Friday, October 4, 2013

SmackDown Results 10/04/13

SmackDown Results from Baton Rouge, LA:

Cole welcomed fans to the latest edition from Baton Rouge.  Big Show started things off, coming out to say he's fed up and ready to lose it soon.  He blames it all on Triple H.  The WWE COO comes out to respond saying Big Show is in financial trouble.  HHH changes the main event to feature Randy Orton with The Shield against Big Show in a handicap match.

Rob Van Dam vs. Fandango ended up a double disqualification.  Summer Rae got involved in the match to cause the DQ.  Ricardo was also ringside.  Post-match, RVD used a trash can to hit the Van Terminator on Fandango.

Ryback defeated R-Truth via pinfall.  Post-match, Curtis Axel came out and attacked R-Truth ahead of their Battleground match.

Backstage, Rob Van Dam had the crunched up trash can delivered to Alberto Del Rio as a gift and a message for their upcoming hardcore match at Battleground.

Alberto Del Rio defeated Dolph Ziggler via submission.  This was considered the match of the night.  Del Rio won using the cross arm breaker to make Ziggler tap out.

Los Matadores defeated Heath Slater & Jinder Mahal of 3MB.  Post-match, their mini bull mascot El Torito jumped out to splash 3MB on the outside floor.

Paul Heyman had a promo talking about how Ryback will destroy CM Punk at the Battleground PPV.

Brie Bella defeated Aksana by pinfall.  The Bella Twins were celebrating post-match but AJ and Tamina came out to interrupt.  AJ cut a promo about Brie and their upcoming Battleground divas title match.

Kofi Kingston defeated Big E Langston via pinfall.  Kofi won with a quick rollup surprise pin to win it.

Bray Wyatt came out to deliver a promo.  He told everyone "follow the buzzards at Battleground."

Big Show defeated Randy Orton and The Shield due to disqualification.  Orton used a steel chair during the match, causing the DQ.  Show regained control and fought off all four opponents.  The Usos and Daniel Bryan rushed down to help Big Show, ending SmackDOwn with "YES!" chants ahead of Battleground this Sunday.

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