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Raw Results 01/13/14

Raw Results from Providence, RI:

The Uso Brothers defeated Bray Wyatt & Daniel Bryan due to disqualification.  In the match, Bryan was in against the Usos for the majority of it, and got beat up enough to where they hit suicide dives on Bryan.  They went for the top rope splash, but Rowan and Harper got involved to cause a DQ.  The Usos excited post-match, but Bray, Rowan and Harper looked at Bryan on the mat.  Bryan got into the crucifix pose, then Bray grabbed him, kissed him and hit Sister Abigail.  He said "it's for the greater good" and he "does this for all of us."  Bray said this will make a change for Bryan.

John Cena defeated Damien Sandow via pinfall.  Late in the match, Cena hit a tornado DDT on Sandow from the second rope.  Sandow kicked out of the pinfall.  Cena was surprised by it, and then moments later Sandow escaped an Attitude Adjustment for a near fall on Cena.  Cena was able to get the STF on, but Sandow got to the ropes.  He then put the STF on Cena.  Cena stood up with Sandow on his back, and hit AA to get the win.  Post-match, Cena hugged his dad at ringside area.

They talked up the new WWE Network which begins six weeks from tonight.  They noted that there will be classic episodes of Raw and SmackDown available as well as every WCW, WWE and ECW pay-per-view from history.  WrestleMania 30 will be offered as the first live PPV for the new $9.99 a month service.

Backstage, Kane chastised Brad Maddox for how the show opened with the Usos vs. Wyatts ending.  He said Maddox needs to enforce the rules better as GM.  Maddox said he'll put that tag team match in a steel cage for later on.  Kane agreed, but said the cage door will be chained and locked, and he'll be the only one with a key.

Big Show defeated Jack Swagger via pinfall.  The match lasted just over a minute.  Show dominated the match and eventually hit a chokeslam for the win.  Cesaro rushed in, but Show went at him and Cesaro ran away.  Show grabbed Zeb Colter, but Cesaro returned to try to save him.  Show dumped Cesaro out over the top rope, then teased a punch on Colter and KO'd him.

They had a Batista video hyping his return to WWE and Raw next week.  It said he's bigger, better and wants to be champion again.

The Shield defeated CM Punk and New Age Outlaws via pinfall.  Late in the match, Punk was getting beat down but escaped and tried to make a hot tag to Road Dogg or Billy Gunn.  They dropped off the apron and headed backstage to leave him on his own for the match.  Punk was able to fight off Ambrose and Rollins for a bit, but Reigns was able to hit the big Spear and get the winning pinfall.  Post-match, Shield hit a Triple Powerbomb on Punk for an exclamation point.

Backstage, Rowan and Harper stood behind Bray and Bryan as they spoke about their cage match.  Bray said he knows last thing Bryan wants is to be locked in a cage with people like them.  He told him inside the cage they find "redemption and absolution."  Bryan added "inside that cage we find...monsters."

AJ Lee & Tamina defeated Cameron and Naomi via pinfall.  During the match, NXT Diva Emma was shown in the crowd with a sign that said "Emmataining," which JBL and Cole talked about.  AJ Lee had control of Cameron down the stretch of the match and pinned her.  Tamina beat up Naomi a bit post-match.  Naomi was able to clear the heels out of the ring.

Backstage, Randy Orton complained to Kane about how the Authority has him in a match against Cena and Brock Lesnar wanting to speak to him.  Kane said he can only control what happens on this show.  He told Orton to take out his frustrations on Kofi Kingston tonight.  Orton said "The pleasure is all mine."

The announced that the first inductee for the WWE Hall of Fame Class 2014 is Ultimate Warrior.

Backstage, Renee Young spoke with Paul Heyman who talked about Big Show's performance earlier. He said he and Brock weren't impressed by how Show chokeslammed Jack Swagger or by how he knocked out his elderly illegitimate grandpa.

Kofi Kingston defeated Randy Orton via pinfall in a non-tite match.  Orton was in control early, but Kofi made a comeback right before a commercial break, and clotheslined Orton off the apron to the outside floor.  After break, orton had control again and worked on Kofi at ringside.  He rolled Kingston back into the ring, but as Orton was in there, Kofi started another comeback.  Later on, Kofi started to hit his big moves, but missed on the double leg Boom Drop.  Orton went for a hanging DDT, but Kingston countered it and hit SOS to get the pinfall win. Post-match, Orton went into a tantrum and attacked Cena's dad at ringside with several punches.  Security worked to get Orton away from Cena's dad.  Cena rushed down to help his dad out, with the physician calling for an EMT.  Cena told fans to back away so the med staff could look at his dad.

After break, they showed Cena's dad getting loaded into an ambulance backstage.  Cena got in the back of the ambulance with his dad as it drove off.  JBL commented that Orton shouldn't be champion with actions like that.

Goldust and Cody Rhodes defeated Ryback and Curtis Axel in a non-title match. During the match, they brought up Ryback's "strange Twitter rant," and also Goldust telling Cody on WWE app that he plans to throw him out of the Royal Rumble this year, like Cody did to him last year.  In the match, Cody was able to hit the CrossRhodes on Axel to get the win.

Alberto Del Rio defeated Rey Mysterio via submission.  The match lasted about five minutes, with a video promo before it featuring Mysterio saying he's going to win this year's Rumble just like he did in 2006.  During the match, Rey hit a 619, then went to the top rope but Del Rio stopped him there and left him hanging.  Del Rio connected on a Superkick then put on the Cross Arm Breaker for the win.  Post-match, Del Rio called out Batista, asking if he liked what he did to his little friend.  He said the same will happen to Batista if he really shows up next week.  He also promised to throw Batista out of the Royal Rumble.

Backstage, CM Punk asked Kane where The Authority was with Kane saying they weren't in the building.  Punk talked about having to deal with Hunter's hired assassins, The Shield, but now also the Outlaws.  He said if Hunter has a problem with him, he doesn't need to hide behind five guys.  Kane said he's sure The Authority has no clue what he's talking about.  He said Punk has a chance to headling Mania if he wins the Royal Rumble.  Punk told Kane he's got no problem with that, but does have a problem with Kane.

They announced Cody Rhodes & Goldust vs. New Age Outlaws in a non-title match for Friday's SmackDown.  New England Patriots guys were shown in the crowd.

Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler talked about the condition of Cena's dad. Cole said his heart is ok, but he might have a fractured orbital socket.

The Uso Brothers defeated Daniel Bryan & Bray Wyatt in a steel cage match.  Rowan and Harper were ringside.  Kane tied a chain around the cage door to lock it shut.  All four men fought inside the ring at once, tornado style.  Late in the match, one of the Usos headbutted Daniel Bryan off the ropes, causing Bryan to knock Bray off the ropes on the way down.  Moments later, one of the Usos jumped onto Rowan on the outside, with the other landing on the other floor on the side for the win.

The Usos went backstage after their win.  Bryan got on his feet and Wyatt was laughing and yelling maniacally.  Wyatt whispered into Bryan's ear.  Bryan nodded, backing away then got in the crucifix pose.  Wyatt kissed Bryan on the forehead and went for Sister Abigail, but this time Bryan avoided it.  The crowd was chanting for "Daniel Bryan" but Bray told him not to listen to them.  Wyatt dropped to his knees telling Bryan "bring it to me."  He then stood up and told Bryan he's a coward.

Wyatt charged at Bryan, but Bryan moved and threw some punches, then hit him with the repeating running dropkicks in the corner.  Bryan kicked Bryan in the head several times before taking off his coveralls to reveal his standard wrestling attire.  He threw the coveralls at Wyatt and kicked on him.  Rowan and Harper climbed up the cage to try to get in through the top, but Bryan rammed Wyatt into the cage wall, causing them to fall off.  Bryan hit Wyatt with the running knee before going to the top of the cage to lead the crowd in Yes! chants.  Bryan's music played as Raw ended.

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