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Raw Results 04/07/14

Raw Results from New Orleans, LA:

The opening segment saw Triple H interrupt Daniel Bryan and book a title match. Bryan would defend the WWE championship against Hunter later tonight. Later backstage, Stephanie McMahon booked Randy Orton and Batista against The Usos for the tag titles later as well. Michael Cole said the man who defeated Undertaker’s streak, Brock Lesnar, was also in the building tonight.

The Wyatt Family defeated John Cena, Big E and Sheamus via pinfall. Wyatt did his crab walk at one point getting a huge response from the live crowd. The finish saw him hit Sister Abigail on Big E to get the win.

Santino Marella & Emma defeated Fandango & Summer Rae via submission. Late in the match, Emma put the Dilemma on Summer, then hit the Emma Sandwich in the corner on her. Emma finished by locking the Emma Lock on Summer to get her to submit.

They noted that Undertaker suffered a concussion was hospitalized last night and released today. Heyman and Lesnar came to the ring for a promo about Brock beating the streak. Heyman brought up Orton, Michaels and Triple H could never break the streak, but Brock Lesnar did. Heyman said Brock Lesnar is the “one” in 21-1 now. He said only one stands above all the rest is Brock Lesnar. Lesnar’s music hit and the duo left the ring after Heyman’s gloating promo.

The Usos vs. Randy Orton & Batista fought to a double count out in a tag team title match. Orton and Batista had control most of the match and it eventually went to the outside. The referee counted out both teams though. Post-match, Batista hit a Batista Bomb on the steps. Batista and Orton went into the ring to raise their arms up in victory.

Rob Van Dam defeated Damien Sandow via pinfall. Van Dam hit Rolling Thunder late followed by a Five Star Frogsplash for the win.

Bad News Barrett defeated Rey Mysterio via pinfall. Barrett hit a big slam for a near fall, but then Mysterio came back with his trademark moves. Barrett was able to catch Mysterio and hit the Bull Hammer for the win.

Alexander Rusev defeated Zack Ryder via submission. Rusev dominated the match winning in just over a minute using the Accolade, a Camel Clutch style submission.

The Ultimate Warrior came to the ring and did a promo with a mask of his classic face paint on. He told the fans “you are the Ultimate Warrior fans and the spirit of the Ultimate Warrior will run forever.”

They showed AJ Lee walking backstage with Tamina. A video package was shown of WrestleMania’s various production and fanfare. They showed a clip of Daniel Bryan walking out to a stage in an empty arena. Clips were also show of other fans and wrestlers with a “thank you” at the end on the screen.

AJ Lee came to the ring to brag about her big win over all the other divas last night and her 295+ day title reign. She kept talking up how no other diva could defeat her and she’s proven it over and over now. Current NXT Women's Champion Paige arrived out to her theme music and came to the ring to interrupt AJ. She said she was there to do what no other diva would do tonight, congratulate AJ. AJ thanked her but then told her to run along to NXT because the divas champ doesn’t like being interrupted. She ended up slapping Paige in the face and telling her she was going to put her title on the line tonight to show her who the top diva is there.

Paige defeated AJ Lee to become the new WWE Divas Champion. Lee knocked Paige down and started to gain control early on. Lee went for her Black Widow submission but couldn’t get it locked on. Paige escaped it and hit the Paige Turner, her finishing move to get the pinfall win.

Hulk Hogan came out to award the Andre the Giant battle royal trophy to last night’s winner, Cesaro. Cesaro came to the ring with Zeb Colter. Hogan shook hands with Cesaro before leaving the ring. Cesaro went to speak but Colter yanked the mic from him. He said he brought Cesaro into the mix even though he’s not really an American. He said “I made you a Zeb Colter guy.” Cesaro took the mic back and told him “I’m sorry, Im not that guy.” He said “I’m a Paul Heyman guy.” Heyman walked out onto the stage and the crowd went wild. Heyman and Cesaro shook hands with Cesaro indicating he was jumping ship to align with Heyman know. Heyman went over to the announcers to talk to them about how to address Cesaro from now on. Meanwhile, Swagger attacked Cesaro in the ring from behind and knocked the trophy down, then picked it up and threw it out of the ring.

Cesaro defeated Jack Swagger via count out. Late in the match, Cesaro whipped Swagger into the corner, then hit multiple uppercuts on him. Swagger left the ring for a break and never came back for the match. Post-match, Heyman helped hand over the trophy to Cesaro who held it up in the ring to show off.

Backstage, Stephanie told The Shield and Kane she didn’t care what happened last night between them or with Undertaker, that tonight is about making sure HHH wins the title back from Daniel Bryan. Kane said all of them are nameless, faceless pawns. Stephanie told them to be on the same page tonight because HHH is the boss and what he wants he gets. She asked “Do I make myself clear?” and Reigns responded, “Crystal.”

Daniel Bryan vs. Triple H match never started, no contest. Before the match could begin, Batista and Randy Orton came down to attack Bryan, hitting an RKO, then a Batista Bomb. Kane’s music hit and he came out to hit a chokeslam on Bryan, leaving him on his back in the ring. Triple H’s music hit and he came out, then told the ref to ring the bell. The Shield’s music hit and out came the trio wearing masks. They stood out on the floor with HHH looking at them. Batista, Orton and Kane were on the opposite side of the ring. Shield got into the ring and HHH told them “stand down.” Kane, Batista and Orton got in as well. Triple H tried to prevent a brawl but as he turned back around, Roman Reigns hit a Spear on him. Shield cleared Orton and Batista out of the ring, with Ambrose and Rollins diving out on them. Kane started to dominate Reigns a bit, but then Reigns hit a Superman punch. HHH tried to tell Shield to back off, he turned around and Daniel Bryan hit him with a running knee. The heels pulled HHH out of the ring to safety while Bryan was in the ring with The Shield. The Shield all put their fists together while Bryan chanted “YES!” with the crowd. Hunter yelled from the floor that this was becoming a war.

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