Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Main Event Results 01/15/14

Main Event results from Worcester, MA:

In Memory of Johnnie Mae Young 1923-2014 was shown on the screen with a photo of Mae Young prior to the start of the show.

Kofi Kingston defeated Curtis Axel via pinfall.  Kingston made a late comeback after commercial break, hitting a springboard dropkick.  He tried to get in some offense, but Axel managed to regain control.  Moments later, he went for Trouble in Paradise, but missed and hit the steel post instead.  Despite that, he was able to grab a surprise rollup pin on Axel for the win.  Post-match, Ryback made an entrance and walked around the ring, then back up the ramp, never going after Axel or Kingston.

Damien Sandow defeated Sin Cara via pinfall.  This match lasted under five minutes, with Sandow hitting Elbow of Disdain early for a near fall.  Later on, Sandow was in control but Sin Cara got out of a hold and hit some of his quick moves.  Ryback made another entrance and walked around the ring, not interfering in the match really.  Sandow eventually hit You're Welcome for the winning pinfall.

Bad News Barrett cut a promo saying there shouldn't be any major surprises at this year's Royal Rumble.  He said he'll be this year's winner who goes on to headline WrestleMania 30 for a title shot.

The Prime Time Players defeated 3MB in a 3-on-2 handicap match via pinfall.  The match lasted only two minutes.  Darren young was able to make a surprise rollup pinfall on Drew McIntyre for the win.  Post-match, Brad Maddox came out and said he was going to give 3MB another match since that one wasn't fair.

Los Matadaores and El Torito defeated 3MB via pinfall.  Torito hit some quick offense late in this one to stun 3MB a bit.  Fernando tagged in to continue the work on 3MB.  The finish saw Los Matadores hit a tag team finisher on Jinder Mahal for the pinfall win.

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