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Raw Results 06/17/13

Raw Results from Grand Rapids, MI:

The show opened with new world heavyweight champion Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez hitting the ring.  ADR was greeted by boos and talked about how people think the way he attacked Ziggler when he was hurt last night was cowardly.  He brought up Dolph doing the same to him to cash in MITB for the title.  ADR kept going on, telling the people he gave them everything and they never respected his people.  Eventually  Paul Heyman and CM Punk came out to intervene, bringing up how Ziggler deserves a rematch, but he wants a fight tonight.  ADR said he doesn't want to do that.  Vickie Guerrero came out with Brad Maddox and made the match official for later on.

Christian defeated Wade Barrett via pinfall. Captain Charisma made a huge return to action with the fans cheering him on.  Late in the match, he avoided Wasteland and hit the Killswitch on Barrett for the win.

Rhodes Scholars defeated Sheamus via pinfall.  Late in this one, The Celtic Warrior hit White Noise on Cody after bashing him on the chest through the ropes.  He went for the Brogue Kick, but Sandow rushed in from out of nowhere and did a quick roll-up pin for the win.  Post-match, Sheamus was upset and hit the Brogue on Cody, then gave a long stare to Sandow who was on stage.

Triple H was backstage with Vickie and Brad Maddox discussing tonight's show.  He brought up how Christan was cleared for a month-and-a-half but is just being put in a match now.  He also brought up RVD coming back, saying he doesn't recall Vickie or Brad on the calls with him to make that happen.  He then told Vickie she needs to take control of The Shield tonight and make an example.  Hunter told them good job, especially putting 3MB on Raw tonight.  Brad Maddox thought it was a compliment, but Vickie smacked him to tell him HHH was being sarcastic.

In the locker room, Kane and Daniel Bryan started to grip again.  Bryan talked about how he'll beat Orton in his match tonight, then said he wants to go for the WWE Title.  Kane said he wants the same thing.  Kane suggested Bryan is the weak link in their team.  Kane walked off, and Bryan got ready for his match.

Randy Orton defeated Daniel Bryan in a No DQ match via referee stoppage.  Late in the match, Bryan started up a comeback.  Orton kicked him to the outside of the ring.  The fight spilled to the outside, with Orton eventually dropping Bryan back-first onto the guardrail.  Due to concerns over Bryan re-injuring his shoulder injury from Payback, the officials decided to call the match giving it to Orton.

Post-match, Bryan was leaning against the guardrail, so Orton went over, patted him on the shoulder and hugged him to show good sportsmanship.

The new Divas champ AJ came out to the ring with just Big E Langston.  She said Dolph couldn't be here tonight to share in her joy due to not being medically-cleared.  She talked about how she played mind games to get the title from Kaitlyn.  Stephanie McMahon came out to interrupt, talking about how AJ is feeding into stereotypes where women try to tear each other down rather than build each other up.  AJ brought up how Steph married a WWE superstar, rather than just dating one, and also her "daddy issues."  Steph said she can take away AJ's title at any time and leave her out of a job.

Kaitlyn came out onto the ramp with several other divas behind her.  She came to the ring, with Stephanie telling her never to interrupt again, but saying she'll give her a pass tonight.  Kaitlyn said she was going to mess up AJ for messing with her mind, then attacked her in the ring.  Eventually, Big E intervened to carry AJ away from harm's way.

Kane defeated Dean Ambrose via DQ in a US Title match.  During this one, Cole brought up Bryan's injury from his match against Orton, saying Bryan has "possible nerve damage."  Roman Reigns got into the ring to attack Kane, then Seth Rollins provided a distraction, allowing Reigns to hit a big spear.  That was enough for the DQ.  Post-match, The Shield hit a Triple Powerbomb on Kane then left through the crowd, with Cole wondering what Vickie will say or do about them.

Backstage, Mark Henry was seen embracing Primetime Players and Tamina Snuka.  D-Young seemed emotional about it, so Titus tried to comfort him a bit.  The announcers talked about Henry possibly retiring.

Backstage, Shield was walking down the hall, when Vickie and Brad Maddox confronted them.  Ambrose asked if Vickie was going to spank them or put them in time-out.  Vickie was about to give them some disciplinary action when Vince McMahon came in to interrupt.  He said The Shield reminds him of himself, ruthless aggression.  He sent them on their way before telling Vickie he never liked that "Halloween mask wearing freak anyways."

Zeb Colter came out to talk about the government spying, foreigners sneaking into the country, and the country being at war.  He eventually said it's time to prove he and Swagger are not prejudicial, so they have aligned themselves with a man of honor, respect and integrity.  Antonio Cesaro was introduced, and came to the ring for a match against William Regal.

Antonio Cesaro defeated William Regal via pinfall in under 3 minutes.  Cesaro hit a spinning reverse chin lock on Regal, before adjusting his neck.  After smirking at the crowd, Cesaro finished Regal with the Neutralizer.  Post-match, Colter brought in a flag, which Cesaro opened up.  It said "Don't Treat on Me" on a yellow flag, which Cesaro covered Regal with.  He and Colter saluted the crowd after.

John Cena came to the ring to a mixed reaction and talked about how he's ready for his next challenge.  He said moments like the Royal Rumble, and challengers like Punk, Rock and Ryback have made him proud to stand in the ring saying "The Champ is Here!"  Cole noted Cena seemed more confident than ever.  He talked about being ready for his next challenge at MITB, and how the winner of that MITB match has a chance to cash in on him.  Cena kept on, saying "Because our time is now! Because the Champ is here!"  Suddenly, Mark Henry's music hit and he came out, carrying his wrestling boots.  He placed them down on stage, then marched down to the ring.

Cena prepared to leave the ring, but Henry asked him to stay.  He said he respects everyone who loves this business, and the people who work for the company because of how difficult it is.  He kept on, talking about being a veteran back in 2002, when Cena was just starting out with WWE.  Multiple Mark Henry chants and even a Sexual Chocolate chant broke out during his speech.

He talked up Cena being the greatest champion of all-time, then said he regrets that he never won the WWE title himself.  He said he's here to make it known, that he's there to formally retire from the roster.  Henry thanked everyone, and Cena handed him the WWE belt as a sign of respect.  He applauded Henry who then said you have to earn this, and handed it back to Cena.

Henry talked about finally being able to see his wife and daughter more.  He said "Baby I'm coming home," then paused to pose with Cena in the ring with hands raised.  Cena hugged Henry, but all of a sudden, Henry grabbed the champ and hit World's Strongest Slam.  He ripped off his suit and tie and yelled at Cena "I still got a lot left in this tank!"  He left the ring and the announcers looked at a replay.  Up on stage, Henry yelled "This is what I do!"

Backstage, Renee Young caught up with Mark Henry to ask what just happened in the ring.  He said he had everyone fooled because they're a bunch of puppets.  Henry said the only title he's never held is the WWE title, so he's challenging Cena for it right now.  He said he's carrying two boots because he will leave one of them in Cena's rear.

Chris Jericho defeated Heath Slater via pinfall.  3MB tried to help Slater cheat, with Slater getting a near fall.  However, Jericho nailed his big moves and then hit him with a Codebreaker to win it.  Post-match, the rest of 3MB tried to jump Jericho, but he hit Codebreakers on everyone.

Backstage, Paul Heyman was talking up how great Curtis Axel is.  Striker asked about his relationship with CM Punk lately, with Heyman saying sometimes friends need to give each other space.  He started to talk up Axel saying he was born to be "better than perfect."  Heyman walked off with Axel.

Alberto Del Rio came out to the ring for his entrance with Ricardo Rodriguez, right before Raw went to break.  After break, Del Rio's music was still going, as he posed in the ring.  Finally, Punk's music hit drawing loud cheers from the crowd.  Visibly absent was Paul Heyman.

CM Punk defeated Alberto Del Rio due to countout in a non-title match. At one point, Punk went for GTS, with Del Rio elbowing his way out.  Del Rio rolled to the outside, so an upset Punk did his running suicide dive to take ADR down.  Punk rolled ADR back in the ring, only for RR to distract Punk and Del Rio yanked Punk's arm hard against the top rope, eventually causing him to hit the mat before break.  After commercials, Del Rio was working on Punk's hurt arm in the ring.  Punk fought back hitting a big boot when ADR charged, but Del Rio hit a backbreaker for a near fall.  Cole announced that Daniel Bryan suffered a "stinger" not a serious injury, so he'll compete against Dean Ambrose on SmackDown Friday.  Cole said Bryan complained to HHH about the ref stopping his match earlier, yelling at HHH at one point.

Del Rio went for a move off the corner, but Punk punched I'm in the gut, still holding his arm to sell the injury.  Punk went to kick Del Rio in the head, but ADR ducked it and dropped Punk with a Codebreaker to hurt his arm some more.  Punk went to the apron, and ADR went over to punch him in the back multiple times before hitting the Backstabber for a near fall.

Later in the match, Punk finally connected with GTS, but it was near the ropes and ADR rolled to the outside. The ref started to count him out with Punk down in the ring holding his left arm.  Ricardo and ADR started to back up the ramp, so the ref counted him out, then called for the bell.  Suddenly, out of nowhere, Dolph Ziggler came out and attacked Del Rio, throwing Ricardo aside and jumping on Del Rio.  Ricardo tried to pull him away several times.  ADR finally took off running towards backstage with Ziggler chasing after him.  Meanwhile, Punk had his arm raised as the winner in the ring.

The celebration was cut short when Brock Lesnar's music hit and he came out onto the stage with Punk looking puzzled in the ring.  Lesnar posed for a bit then made his way to the ring.  He walked around the outside, staring at Punk, then jumped up on the apron to get into the ring.  Lesnar paced around with Punk keeping his eyes on him.  Lesnar got a mic to deliver his message, but instead of speaking he looked at Punk, dropped the mic and quickly hit him with the F5 to leave Punk face first on the mat.  Lesnar paced around him to survey the damage, smirking, before he left the ring with his music playing.

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