Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Main Event Results 06/19/13

WWE Main Event results from Dayton, OH:

Commentary on tonight's episode was handled by Josh Matthews, The Miz, and Cody Rhodes.

The Shield defeated Justin Gabriel & The Usos via pinfall.  Late in the match, The Usos took out Rollins and Reigns to the outside.  However, Dean Ambrose was able to recover after being previously taken down by Gabriel.  He knocked Gabriel off the top rope before hitting a standing bulldog to get the pinfall win.

Antonio Cesaro defeated Sin Cara via pinfall.  Zeb Colter was ringside for the match to root on Cesaro.  Cesaro had control late, as he hit several moves on him.  However, Cesaro was able to turn the tables and tossed Cara up in the air to hit a huge uppercut.  Cesaro spun Sin Cara around with a neck lock several times, before putting him up and hitting the Neutralizer on him.  Zeb Colter came into the ring post-match to raise Cesaro's arm, then the two taunted Cara on the mat some.

Kaitlyn defeated Aksana via pinfall.  Aksana had control of things late, putting a headlock on Kaitlyn to keep her down.  Kaitlyn powered to her feet and tried to fight out, but Aksana threw her down to the mat.  Aksana hit a side slam then crawled around Kailtyn, kicked her in the head and tried for a pin.  Kaitlyn started up a comeback which included slamming Aksana face first into the mat.  She waited for Aksana to stand up and charged her in the corner, but Aksana moved away so Kaitlyn hit the corner.  Kaitlyn managed to get a big boot up, then went against the ropes to hit a spear takedown for the pinfall.

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