Friday, April 25, 2014

Smackdown Results 04/25/14

Smackdown results from Hershey, PA:

The show opened with GM Vickie Guerrero in-ring to welcome fans to the show and talking about tonight’s main event with The Shield in a handicap match against 11 superstars. She then introduced a “great debate” between Zeb Colter and Paul Heyman. The two had an allotted amount of time to speak about Cesaro and Swagger, with a buzzer sounding as their time ended. It eventually turned into a bit of a shoving match with Zeb shoving Heyman, then Cesaro and Swagger held their managers back.

Cesaro defeated Jack Swagger via pinfall. Cesaro put Swagger into the Cesaro Swing followed by The Neutralizer for the win. Post-match, Shield came out and beat down Swagger ahead of their handicap match.

Tamina defeated Natalya via pinfall. Tamina landed a superkick on Natalya for the win.

They had a segment backstage with Vickie on the phone with Triple H complaining that she told Shield to come to talk to her at the office but they haven't. She said Brad Maddox is taking over and will be in charge of the show for the rest of the night and thinks Shield will listen to him.

The Shield gave 3MB a beatdown backstage ahead of their main event handicap match.

Curtis Axel defeated Jey Uso via pinfall.

A steel cage lowered around the ring for Bray Wyatt to deliver a promo about his upcoming match with John Cena at Extreme Rules. Wyatt did his "Whole World in his Hands" song bit as part of it.

Rowan & Harper defeated Cody Rhodes & Goldust via pinfall.

The Shield took out Brad Maddox backstage.

A match scheduled between Santino & Emma vs. Fandango & Layla never happened. The Shield came out to attack Fandango, delivering the Triple Powerbomb off the stage through a table.

The Shield defeated Ryback, Titus O’Neil, Damien Sandow, Alberto Del Rio and Bad News Barrett in a handicap match. Reigns got the win for Shield after hitting a Spear on Sandow and pinning him. Post-match, Reigns speared Titus and Ryback. The Shield delivered a Triple Powerbomb on Ryback to close out Smackdown.

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