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Raw Results 04/28/14

Raw results from St. Louis, MO:

Raw opened with John Cena doing a promo speech inside the ring with the steel cage down to talk about the fans voting for him to face all three Wyatts last week. He questioned why they did it to him, then suggested that he has to stop Bray Wyatt from spreading his message and corruption by making sure he doesn’t escape the cage on Sunday. The Wyatts showed up after the arena went dark with a chorus of kids singing the “Whole world in his hands” song. Eventually Wyatt led the kids towards the ring, they all put on sheep masks. Wyatt had one kid on his lap in his rocking chair and laughed at Cena in the ring who looked frustrated by the scene.

The Uso Brothers defeated Ryback & Curtis Axel via pinfall to retain the WWE Tag Team Championships. During the match, Jey seemed to hurt his thigh at one point which made it look like they were in danger. Axel hit a Perfect Plex late on one of the Usos, but the other Uso had made a tag to become the legal man and hit a top rope splash onto Axel for the win. 

Sheamus defeated Titus O’Neil via pinfall. While Sheamus was making his entrance to the ring, Titus attacked him from behind and kept beating him down the ramp to the ring. However, Sheamus still told the ref he was good to go. The match started and after a Brogue Kick, Sheamus was your winner in about 35 seconds.

They had a segment where Dolph Ziggler was in the ring and introduced tonight’s celeb guest, Hugh Jackman from “X-Men: Days of Future Past.” Jackman hugged Ziggler in the ring before Ziggler brought up footage of Jackman punching him out when Dolph was facing Zack Ryder last time around. Ziggler and Jackman shook hands over it after Dolph said who better than the baddest superhero on the planet to punch him out. Damien Sandow came to the ring to interrupt, dressed in a bad looking Magneto costume. He taunted both guys in the ring then pretended he had Magneto’s powers. Jackman pretended the mic was getting pulled from his hands then threw it at Sandow. Jackman hit a hip toss on him, then Dolph hit a Zig Zag to finish Sandow off.

Cesaro defeated Jack Swagger via pinfall. Late in the match, Zeb was able to trip Cesaro from the outside. Heyman rushed over to yank on Zeb’s mustache. The distraction caused Swagger to lose focus and Cesaro got him into a bridge pin.

Renee Young tried to interview John Cena backstage to get his thoughts on what happened earlier with The Wyatt Family. Cena walked off without commenting on it.

Alberto Del Rio defeated Cody Rhodes via submission. The finish saw Del Rio able to slap the Cross Arm Breaker on Cody, forcing him to tap out. Post-match, Goldust tried to comfort Cody on the loss, but Cody shoved him away.

Alexander Rusev defeated Xavier Woods due to disqualification. Rusev was setting up for the win, but R-Truth got involved, attacking Rusev to cause the DQ. Truth cleared Rusev out of the ring. Lana tried to calm him down on the outside.

Renee Young interviewed Rob Van Dam backstage about his IC tournament match against Bad News Barrett coming up. RVD said he’s held the IC title six times, and seven’s his lucky number. He said tonight Barrett will get some “bad news” from him. Zeb Colter showed up and suggested that RVD should work with him to eliminate Heyman from WWE. RVD thanked him for the offer but said he’s got a mind of his own, and doesn’t need to join anyone. He said he’d continue being “R-V-D.”

Drew McIntyre & Heath Slater defeated Los Matadores via pinfall. Late in the match, one of the Matadores went to the outside to prevent a skirmish with Torito and Jinder Mahal. In the ring, Heath Slater hit a DDT on the legal Matadores wrestler for the win. Post match, Matadores and Torito beat up 3MB a bit to save the day.

Stephane McMahon called out Daniel Bryan so she could apologize for what happened last week. He arrived out in a neck brace with Brie with him. Stephanie tried to apologize but Bryan said she’s full of it. He said his wife’s been through hell and asked Stephanie to think of what she’s put her through. Bryan also mentioned doctors cleared him to fight Kane at Extreme Rules on Sunday. Stephanie said Bryan isn’t cleared to fight tonight and she doesn’t know where Kane is. She said to make it up to them she’ll give Brie a divas championship match against Paige right now and Bryan can be at ringside.

Paige vs. Brie Bella ended in a no contest for the Divas Championship. During the match, Paige got control and hit a superplex. Suddenly, Kane’s music and pyro hit. Bryan looked towards the stage. Instead, Kane’s arm punched through the ring and grabbed Brie’s leg. Bryan saw Kane and rushed in to punch at him until he let go of Brie. Kane cleared Bryan from the ring, then grabbed Brie again. Bryan rushed back into the ring with a wrench and hit Kane with it. Kane fell to the mat, but then sat up moments later. From there, Kane chokeslammed Bryan. Kane tried to pull Brie down the hole in the ring, but Brie kicked at kane to get free. She went over to check on Bryan with the trainers as Kane’s pyro went off and he smiled in a sinister way.

After a commercial break, the announcers talked about what just happened. Backstage, a trainer was checking on Bryan with Brie standing there. Stephanie came in the room and apologized several times, asking if Bryan will be able to compete Sunday. Bryan said he would. Brie eventually yelled at Stephanie to get out.

John Cena gave an interview to Renee Young backstage saying Bray Wyatt’s mind games stop at Extreme Rules, because he’ll put an end to them. He said it’s going to be the last time Wyatt will sing his song.

Wade Barrett defeated Rob Van Dam via pinfall. Cesaro came down to ringside late in the match, with Swagger rushing out to grab Cesaro off the apron. Cesaro beat up Swagger on the outside. RVD hit Rolling Thunder as part of his late charge, then went to the top to go for a frog splash. Cesaro distracted RVD from the outside, but RVD fought him off, then went for the Frog Splash. Barrett got both knees up, then hit a Bull Hammer elbow to finish RVD. Barrett now gets an IC Title shot at Extreme Rules against Big E. Post-match, they showed Big E watching on a monitor and clapping. Barrett went backstage. Meanwhile, Cesaro attacked RVD, but Swagger got Cesaro from behind. RVD hit the Frogsplash on Cesaro.

The Shield did a promo backstage about how they will chew up Evolution and spit them out on Sunday. Reigns said Orton says he’s the future but looks like the past. Reigns held up a fist saying “it’s the future.” 

Michael Cole said that Ambrose has been booked by The Authority to take on Ryback, Curtis Axel and Alberto Del Rio in a 3-on-1 handicap match on Smackdown.

Evolution came to the ring to cut their own promo about Shield thinking they are Evolution now. Orton said they aren’t because Evolution is still there. HHH said he brought Shield into the world and will take them out of it. Shield’s music hit and they all came to the ring. Roman Reigns was intro’d for the main event. Suddenly, Ric Flair’s music hit and he came to the ring to talk.

Flair said he used to style and profile with the Four Horsemen and they controlled the marketplace. He said the same could be said for Evolution. Flair said he’s seen world greatness come full circle. He said he’s surrounded by superstars exemplifying power, style and grace. Flair said “But what I’m talking about now is The Shield.” He shook hands with all The Shield members then turned and winked at Evolution before leaving.

Roman Reigns vs. Randy Orton ended in a no contest. Reigns hit a late Superman Punch to take control but Orton and Batista intervened so the ref called for the bell. Post-match, the two groups brawled with HHH going for a Pedigree, but Rollins jumped off the top rope to break it up. Shield cleared Orton and Batista out of the ring and Reigns hit a spear on HHH. Shield was about to go for a Triple Powerbomb on HHH but Orton and Batista got some chairs to try to run in. Ambrose and Rollins kicked them away with Hunter escaping the ring. Cole plugged the PPV for Sunday with Shield standing tall in the ring as Raw closed.

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