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Raw Results 07/08/13

Raw Results from Baltimore, MD:

The show opened with a promo video for the Wyatt Family, saying "Obey. danger.  They're coming."

Vickie Guerrro and Brad Maddox were in the ring to start off Raw.  There was a ladder set up as well.  Vickie talked about how her career with WWE is like this ladder.  She brought up how Shawn Michaels, Razor Ramon and Triple H have all been part of ladder matches.  She tells the fans if shhe falls from the ladder (like her job as GM) she will blame the fans.  Jerry Lawler ends up interrupting from the announcers table and tells her that all factors will be considered by the McMahon's in evaluating Vickie for her job - including fan votes on the WWE app.  Vickie starts to kiss up to the fans and says that tonight she'll have John Cena and Mark Henry meet face to face in the ring.  Other matches tonight: Christian vs. Kane, Randy Orton vs. CM Punk and Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan.

Daniel Bryan defeated Sheamus via pinfall.  Late in this one, Sheamus hit the battering ram on Bryan for a 2 count.  He went for White Noise, but Bryan blocked, then sent Sheamus face first to the corner.  Bryan delivered a kick to Sheamus' face for a near fall.  After more back and forth fighting, Sheamus put the Cloverleaf submission on Bryan.  Bryan countered with a roll-up pinfall to win.  Post-match, Bryan and Sheamus looked up at the briefcase, then shook hands.  Sheamus headed backstage while Bryan stayed in-ring to celebrate.

A video was shown of a WWE camera crew out looking for Wyatt family in the woods.  Someone tells them to go about 2 miles up the road to find them.

They showed footage of what happened between AJ Lee and Kaitlyn on SmackDown before cutting backstage to where Big E Langston was with AJ.  Dolph Ziggler walked in and asked Big E to give them a minute to talk.  Dolph talks about AJ not being out with him on Raw or SmackDown last week.  AJ tries to smooth things over, but Dolph says he's only concerned with trying to win the World Heavyweight title back.

Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns defeated Tensai and brodus Clay via pinfall.  Late in this one, Rollins went up to the top rope but Tensai knocked him out of the air.  Tensai hit a huge shot to Rollins and got a near fall.  Rollins delivered big kicks to Tensai's head.  Reigns tags in.  Rollins took Clay out to the floor, allowing Reigns to spear Tensai down in the ring for the pinfall win.

They show video footage of the reporter trying to find the Wyatt Family.  He arrives at a big white house with junk in the front yard area.  Erick Rowan is see in the backyard chopping up wood wearing a sheep mask.  Luke Harper grabs the camera man and tells him "follow."

Mark Henry and John Cena met in the ring for a confrontation.  Henry called Cena a "puppet" like the fans.  He says he'll be a first ballot Hall of Famer if he beats Cena.  He talks about how the WWE title will validate his career and how he's even sold out his family to get here to win.  Cena told Henry he better win Sunday then.  Cena tells him he'll lose everyone's respect and 17 years will be for nothing if he loses Sunday.  Henry tells Cena he doesn't care what he thinks, and threatens Cena for interrupting him.  Cena takes off his shirt ready to fight but Henry says he doesn't fight for free.  Henry changed his mind though and leveled Cena with a clothesline.  Cena recovers and goes for the AA but collapses due to Henry's weight.  Henry hits World's Strongest Slam to leave Cena down.

Paul Heyman came out wearing glasses due to the black eye he got from Del Rio on SmackDown.  He said he isn't there as CM Punk's martyr tonight, but to bask in perfection.  He introduced Axel, who cut a promo about Chris Jericho before heading to the ring.

Chris Jericho defeated Curtis Axel via pinfall in a non-title match.  The Miz was on commentary during the match.  Late in the contest, Jericho knocked Axel off the apron causing him to hit face first on the announce table.  Miz laughed about it and then he and Axel had words.  Miz got ready to fight, so Axel headed back inside the ring, only to fall victim to a Codebreaker for the win.

Backstage, Josh Matthews tried to interview Rhodes and Sandow about MITB and their friendship being on the line.  Sandow started to speak, when Zeb Colter arrives with Swagger and Cesaro.  Wade Barrett came in to make his case for why he'll win Sunday.  Fandango came into the scene and was about to say his name, until Barrett leveled him with a forearm, before walking away.  Rhodes/Sandow face off with Cesaro and Swagger.

They showed video footage of the WWE reporter being led into a room where Bray Wyatt is, before commercial break arrives.

Alberto Del Rio and Sin Cara ended in a no contest.  Dolp Ziggler came out and distracted ADR as he tauned him.  Ziggler mocked Ricardo and did his own Del Rio introduction.  Ziggler insulted ADR some while the match continued.  The two started to brawl on the outside with Sin Cara jumping off to take them both down.  Ziggler moves up the ramp and taunts Del Rio some more.

They held an in-ring job evaluation for Vickie Gurrero with the McMahon's there (Vince, Stephanie, Triple H).   Vince and Triple H seemed to disagree on her job performance with HHH saying she's done a horrible job, and Vince saying he thought she's done well, even in bringing back Brock Lesnar (despite him attacking the McMahon's).  Triple H and Vince decide to let Stephanie make the final decision, but she said she won't have a wedge driven between her family, so the fan votes on the WWE App will decide.  The app votes are 25% pass, 75% fail.  Steph tells Vickie the fans have spoken and she has two words for Vickie: "You're fired."  Vince blamed the fans for runing Vickie's career and breaking her heart.  Vince said now a new GM is needd for Raw, so he appoints Brad Maddox to the position.  Maddox is shocked.  Vince leads Vickie away after putting his jacket around her and helping her backstage.

After a commercial, Vickie was backstage crying to Vince about how she loved her job.  Vince told her he'd try to make it right.  Maddox walked up and apologized to Vickie for what just happened.  He tells Vince he won't regreat this decision, and then offers a handshake, but Vince won't shake it.  Maddox said he'll pick up where Vickie left off.  Suddenly, Vickie attacked Maddox, starting to hit him.  Vince takes his jacket back and leaves Vickie crying.

Kane defeated Christian via pinfall.  After a commercial break during the match, Christian hit a tornado DDT for a near fall.  Christian has the fans behind him, but Kane hits a big boot to level him.  He goes to the top, but missed on his right hand move.  Christian went for a spear with Kane chokeslamming him for the win.

Post-match, Kane looked up towards the briefcase as his music played.  All of a sudden, Bray Wyatt appeared on the big TV screen, seated in a rocking char with a lantern.  He talked about the people being sheep who need to be led.  He said it's time for the masses to wake up and see this lie they're living in.  He says this is not the beginning, but the end.  The lantern goes out, but Wyatt struck a match to re-light it.  Rowan and Luke Harper are seen in the shadows.  Suddenly, Wyatt's music hits and they come into the arena with the lantern in hand.  The lights come back on and Rowan/Harper start to beat up Kane.  Kane gains control sending them to the floor.  They regain control and hit Kane with the steel steps.  With Kane down, Bray walked over and dropped to his knees to pose in front of Kane with Rowan and Harper.

Backstage, Vickie was shown leaving with her belongings.  Ryback showed up and gave her a hug, saying she deserves better.

AJ Lee and Alicia Fox vs. Kaitlyn and Layla ended in a no-contest.  AJ and Kaitlyn got into a huge fight and had to be separated with this match never really happening.

CM Punk spoke to Josh Matthews backstage.  Punk vowed to win MITB for his third time, because he is the best in the world.

CM Punk defeated Randy Orton via pinfall.  Late in their match, Orton blockd a GTS and both men were down.  Punk blocked an RKO, so the offensive exchange continued.  Punk hit a high knee in the corner.  Punk went for GTS but Orton fought out of it.  Punk blockd the RKO again, hitting a huge kick to Orton's face, before hitting GTS for the win.

Post-match, Punk was celebrating when D-Bryan rushed to the ring and attacked.  H threw Punk over the ropes and into the ring post.  Bryan went under the ring to grab a ladder for in the ring.  He hit down Orton with the ladder, then set it up and climbed up to get the briefcase.  Raw closed with Bryan on top of the ladder celebrating with the briefcase.

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