Friday, May 24, 2013

SmackDown Results 05/24/13

SmackDown results from Omaha, NE:

The Miz opened the show with MizTV, with Fandango and Summer Rae as his guests.  Miz announced he'll do MizTV and then go on to win the Intercontinental Title tonight.  Wade Barrett comes out to interrupt and runs down Fandango, threatening him.  Miz and Barrett get into a brawl leading to the opening match.

The Miz defeated Wade Barrett via disqualification in an Intercontinental Title match.  Fandango came out during the match, interrupting with his dancing.  Barrett hit a Bullhammer elbow on Fandango, and Miz won by DQ.  Barrett holds onto the title.

Daniel Bryan defeated Jack Swagger via submission.  Before the match, Zeb Colter ranted on about conspiracies.  Bryan is able to win the match with the "Yes" Lock.  Post-match, the crowd kept chanting "yes," so Bryan put on the Yes Lock again.  Kane broke the hold up, and the two argued, until Bryan finally left on his own.

Damien Sandow had an in-ring segment with Matt Striker, which Sheamus came out to interrupt.

Chris Jericho defeated The Big Show by countout.  Big Show dominated for the most part, but at one point, Jericho hit a Codebreaker on the outside, leading to Show being counted out.

Paul Heyman came out with Curtis Axel, to discuss extending the Axel brand, and taking out Triple H.

Curtis Axel defeated Sin Cara via pinfall.  Sin Cara was able to hit a lot of his big moves, but ultimately Axel won with his finisher.

Kofi Kingston defeated Dean Ambrose due to disqualification when Rollins and Reigns interfered.  The match was for the United States Title.  Rollins and Reigns got involved to end the match, helping Ambrose retain.  Sheamus and Randy Orton came to Kofi's aid, so Teddy Long came out and made a six man tag match for the main event.

The Shield defeated Randy Orton, Sheamus and Kofi Kingston via pinfall.  The Shield were in control throughout, but at one point Orton managed to get the RKO on Reigns.  Rollins got Brogue Kicked, but Ambrose was able to hit his finisher on Kofi to get the win.  Post-match, Team Hell No came out and tossed Ambrose and Rollins back into the ring.  Orton RKO'd Rollins and Ambrose ate a Brogue Kick from Sheamus before Smackdown ended.

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