Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Guess the WWE Wrestlers Free App!

How well do you know your WWE superstars and divas from the past and present? The brand new free WWE Wrestling Superstars Guess app has been released where pro wrestling fans have to try to guess the WWE wrestlers has been released by RAM Media. Just ahead of the latest WWE pay-per-view, this app is sure to have fans challenged for a long time as they attempt to figure out who is shown in the picture on their mobile device.

Download Here
The fun-filled app includes both wrestlers and divas, with stars from both the past and present. Use this as a way to figure out which legends are showing up that you may not recognize. You may not recognize some of the current stars either, as all of the images are "cartoonized" versions of the superstars or divas.

Every correct answer wins coins. Coins are collected and used to buy hints when you can't figure out who the picture is.

Android device owners can download the app via the link below or the app icon at the left.

The new free WWE quiz game is for Android devices such as the Google Nexus 7 tablets or Samsung Galaxy smartphones such as the S4 and new S5.

Download it here and see how many superstars and divas you can guess correctly!

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