to the outside.  Kofi tries for Trouble in Paradise with Cesaro ducking it.  Cesaro sends Kofi to the corner where Truth makes a blind tag, then goes for a sunset flip.  As Truth held Cesaro in position, Kofi nailed Trouble in Paradise on Cesaro to seal the deal.

They announced next week's big Main Event match is Alberto Del Rio vs. Ryback.

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