Friday, September 27, 2013

Smackdown Results 09/27/13

SmackDown results from Milwaukee, WI:

The latest episode of SmackDown started out with Triple H in the ring talking about doing "what's best for business."  The Miz came out to interrupt saying he isn't happy with what's happened to him lately and wants Randy Orton in a match, tonight.

Alberto Del Rio defeated R-Truth in a non-title match.  Post match, Rob Van Dam and Ricardo Rodriguez rushed down to the ring.  RVD got the upper hand and left Del Rio laid out on the mat, before posing with the World Heavyweight title.

Jack Swagger & Antonio Cesaro defeated The Prime Time Players via submission.  Swagger used the Ankle Lock to make his opponent tap out.

Dolph Ziggler defeated Dean Ambrose due to disqualification.  The United States Championship was on the line, but Ziggler retained due to the DQ when The Shield also got involved.  Triple H came out after Kofi Kingston and RVD rushed down to get involved, and made it into a six man tag match.

The Shield defeated Kofi Kingston, Rob Van Dam & Dolph Ziggler via pinfall in a six-man tag match.

AJ Lee defeated Cameron in a non-title match.

Paul Heyman came out and talked about former associated CM Punk and the upcoming match for Battleground Pay-per-view in October.

Santino Marella defeated Heath Slater via pinfall.  The Great Khali was ringside during the match.

Randy Orton defeated The Miz via pinfall in a non-title match.  The match was stopped initially by the referee, who called for a DQ on Orton when he wouldn't stop attacking Miz's injuries.  Triple H came out and had the match restarted, saying Orton was attempting to get disqualified, and needed to win by pinfall.  After the restart, Orton hit the RKO to collect the winning pinfall on Miz to end SmackDown.

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