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Raw Results 03/04/13

Raw Results from Buffalo, NY:

The show opened with retro on-screen graphics and text.  As the live crowd was shown, all of a sudden the Undertaker's bells chimed.  After the arena went dark, Taker's graphics hit on the screen and then finally, he emerged from backstage.  As he went to the stage, things faded to black and an "old school" Raw video package opened the show with Mean Gene narrating.  Among the legends shown were Ric Flair, Sgt. Slaughter, Million Dollar Man and Honky Tonk Man.

After the intro, Cole and Lawler talked up their "Old School" show, and mentioned Undertaker's appearance.  Taker was no longer out in the arena though.  CM Punk's music hit and he came out to the ring with Paul Heyman.  Punk talked about how he should be main eventing Mania, and going for the WWE title.  He said now that he's not, and the people ruined things for him, he didn't think he needed to be at Mania.  However, he just saw a reason to be there and is going to take something from the people.  Punk vowed to go to WrestleMania and end Undertaker's streak.

That brought out Randy Orton first, to talk about how he's fought Taker at Mania before and nearly broke the streak.  Orton tried to poll the crowd about who they'd rather see fight Taker at Mania.  Just then, Big Show's music hit and he came out to say he deserved the shot at Taker at WrestleMania.  Sheamus' music hit and he came out to say he's the only guy who has never faced Undertaker before, so he may have the best shot at defeating him.  He said it will take more than a big fist, a GTS or RKO to put Taker down, but maybe his big boot, his heart and all the luck of the Irish will help him end the streak.

Vickie Guerrero interrupted with her "Excuse Me's" and came out to the ramp.  She said they'd need to determine who gets the opportunity to break Taker's streak, so there will be a Fatal Fourway match tonight with the winner facing Undertaker at WrestleMania 29.

Ryback defeated Antonio Cesaro via pinfall in a non-title match.  Ryback regained control of things late, hitting a huge spinebuster on Cesaro.  He went for the Meathook Clothesline but Cesaro was ready and hit the uppercut on him.  Cesaro had Ryback stunned and went for the Neutralizer, but Ryback countered, then hit the Shellshocked for the win.  Post-match, Ryback was heading up the ramp and Mark Henry's music hit.  Henry came out and the two gave each other the brief glance/stare before Henry headed to the ring.

Cole announced that superstars will battle to become the GM of Saturday Morning Slam this Saturday at 10:30 AM EST.

Mark Henry defeated Zack Ryder via pinfall.  Henry made quick work of Ryder, whipping him hard to the corner at one spot before clotheslining him down hard.  From there, he screamed for Ryder to get up just so he could hit him with World's Strongest Slam.

A promotional video was shown for Fandango saying he'd debut tonight on Raw.

The Miz defeated Dolph Ziggler via submission.  Before the match, The Miz introduced someone who personifies "Old School," his corner man, Ric Flair.  Late in the match, AJ got on the apron to reach out for Ziggler who was on the mat.  Meanwhile, with the ref distracted by that, Big E got on the other apron and grabbed Miz to punch him down.  Flair rushed over and started to chop on Big E, but it didn't phase him.  Flair backed up and pleaded with Big E not to attack and then Miz dropkicked him down.  Ziggler tried to steal a pinfall, but Miz escaped it and managed to drop Ziggler, then put the Figure Four leglock on to make him tap.  Flair and Miz celebrated with vintage Flair moves and antics in the ring post-match.

They had an extended in-ring segment featuring The Rock and John Cena discussing their upcoming WrestleMania WWE title match.  Rock was out first and did his usual "Finally.." bit about returning to Buffalo.  Cena came out to interrupt moments after, and talked about how he was looking for redemption in the WrestleMania 29 match.  Rock said he knows what this means to Cena, and that's why nobody in the WWE locker room has what Cena has - except, The Rock.  He said as much as it matters to Cena, it matters even more to The Rock.

John Cena talked about Mike Tyson's quote "In order to be the greatest that ever lived, you have to beat everyone living."  Cena said he's accomplished every goal and jumped every roadblock in his career, except for The Rock.  He added that at WM29, Rock's time is up, but his time is now.  Rock said "No, no no no no, Rock's time is just getting started."  Rock quoted Lance Armstrong saying "winning is about having heart, you just have to have it in the right place."  Rock said Armstrong was full of crap and so are you.  Cena told Rock "well played" and commended his confidence, but said in 34 days "History won't repeat itself, I make history."  Cena vowed to become WWE Champion.  Rock told Cena "you think you can beat me, I know I can beat you."  Rock vowed to beat Cena yet again.

Jack Swagger and Hacksaw Jim Duggan fought to a no contest.  Legends Sgt. Slaughter and Dusty Rhodes were there with him for the match.  During the match, which had no bell, Swagger took Duggan's 2x4 early on and clocked Sgt. Slaughter, Dusty Rhodes and then Duggan with it.  He finally locked the Patriot Act lock on Duggan's ankle about two minutes in.  He kept the hold locked in, trying to seriously hurt Duggan.  Finally he released the hold and stared at the WrestleMania 29 banner.

Backstage, Zeb Colter hyped Swagger's earlier accomplishment for taking out the three legends.  Josh Matthews walked up for an interview, but it was soon interrupted when Del Rio attacked Swagger.  Officials rushed in to separate them.

Kane & Daniel Bryan defeated Prime Time Players via pinfall in a non-title match.  Million Dollar Man was ringside to witness the match.  Late in it, Kane hit the chokeslam on D-Young for the win.  Dibiase got a bill out and stuffed it into Darren Young's mouth.  Daniel Bryan grabbed the money and left the ring.

Brodus Clay & Tensai defeated Drew McIntyre & Heath Slater via pinfall.  The Honky Tonk Man came to ringside during the match. McIntyre tried to taunt Honky Tonky Man by swiveling his hips.  Brodus Clay grabbed Drew for a quick rollup to win in about 30 seconds.  Post match, Honkey Tonk Man started up the Shake, Rattle and Roll with Brodus, Tensai and the Funkadactyls.  Slater got back in the ring and Honky Tonk smashed his guitar on him before they started to dance again.

Fandango came out to make his Raw debut against Kofi Kingston.  He arrived out in a "Dancing With the Stars" getup with a female dancer.  He told Roberts he didn't pronounce his name right and tried to tell him the correct way.  Roberts tried again but Fandango said it was still wrong, and then said everyone will remember this as the night they almost got to see the debut of Fandango.  The match never took place.

Triple H arrived out to make a statement towards Brock Lesnar.  He talked about looking for a reason to get back in the ring, and finally found one when Lesnar attack his father-in-law.  Hunter brought up how seeing Vince in the hospital had Stephanie and the grandkids in tears, but it had him smiling inside since he now had a reason.  Triple H then said he's now calling out Brock for a match at WrestleMania 29, asking "are you going to show up and fight, or just sit there and bleed?"  He dropped the mic and headed backstage with Cole saying it's now up to Lesnar to accept the challenge.

They showed handheld video camera footage from The Shield.  Ambrose, Reigns and Rollins brought up how Sheamus and Orton are trying to end the undefeated streak of Undertaker at WrestleMania 29, but then reminded them of another streak: nobody has defeated The Shield yet.

Alberto Del Rio defeated Wade Barrett via submission in a Champion via Champion match (non-title).  Late in the match, Del Rio blocked Winds of Change and put on the Cross Armbreaker to make Wade tap out.  During the match, Zeb and Swagger came out to watch.  Post-match, Del Rio taunted Swagger to get in the ring and fight instead of sneak attacking legends.  Swagger didn't go for it though.

The New Age Outlaws defeated Primo & Epico via pinfall.  Rosa Mendes was ringside with her team.  Late in the match, Billy Gunn punched away on both Primo and Epico with right hands.  A brawl broke out in the ring with all four men, before Billy hit the Fameasser to get the pinfall victory.

CM Punk won the Fatal Fourway match by pinfall over Randy Orton to get to face Undertaker at WrestleMania 29.  Late in the match, Punk was out of the ring.  Big Show prepared for a KO punch on Sheamus, but Sheamus avoided it and then hit a Brogue Kick to send Show out of the ring.  Orton hit a quick RKO on Sheamus to lay him out.  Punk rushed into the ring, kicked Orton in the head and then hit the GTS on him for the pinfall win.

Post-match, Punk celebrated in the ring, but the lights flashed and Taker's bell sounded.  Punk looked towards the ramp, and suddenly Undertaker emerged from the fog.  He walked onto the stage then headed down the ramp towards the ring, stopping halfway down the ramp to stare at Punk.  Cole said WM29 will feature the Longest reigning WWE champ of the past 25 years versus the streak.

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