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Raw Results 09/30/13

Raw Results from Biloxi, MS:

Raw started off with CM Punk arriving to the ring to talk about what happened last week when he was attacked by Axel and Ryback.  Punk mentions wanting to get his hands on Axel and make him go to sleep, then getting his hands on Ryback to make him see what really happens to bullies.  He adds the story will end when he gets his hands on Paul Heyman, finally.  Punk says the story could end tonight and gets the fans chanting.  GM Brad Maddox arrives out to intervene.  He tells Punk ending the story tonight won't be best for business, and he has a shot at Ryback at the Battleground PPV.

Punk says he wants an outlet for his aggression and Big E Langston arrives out saying he's his man then.  Langston clocks Punk with the microphone and gives him a beatdown.  He hit a few shoulder thrusts in the corner.  Punk dodged one attempt.  Maddox ordered a ref to come down and start officiating the fight as a match.

CM Punk defeated Big E Langston via pinfall.  Late in this one, Big E hit a huge clothesline for a near fall.  He missed on a big splash attempt.  The two traded more offense, but Punk got the opportunity and put him up in the GTS, connected on it, and got the pinfall.

Kofi Kingston defeated Fandango via pinfall.  Kofi connected on Trouble in Paradise late in the match to get the win.  Post-match during his celebration, the lights went out, then Bray Wyatt showed up to light the lantern, heading to the ring with Rowan and Harper.  Kofi has a steel chair ready and waits for them.  Wyatt stops on the ramp then begins to talk about "why horrible things happen to him."  He says his nightmare has ended and now he knows what to do, one by one, they will "all fall down."  He adds to "follow the buzzards" then laughs as the lights go out.

Backstage, The Bella Twins are talking about the Battleground PPV.  Randy Orton walks up and congratulates Brie on her engagement to Daniel Bryan, then asks when the wedding is.  He says she should schedule it sooner rather than later, because there's a good chance Bryan won't make it down the aisle after this Sunday's PPV match.

Los Matadores defeated Heath Slater and Jinder Mahal via pinfall.  The team made their Raw debut (Epico and Primo) along with their bull mascot El Torito.  Matadores used a double team move to get the win.

Stephanie McMahon and Triple H came out to the ring.  They invited the Rhodes family to come out to the ring, guaranteeing them safety.  Dusty Rhodes' music hits and he arrived out along with Goldust and Cody, all dressed in suits.  After taunting Dusty a bit, Triple H and Stephanie say they want to give Cody his job back and Goldust a job, but they'll have to defeat The Shield at Battleground to get them.  If they lose, they're out of WWE - forever.  Dusty says he'll be in their corner at the PPV.  Stephanie says it seems Dusty is itching for a fight and if he's not careful he might get it.  Steph and HHH leave the ring.  The Rhodes family watches them head up the ramp, and then gets attacked out of nowhere by The Shield.  Goldust gets speared by Reigns.  Rollins and Ambrose beat down Cody, then they go after Dusty.  They triple team Cody and hit the triple powerbomb on him.  Rollins stomps on Dusty and taunts him.  The Shield stands tall over Dusty as replays are shown of what just happened.

R-Truth defeated Curtis Axel via pinfall in a non-title match.  Paul Heyman was at ringside.  During the match, Axel gained control but then CM Punk's music hit to interrupt.  Heyman looked worried at ringside and Axel was distracted by the theme music.  Truth was able to drop him for the win during the confusion. Post-match, Heyman realized it was Punk trying to play mind games.  Truth celebrates in the ring, taunting Heyman after the win.

Brie Bella defeated Alicia Fox via pinfall.  During the match, AJ Lee was shown watching backstage with Tamina Snuka standing by with her.  Brie hit her finisher to get the pinfall win.

Backstage, Axel is clutching the IC title belt and pacing around nervous.  Heyman tells him to settle down and that Punk is out of his league trying to mess with them.  Ryback shows up, saying if Punk wants them, then he can have them.  Heyman tells Ryback to go get himself some food, and he'll see him in a few minutes.  Heyman calls Ryback "beautiful," telling Axel since Ryback saved him, he has a new outlook on life.  He tells Axel he's going to go out to the ring and propose to Ryback.

Backstage, Renee Young interviewed Big Show, who said his financial problems are being held over his head.  He said he's done everything he's been told, including knocking out a guy he grew up idolizing.  He said he can't take it anymore and is going to go find HHH to show him exactly how he feels.  He says he's going to go knock HHH "the hell out" then walks off.

After a commercial, R-Truth is shown backstage, asking Brad Maddox for an Intercontinental Title shot against Axel.  Just then, Big Show walked in and demands to know where Triple H is.  He pushes Maddox up against the wall to get him to talk.

Alberto Del Rio defeated Zack Ryder via submission in a non-title match.  Del Rio blocked a late Ruff Ryder attempt by Zack, using a German Suplex and then a kick to Ryder's face.  He stomped on Ryder then locked in the cross armbreaker to make Ryder tap out.  Post-match, Del Rio posed with the title and kicked Ryder another time.

Ryback and Paul Heyman came down to the ring.  They talked about how Punk took all of the knowledge and friendship from Heyman and threw it back in his face.  Ryback says he couldn't let that stand.  He calls Heyman a genius, with his hand on Heyman's face.  Heyman talks about how beautiful Ryback is, and how 2013 is such a "progressive year."  He keeps talking up Ryback, and eventually drops down to one knee while grabbing Ryback's hand.  After teasing a marriage proposal, Heyman asks Ryback "will you be a Paul Heyman guy?"  CM Punk's music hits to interrupt, and the crowd roars.  However, Punk doesn't come onto the stage.

Punk tries to rush through the crowd to surprise Ryback and Heyman.  On the way, Punk slips on the crowd barrier and falls badly on his knee.  It appears real, but no trainers go to check on Punk.  Ryback and Heyman seem confused as they look on.  Punk attempts to walk it off, but then tried to get on the apron and fell to the floor, clutching at his knee.  Finally a trainer came down.  Heyman walked over looking concerned.  Suddenly, Punk springs up with his kendo stick.  Curtis Axel runs down and Punk takes him out with the stick.  Ryback and Heyman managed to flee up the ramp to the stage.  Punk continues to unload on Axel and leaves him laying on the ground from the attack.  Punk taunted Ryback from the ring as his theme music played on.

The Shield defeated Dolph Ziggler & The Usos via pinfall in a six man tag match.  Late in this one, Rollins came in to prevent a tag by one of the Usos.  Finally, a hot tag is made as Ziggler gets in just as Ambrose does.  Ziggler takes control and hits multiple elbow drops.  After more back and forth offense, he hit the Fameasser.  All six men got involved in the match.  Ziggler hit a Zig Zag on Rollins, but Reigns surprised him and speared Ziggler down to give Shield the win.

Backstage, Big Show was waiting in Triple H's office for the COO to come in so he could knock him out.  Instead, several police officers arrived with a detective.  Stephanie McMahon comes in and says she can vouch for him.  She says Show has been under a lot of pressure.  She says they have everything under control.  Steph says she talked to Show's wife earlier today and she said he doesn't measure up at home either.  All of the officers leave with Stephanie.  Show sits down and starts to cry.  He stands up after a few moments then sees a Triple H DVD cover poster hanging on the wall.  He punches the poster, putting a hole in the wall, then walks off.

Santino Marella defeated Antonio Cesaro via pinfall.  During the match, Cesaro was able to level Santino with a giant punch.  However, out of nowhere in the end, Santino got a quick pin to grab the surprise victory.  Post-match he celebrated with Great Khali and Hornswoggle who had come to the ring with him for the match.

Jerry Lawler hosted the in-ring face to face "verbal confrontation" between Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan before their Battleground title match.  Orton says at first he was upset the title wasn't given back to him, but now it's motivated him to become "The Viper" again.  He said he'll beat Bryan on Sunday because he's genetically superior.  He calls Bryan a "small, pathetic, weak, B+ goat-faced troll."  Bryan says Orton talks a good game, then mocks Orton.  He talks about how Orton needs Triple H's motivation to reach his full potential, but Bryan has never needed motivation from anyone else.  He says he'll beat Orton for the title on Sunday.  The fans start up a "YES!" chant but Orton tells them all to shut up, then brings up the engagement between Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella.

Orton asks what's wrong with Brie that she's settling for "someone like Bryan."  He says one day she'll wake up realizing she married a barnyard animal and not somebody like Orton.  Bryan gets enraged and starts to unload on Orton.  Orton gets the upperhand and starts to beat up Bryan.  He sets up the draping DDT from the apron on the outside, but Brie comes rushing down to ringside and begs Orton to stop.  Orton looks at her, then hits the DDT planting Bryan face first on the floor.

Orton walks over towards Brie, scaring her into the crowd barrier.  He begins to take apart the announcers table, with Brie yelling at him to stop it.  Orton drops Bryan through the announcers table with the RKO with Brie watching.  Referees and officials come over to check on Bryan as Orton walks off.  Brie rushes over to check on Bryan.  Orton watches the scene, as Raw goes off the air.

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