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2014 WWE Payback Results Coverage (Updated)

Sunday night brings the 2014 WWE Payback results live from Rosemont, Illinois. The pre-show featured a panel of Josh Matthews, Booker T, Kofi Kingston and Alex Riley on analysis. Michael Cole, JBL and Jerry Lawler were on commentary for the pay-per-view.

El Torito defeated Hornswoggle via pinfall in the hair vs. mask match during the pre-show. Late in the match, Hornswoggle survived a Bronco buster move from Torito in the corner. Torito did a handstand on the top rope to prepare for a move to kick Horney. Horny grabbed Torito for the Powerbomb to slam him to the mat instead. Torito barely kicked out, and a frustrated Hornswoggle pulled off Torito’s mask. Torito had a second mask underneath and moments later he was able to score the Bull-sault to surprise Hornswoggle. Post-match, Hornswoggle reluctantly got into the barbers chair at the bottom of the ramp area. Torito climbed up on a chair behind it and started to cut away Horny's locks with small scissors. Los Matadores assisted by handing Torito disposable razors, electronic trimmer and spraying shaving cream all over Hornswoggle's head. They didn't finish the entire cut before PPV ended.

Matthews and crew showed footage of a WWE exclusive where The Rhodes Brothers got into it backstage with RybAxel to set up a tag match for tonight's PPV. Booker announced moments later that he just got word Kofi Kingston was booked to face Bo Dallas tonight. They showed Sheamus making his way out to the ring for the opening match against Cesaro as they signed off.

Main Pay-Per-View Results:

Sheamus defeated Cesaro via pinfall to retain the US Championship. There were several big moments in the match, including Cesaro nearly hitting the Neutralizer, but Sheamus countered to hit the Irish Curse. Later, Sheamus had an Irish Cloverleaf submission locked in but Cesaro got to the ropes to break it. Later still, Cesaro was able to hit 22 revolutions on the Swing as the crowd in Chicago counted. After it, he went to grab Sheamus for the Neutralizer, but the champ grabbed Cesaro for a small package pinfall to surprise him.

RybAxel defeated The Rhodes Brothers via pinfallLate in the match, Cody went for a Disaster Kick but Ryback caught him in the Powerbomb position then threw him into Goldust. Later, Axel and Goldust were both cleared from the ring with Ryback down. Cody prepared for another Disaster Kick, but Ryback caught him on his shoulders and hit Shellshocked for the win. Post-match, Rhodes was down on the mat and Goldust got in the ring to comfort his brother. Rhodes shrugged him off then stood up still feel in the effects of the Shellshocked. Rhodes got a mic and then told Goldust “Brother to brother, you need a better tag team partner than me.”

Rusev defeated Big E via pinfall. Rusev scored a huge kick to Big E’s face late in the match to level him. Moments later, Rusev stomped on Big E’s back after getting all revved up. He followed by locking The Accolade hold on Big E. E struggled for a bit but soon tapped out to give Rusev the win. Lana got in the ring post-match to proudly smirk as Rusev hoisted his flag up.

Kofi Kingston vs. Bo Dallas was a non-contest as match never officially started. Bo Dallas did his “All you have to do is Bo-Lieve” speech. Before the two could begin, Kane’s pyro went off and his music hit as Kane walked down to the ring. Kofi and Dallas seemed like they were going to team up to take on Kane, but Dallas bailed as Kane got into the ring. Kane then responded to Kofi’s attack by decimating him on the outside and in the ring. He ultimately hit the chokeslam and a tombstone to finish Kofi off before leaving. Dallas got back in the ring to deliver his “All you have to do is Bo-Lieve” speech, then went over to check on Kofi, patting him on the chest mockingly before leaving.

Bad News Barrett defeated Rob Van Dam via pinfall to retain the Intercontinental Championship. RVD hit Rolling Thunder late when he got momentum, then set up for FiveStar Frog Splash but Barrett rolled out of the way. RVD crashed into the mat. Barrett waited for him to get up and went for a Bullhammer Elbow, but RVD ducked and countered into a near fall. Moments later, Bad News hit Winds of Change for a near fall. On the outside, Barrrett went for a strike on RVD who moved away from the ring post. Barrett hit his arm hard on the post, and then RVD hit a DDT in the ring for another near fall. RVD went for a quick moonsault but Barrett got both knees up. Bad News stood up with his arm in pain but still used it to hit the Bullhammer for the win.

Stephanie McMahon was introduced for the big decision by Daniel Bryan. She came to the ring and said it’s time to find out if Daniel will hand over the titles, or force her to fire his wife Brie Bella from WWE. She called out Bryan. His must hit and he came out with Brie with both belts in hand. The crowd started up their “Yes” chants.

Bryan talked about how Stephanie is being selfish and only wants to strip the title because he beat her husband at WrestleMania 30. He said he thinks maybe this would be a chance for Stephanie to do the ring thing for once. A CM Punk chant started up and Stephanie interrupted to say “Daniel these people want you to quit just like CM Punk did,” drawing heavy boos. Brie took the mic before Daniel could hand the belts over and said as much as it hurts her Stephanie can’t fire her because she quit. Stephanie laughed about it mockingly and Brie slapped her hard in the face. Stephanie was taken aback and quickly rushed out of the ring and up the ramp holding her face. The fans started up a huge Yes chant with Brie and Daniel Bryan helping to lead it.

John Cena defeated Bray Wyatt in a Last Man Standing match. The match included multiple big spots including Wyatt suplexing Cena through a table in the ring and Cena throwing the top of the steel steps out of the ring to knock Wyatt down at the bottom of the ramp. Both men kept getting back up though. There were also spots with run-ins by the Wyatt Family and the Usos. At one point, one of the Usos hit a huge hip splash against Rowan through a table at ringside. Later, Harper and the other Usos were battling up on the top rope, with Harper hitting a huge suplex to smash him through a table on the outside. Cena and Bray ended up battling towards the top of the ramp and near the side of it with Bray smashing Cena against some electronics to cause an explosion. Moments later, Cena managed to battle Wyatt up on top of some equipment boxes, then hit the AA to smash Bray down through the top of a flat equipment box. Bray was laying in it like a coffin as Cena went over to a larger crate and toppled it over on top of the other box so Bray could not get out or stand up. Cena won as Bray didn’t answer the 10 count.

Paige defeated Alicia Fox via submission to retain the Divas Championship. Fox dominated most of the match until Paige was able to yank her off the top rope to the mat. She followed by putting her into the Scorpion Crosslock move. Alicia eventually tapped on Paige’s knee to submit. Post-match, Paige left with her belt up the ramp while the crowd chanted “You tapped out” at Alicia. She eventually screamed “silence!” multiple times as she stomped her feet on the ring mag, then ran crying up the ramp to the back.

The Shield defeated Evolution 3-0 in a No Holds Barred Elimination match. Ambrose and Rollins were both out of it after getting beat down up the ramp, leaving Reigns vs. the entire Shield in the ring. They decimated Reigns in the ring using steel chairs, steel steps and kendo sticks to repeatedly beat him up. At one point, Reigns managed to get up and jumped over to hit a Superman punch on Batista, taking him by surprise. However, Triple H and Orton had kendo sticks to beat him down with. Shield continued beating up Reigns up the ramp with chairs and other objects. Ambrose came rushing out to intervene briefly, but all three members of Shield overpowered him.

Moments later, Rollins appeared and jumped off the jumbo screen area to take down all of Shield. Rollins crawled to the ring ahead of The Shield, with Batista getting in the ring with him. Batista looked ready to power bomb Rollins, but Reigns got in the ring and hit the huge Spear tackle, allowing Rollins to score the pinfall. Batista was first man eliminated with ten minutes left in the PPV. Orton was in the ring and quickly hit an RKO on Rollins to take the pinfall. Reigns got up and hit Orton in time to break up his pin attempt. Moments later, Ambrose was in the ring and hit his finisher with Orton onto a steel chair for the next elimination.

It was down to 3-on-1 with all of Shield against Triple H. Shield gained some control but HHH hit a low blow on Ambrose. Reigns was about to take down HHH, but Batista came back in the ring again and speared Reigns down for Triple H. Randy Orton grabbed a sledgehammer from under the ring and slid it into the ring to HHH to use. HHH prepared to use the sledgehammer, but Rollins got to him, stunning HHH. Reigns scored a huge Spear on him for the pinfall to sweep all of Evolution form the match.

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