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Raw Results 12/17/12

Raw Results from Philadelphia, PA:

Rey Mysterio defeated Damien Sandow via pinfall with a splash from the top ropes.

Booker T presented the "Tell Me I Just Did Not See That" Slammy.  The Boogeyman came out to interrupt and brought out a handful of worms with Booker shaking at the podium.  After break, Booker went to announce the winner, but before he could Brad Maddox walked out and stood next to him expecting to win.  Instead, Kofi Kingston won for walking on his hands at the Royal Rumble.  Kofi thanked the fans in his speech after Maddox walked backstage.

Kaitlyn defeated Eve Torres via pinfall in a non-title matchup.  Kaitlyn did a counter from the corner on Eve to get the pinfall win.  Post-match, Kaitlyn grabbed the divas championship belt and then posed over Eve with it to mock her.

The New Age Outlaws Billy Gunn and Jesse James presented Slammy for "Comeback of the Year."  Jerry Lawler won and thanked everyone saying he loves them all and it's great to be back.

Kofi Kingston defeated Tensai via pinfall in a non-title match.  Kofi avoided a Tensai splash from the corner then hit Trouble in Paradise to win it.  Post-match, Kofi got attacked by Wade Barrett who hit him with the Bullhammer elbow.

Vickie Guerrero came out to present Slammy for Kiss of the Year.  AJ won for kissing Cena.  She came out and Vickie demanded she explain herself over what she did at TLC.  AJ and Vickie started to get into it and Dolph Ziggler came out.  AJ said she may have won kiss of the year but it's nothing compared to this: she jumped on Ziggler and passionately kissed him as Vickie stormed off.

The Great Khali defeated David Otunga via pinfall.  Khali hit a big boot on Otunga and then a clothesline followed by his huge chop down for the win.  Post-match, Natalya came to the ring and danced around with Khali.

Ric Flair presented Superstar of the Year Slammy.  John Cena won it and was getting booed by the crowd.  Cena hands the award to Flair saying it's good to see him where he belongs.  Cena leaves, as Flair starts a speech.  CM Punk comes out on crutches with Paul Heyman.

Punk says the fact Cena won is atrocious, calling it a horrible year for him.  He calls Cena a loser, like Flair and the Philly fans.  Punk talks up his reign as champion and ends up getting into it with Flair.  Flair takes his jacket off and goes to the ring for a fight.

After a break, Punk and Flair got into it in the ring, with Punk hitting Flair with a crutch and then mocking his strut.  Flair recovered and then hit a thumb to Punk's eye to knock him down.  He grabbed Heyman and put him into the Figure Four.  Heyman taps so Flair lets go.  He gets on the mic to talk about how if he dies it will be right here.  Flair keeps talking but The Shield's theme music hits.  They emerge from the crowd with Flair inviting them down.

After another break, Bryan and Kane are ringside fighting The Shield.  Ambrose takes down Flair in the ring and then goes to fight at ringside.  After tossing Kane into the barrier, they go after Flair trying to put him through the announce table.  Ryback comes out for a save.  Ryback, Kane and Bryan then fight off The Shield.  After the brawl, they join Flair in the ring where he raises up their arms.

Backstage, Flair thanks Bryan and Kane.  Bryan starts up his No! while Kane yells Yes! and Flair does some Whoooo's.  Ron Simmons shows up and after they stop yelling he gives his standard, "DAMN!"

Brodus Clay defeated JTG via pinfall.  Clay hit a huge splash in the corner followed by a headbutt and his splash for the win.

Santino Marella presented LOL Moment of the Year with Tensai, who tripped on his way out.  His head is bandaged up from Kofi's kick in the match earlier.  Santino teases him calling him "Albert."  The Slammy goes to The Rock for his promo on Cena.  Rock isn't there to accept so the crowd boos.  Santino says he'll take the award then.

Cody Rhodes defeated Sin Cara via pinfall.  Cara made a late comeback, but Rhodes ultimately countered a move and hit Cross Rhodes to win.

Zack Ryder and Layla presented Trending Now Hashtag of the Year.  The winner was #feedmemore.  Ryder says he take the award backstage to Ryback.

Big Show came to the ring with his title and the extra large chair from TLC last night that he used.  He does a promo about his win saying he's most dominant in the WWE.  Sheamus comes out to congratulate him on being better last night.  He shakes his hand.  Show shakes his hand then begins to berate Sheamus, telling him to go to the back of the line and calls him names.  Sheamus tackles him down then hits him with the big chair and a Brogue Kick.

Sheamus goes backstage, but just then Dolph Ziggler comes out with a referee.  Ziggler is about to cash in on Big Show, but Cena rushes down to attack him, preventing it.  They brawl outside the ring, with Cena throwing Ziggler into the crowd barrier to leave him layed out.  Ziggler never actually went to cash in since the bell didn't ring.

Backstage, Ziggler complained about Cena costing him the World Title just now.  Vickie confronts him about getting AJ's help at TLC and Ziggler says he had no idea.  Dolph then tells Vickie their relationship is over because her jealousy is tired, old and just plain ugly, like Vickie.  Vickie sets up a match with her and Cena against Dolph and AJ later on.

Alberto Del Rio, The Miz and Tommy Dreamer defeated 3MB via pinfall.  During the match Dreamer hit a variety of moves include a big leap from the top out of the ring to take out 3MB before a commercial.

Sheamus presented Slammy for Newcomer of the Year and Ryback is the winner.  During his speech he brings up the late Owen Hart who said "enough is enough and it's time for a change."  Ryback says he is that change, and the crowd does a feed me more chant.

Ryback defeated Antonio Cesaro due to countout in a non-title match.  Late in the match, Cesaro went for his Neutralizer on Ryback but it was blocked.  Ryback dropped Cesaro to the mat and then set up for his Meathook Clothesline, but Cesaro fled the ring.  Ryback brings him back in, but Cesaro rolls out again and gets counted out.

Mean Gene Okerlund, Ricky Steamboat and Jim Ross presented Slammy for Match of the Year.  The Triple H vs. Undertaker match at WrestleMania wins.  Triple H comes out with a big ovation from the crowd.  He talks about the classic match and says it was an honor to be involved.  He says to answer the million dollar question that's hanging in the air, we have not seen the last of The Undertaker.

Backstage, The Shield is shown beating up Tommy Dreamer before leaving the building.

John Cena and Vickie Guerrero win due to disqualification of AJ Lee and Dolph Ziggler.  Late in this one, Cena was about to hit the AA but Ziggler countered with a DDT then followed with elbows.  Cena turned things around moments later and put Dolph in the STF.  However, AJ brought out a surprise with NXT champion Big E Langston.  He gets in the ring and runs over Cena, then stans over Cena as AJ skips around them.  Ziggler just looks on as the show goes off the air.

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