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Raw Results 06/16/14

Raw results from Cleveland, OH:

From the ring, the Authority addressed the entire WWE roster which was assembled up on the stage. They made some disparaging remarks about Bryan being a B+ player, and talked about the title situation. They said two spots were left to be decided for the MITB title match at the PPV. One would be decided in a battle royal, which would have everyone except Reigns, Ambrose and Cena. The second spot would be determined in a stretcher match on Raw later featuring Kane vs. Cena.

Seth Rollins defeated Dolph Ziggler due to DQ. Rollins hit his finisher on Ziggler at one point, but Dean Ambrose rushed into the ring to attack, causing the DQ. Rollins took off up to the stage and Ambrose called him to come back to the ring and fight like a man. HHH appeared up on the Big Screen telling Ambrose he had some “bad news for him.” Barrett’s music hit and he came to the ring for the next match.

Bad News Barrett defeated Dean Ambrose due to count out in a non-title match. Rollins showed up during the match and stood on the commentators table. He was on the apron but Ambrose knocked him off and threw Barrett to the outside. Rollins and Ambrose ended up fighting into the crowd, while Barrett got back in the ring to beat the 10 count. Post-match, Ambrose came back and hit Dirty Deeds on Barrett.

Sheamus defeated Bray Wyatt due to DQ in a non-title match. Prior to this one, Bray Wyatt cut a promo about he and his brothers all winning gold at the PPV. During the match, The Usos rushed out at one point to give Sheamus some backup. Late in the match, Sheamus was about to deliver the Brogue Kick on Wyatt, but Harper and Rowan grabbed him prevent it, causing a DQ finish. Post-match, The Usos did a diving move off a ladder out onto The Wyatts on the outside.

Backstage, Renee Young interviewed Stephanie about the MITB match asking for a prediction on who will win. Stephane said may the best man win, before leaving. Paul Heyman showed up suggesting what WWE would be like if Bray Wyatt or Randy Orton won the title at MITB. He said Cesaro will win it, and that’s not a prediction, but a spoiler.

Rusev defeated Heath Slater via submission. Rusev used The Accolade to make Slater submit in just over 30 seconds time. Prior to the match, Lana did her typical speech about Putin and how great Mother Russia is.

Roman Reigns approached Vickie Guerrero backstage after she had been yelled at over providing bad coffee to Stephanie earlier. Reigns said she might be in hot water and could be fired next week, but she could stand up to them and add him to the battle royal for later. She told him he was in. After, Michael Cole informed fans that HHH had left with Stephanie to go to the hospital.

Guest host Kevin Hart was backstage with Renee Young for an interview. Adam Rose and the Rosebuds showed up to interrupt, with Rose saying he liked Hart’s new movie. he asked Hart to join him on the Exotic Express, but Hart declined. Rose told him not to be a lemon. Hart left the interview scene to go do guest commentary for his match.

Adam Rose & Summer Rae defeated Fandango & Layla via pinfall. Rose eventually hit his finisher on Fandango for the win. Hart was on commentary for the match and got in the ring to dance with Rose post-match. He and Rose both fell backwards onto the Rosebuds to end the segment.

Roman Reigns won the battle royal to qualify for the Money in the Bank title match. It came down to a final three of Bo Dallas, Rusev and Roman Reigns. Dallas almost eliminated both opponents at one point, but they managed to survive. Reigns knocked Dallas out to make it just him and Rusev. Reigns managed to get Rusev over the rope onto the apron. Rusev kept fighting back and knocked Reigns forward with a shoulder block. Moments later, Reigns delivered a Superman punch to eliminate Rusev and win.

Paige defeated Cameron via submission in a non-title match. Paige was able to win the match using her Scorpion Crosslock submission to make Cameron tap out.

Byron Saxton interviewed Goldust backstage, asking what he thinks of his latest partner for tonight. He said he’s met him and thinks it’s going to be “super galactic.”

Goldust made his entrance onto the stage before he was joined by his new tag parter - “Stardust.” It was Cody Rhodes wearing a costume and face paint similar to Goldust but with a star painted on his face. The duo took on RyBaxel for their match.

Goldust and Stardust defeated Ryback and Curtis Axel via pinfall.

John Cena defeated Kane in a Stretcher match to qualify for Money in the Bank. The match lasted over 15 minutes. Towards the end, Cena picked up the ring steps and tossed it at Kane, knocking him down. He picked him up and put him on the stretcher, then began to push it up the ramp. He had Kane almost all the way up, but then Kane sat up and grabbed Cena around the neck. Cena fought off Kane and then hit an AA with him onto the stretcher. He finished by pushing it across the finish line to get the win. Cena is the final competitor in the MITB match.

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