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Smackdown Results 03/07/14

SmackDown results from Detroit, MI:

Batista arrived out to deliver a message to the fans, about how he took out Dolph Ziggler, and then beat Daniel Bryan down on Raw. Bryan came out to interrupt, asking if Batista is a hero, which got a big "No!" response from the crowd. Batista asked Bryan if he thought he was and that got "Yes!" chants. Batista said things got bad when they started letting fans in the locker room like Bryan. He told him to go buy a ticket and watch him headline WrestleMania.

The two continued their banter, with Bryan saying a "fan" nearly took him out on Raw. Batista said this is his universe and he's simply allowing Bryan to exist out of the goodness of his heart. He told him he's got no problem ending the existence if Bryan keeps mouthing off. Eventually Batista got pissed by Bryan mocking his look, so he came after him. Bryan kicked Batista out of the ring, but Kane rushed down to help Batista with the beat down. Big Show came out to make a save for Bryan, resulting in Vickie Guerrero arriving out to book a main event tag match.

Christian defeated Dolph Ziggler via pinfall. Late in this one, Ziggler making a comeback after the ref saw Christian using the ropes on a pinfall attempt. Ziggler hit a top-rope facebuster, then slowly made a cover for a near fall. Alberto Del Rio was on guest commentary, and stood up on the announce table with a mic to yell at Ziggler. That allowed Christian to hit the Killswitch and then score the pinfall. Post-match, Renee Young tried to interview Christian who got on the fans. Sheamus rushed down to the ring after Christian brought him up. The two brawled for a bit with Christian avoiding a Brogue Kick and escaping the ring.

The Uso Brothers defeated Curtis Axel and Ryback via pinfall in a non-title match. During the match, Axel managed to low-bridge Jimmy as he ran against the ropes, causing Jimmy to fall to the outside. On the outside, Axel worked on Jimmy's left arm to soften him up some. Ryback did more of the same as the legal competitor. Later, a splash off the ropes missed, allowing Jimmy to make a hot tag to Jey. Jey hit a butt splash in the corner for a near fall, but Axel broke up the pin. After a double superkick, Ryback fell to the mat, and Jey hit a top rope splash for the win.

Natalya & Eva Marie defeated A.J. Lee & Tamina via submission. Eva got shoved around by Tamina early, before Tamina took her down in a headlock. Eva got control later after an arm-drag, but a distraction from AJ allowed Tamina to regain control. Tamina held Eva and AJ kicked her in the midsection. Eventually Eva got away from AJ to tag in Natalya. Natalya hit a snap suplex, then a slam move, but Tamina broke up a pinfall. Later, Natalya was able to lock a Sharpshooter onto AJ to make her tap out.

Ambrose and Reigns came to the ring, with a video showing what happened between then on Raw, where Rollins left the ring during their six man tag match. Ambrose called out Rollins, who came out near the ramp area. Reigns told him he'd better have thought about what he was going to say and it better be good. Rollins said the war wasn't with the Wyatts but within Shield. Rollins said he left the ring as a sacrifice to unify The Shield more, because Ambrose and Reigns hadn't been side-by-side in months. Rollins suggested they could the team now, but he added for months they all kicked down walls and could do it again if they wanted.

Ambrose pushed him down, then Reigns pushed Ambrose down. Rollins said he knew what would make him feel better, then slapped Ambrose. He said Ambrose probably has something to get out too, and Ambrose clocked him in the face. Eventually after Rollins got up, they all put their fists in together. Rollins and Reigns looked at the camera but Ambrose looked away as their music played.

Sheamus defeated Alberto Del Rio via pinfall. The late part of the match saw Sheamus break free of Del Rio's attempted cross arm-breaker and hit the Irish Cure backbreaker. Moments later, Del Rio locked the arm-breaker on, but Sheamus fought out of it, then slammed Del Rio down to the mat. Del Rio put the hold on again, but Sheamus reached the ropes to break it. Del Rio started to attack Sheamus in the corner, with the ref pulling him away. That allowed Sheamus to come back with a Brogue Kick for the pinfall win.

The Wyatts cut a promo about John Cena. Harper spoke first asking Cena why he did it when it was all for nothing. Bray was upside down and said “it’s happening, John Cena’s legacy is starting to weigh on him.” Bray said he doesn’t want to save Cena, he just wants to warm his hands as he watches it all burn. “Follow the buzzards…”

Backstage, Batista spoke to Byron Saxton saying after he destroys Bryan, a “real man” will take the WWE Championship.

They had a brief segment where Lana came out to introduce Alexander Rusev, who delivered some words from a podium.

Backstage, Renee Young spoke with Daniel Bryan and Big Show. Bryan said HHH hides behind people all the time including his wife’s skirt. Show said to fear the beard and fear the giant. Bryan started a “Yes” chant.

Daniel Bryan & The Big Show defeated Kane & Batista via pinfall. After commercial break, Show had control of things and tagged in Bryan. Batista hit a spine buster on him to give the heels control. They kept working him over, until Bryan escaped to tag Show back in. Show cleaned house then Bryan made a tag back in. Show chased Batista out of the ring, then knocked him to the floor. Bryan hit a Sunset Flip on Kane for a near fall, but Kane held onto the ropes to prevent it. Show hit a KO punch on Kane from the outside allowing Bryan to complete the rollup pinfall.

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