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SmackDown Results 01/24/14

SmackDown results from Grand Rapids, MI:

Big Show & Rey Mysterio defeated The Real Americans via pinfall.  Rey Mysterio had been isolated and worn down by the heels for a bit, but managed a double DDT on them both and gave a hot tag to Show.  Show tossed both Real Americans around, hitting a double hip toss on both guys.  He tagged in Rey again who hit 619 on Cesaro, followed by a Show KO punch.  Rey hit the big splash and then pinned Cesaro for the win. Post-match, Paul Heyman came out to cut a promo. Heyman suggested that Show should enjoy every second of this win, because he won't be winning against Brock on Sunday.  He said that beating Show won't be enough; Brock will subjugate and destroy him Sunday, followed by the rest of the WWE Universe.

The Miz defeated Brodus Clay via pinfall. During the match, Bad News Barrett was commentating on a mic over the speakers from up in his cherry picker box near the stage.  He called the match awful and insulted both superstars, eventually distracting Clay.  That allowed Miz to hit a big DDT and get the pinfall win.  Post-match, Miz tried to push over Barrett's cherry picker, while BNB kept insulting and taunting.

AJ Lee defeated Cameron in a non-title match via pinfall. The match lasted about a minute-and-a-half.  Cameron hit a facebuster and then a standing split during the match for a near fall.  She had to hit a dropkick on Tamina to make sure she didn't interfere from the outside.  Moments later, AJ hit the shining wizard and grabbed the pinfall.  Post-match, the Funkadactyls, AJ and Cameron brawled.  Naomi got control in the ring and hit her butt bump on AJ in the ring, then for some reason tried to make a pinfall cover.

The Shield cut a promo backstage about the Royal Rumble, with Ambrose said 27 other superstars will enter besides Shield and try to win.  He said dreams can come true but not this year, because these dogs are hungry.  Rollins said the Rumble match has never had a force like The Shield, then Reigns finished by saying he'll win and go on to headline WrestleMania.

Ryback and Curtis Axel defeated Los Matadores via pinfall.  Late in this one, Fernado was able to knock down Axel to tag in Diego.  Diego hit the wrist clutch DDT and went for a pinfall cover with Ryback breaking things up.  Ryback distracted Diego, allowing Axel to get a surprise rollup pin from behind.  El Torito was upset with the finish and splashed Ryback on the outside post-match.

CM Punk came out to deliver a promo regarding The Authority and the Royal Rumble match.  He talked about being #1 in the match, but not being there to complain, saying when you're "best in the world" you go out and get the job done.  Kane came out to interrupt and wish Punk good luck on Sunday, saying the #1 spot has a 0.0000187% chance of winning the Rumble. Kane remarked that being "Best in the World" might tip things more in his favor. Punk cracked that Kane was once the "Devil's Favorite Demon" and is now just "The Authority's Favorite Statistician."  Punk said Kane turned in his manhood with his mask, so odds don't matter because he's been best since day one.

Luke Harper and Erick Rowan defeated The Prime Time Players via pinfall.  The match lasted approximately one minute, with Harper and Rowan isolating Young in their corner.  Harper hit a huge boot kick to knick Titus from the apron, then followed up with a huge clothesline on Young to get the win.  Post-match, Bray Wyatt got in the ring, grabbed O'Neil and kissed him on the forehead before hitting Sister Abigail.  He got on the mic, saying he's going to defeat Daniel Bryan, then hurt him and change the world.  He said after Sunday they'll no longer deny him.  He started to say "Follow the..." but Daniel Bryan interrupted.  He told Bray to listen to the people, who started up a "Yes" chant.  Bryan said he fears not faint, he fears no reapers or burning with the saints.  He told Bray Sunday he won't be trapped in his prison of madness, but Bray will be trapped in his prison.  He told Bray he'll find out who the real monster is as the crowd chants "YES!" for him.

Kofi Kingston defeated Fandango via pinfall.  Pre-match, Kofi was shown in a PIP video box and talked up how he'll do whatever it takes to win the Rumble. Late in this match, Fandango hit a pele-style kick on Kofi to take him down.  He went up top for a move, but Kofi knocked him down.  Kofi hit Trouble in Paradise to get the win.  Summer Rae was shocked by the end result of the match.

The team of Big E Langston, Goldust, Cody Rhodes & The Uso Brothers fought New Age Outlaws and The Shield to a no contest in a 10-man tag team match.  Late in the match, Cody hot-tagged Goldust and Road Dogg then tagged in.  Goldust started to clean house.  Goldust got ready to hit a finish, but Rollins came in to hit a flying knee.  The match started to really break down when Reigns speared Big E Langston.  The Usos cleaned all the heels from the ring, but Billy Gunn hit a rocker dropper on Jimmy.  Cody disaster kicked Billy, then Road Dogg slammed Cody.  Goldust tried for a quick rollup on Road Dogg, but The Shield all got in to break things up, causing interference and the match to end abruptly.

Post-match: The action broke down and eventually turned into a huge brawl with many other superstars getting involved ahead of Sunday's Royal Rumble. Pretty much all the superstars from the back area, with the exception of Daniel Bryan and the Wyatt Family, got into the mix to fight it out before Sunday's Pay-Per-View.

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