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Raw Results 06/02/14

Raw results from Indianapolis, IN:

The opening segment featured Evolution coming to the ring with Triple H starting to talk about their new plan to take out The Shield after last night’s loss. Batista interrupted and said he doesn’t care about the plan but wants the one-on-one title match he won at Royal Rumble. Triple H said he couldn’t do that because of Daniel Bryan’s injury status. He said right now the bigger picture is eliminating Shield. Batista eventually said “I understand and I quit,” prompting HHH to go into a rage yelling at Batista as he walked up the ramp backstage.

Sheamus & Rob Van Dam defeated Bad News Barrett and Cesaro via pinfall. The close saw Cesaro leave the match with Heyman, which left Barrett alone. Sheamus eventually hit a Brogue Kick on BNB and then RVD hit a Five Star Frogsplash for the win. Heyman and Cesaro were seen watching from the stage.

Bo Dallas defeated Kofi Kingston via pinfall. The two had the match they were supposed to have at Payback that Kane had interrupted. Dallas dropped Kofi over the top rope late, then hit a running Bo-Dog for the win.

Stephanie McMahon came out to make an announcement about the World Heavyweight Championship. She said Bryan will defend the title at Money in the Bank pay-per-view against Kane in a Stretcher match. If Bryan isn’t healthy enough to compete, then the title will be up for grabs in an MITB match.

John Cena came out to interject and call out Stephanie for making a mockery of Daniel Bryan and the championship. He told her Daniel Bryan is good, really good and she is a spoiled egomaniac. He brought up that Bryan defeated him for the title a while back and she took it away from him. Eventually Stephanie got upset with it and booked Cena to face Kane in the next match.

John Cena defeated Kane via disqualification. Cena hit the Five Knuckle Shuffle, but couldn’t get Kane up in the AA. Kane ended up working over Cena in the ring corner and didn’t heed the ref’s count to stop, causing a DQ. Post-match, Kane tried to Tombstone Cena on the steel steps, but Cena got away and tossed the steps at Kane to knock him down. Cena headed backstage. Kane eventually got up and threw a rage at ringside.

Los Matadores defeated Drew McIntyre & Heath Slater via pinfall. Late in the match, Torito ripped an afro wig off Hornswoggle’s shaved head to reveal his haircut from Payback. Slater got distracted by that and was rolled up by one of Los Matadores.

Alicia Fox & Aksana defeated Nikki Bella via pinfall in a 2-on-1 handicap match. Nikki was put in the match as punishment for what Brie did last night. Late in the match, Fox hit a scissors kick on Nikki to get the win. Post-match she did some more of her antics before roughing up Nikki some more.

Adam Rose defeated Jack Swagger via pinfall. Rose dominated most of the match and hit his finisher, the Party Foul for the win. Post-match, he danced with the Rosebuds in the aisle.

Harper & Rowan defeated The Uso Brothers via pinfall. The match lasted nearly 20 minutes. Harper tried for his big clothesline late, but one of the Usos hit a Superkick instead for the near fall. Later on, Rowan managed to hit a big side slam on Jey to score the winning pinfall.

Alberto Del Rio defeated Dolph Ziggler via submission to qualify for a Money in the Bank match. Ziggler went for the finish late in this one, with Del Rio avoiding it. Del Rio tried for a Superkick but Ziggler sidestepped that. Moments later, he got the Cross Arm Breaker locked on to make Dolph tap.

Ryback & Curtis Axel defeated Goldust & Sin Cara via pinfall. Cody Rhodes was shown in a previous segment in a suit and Lawler said Cody “handpicked” a tag partner for Goldust tonight, after telling him he needed a better partner at Payback. In the match, Sin Cara missed a Swanton as Axel moved away. Axel hit his neck breaker finisher for the win.

They presented a golden star medal to Rusev in a “Hero of the Russian Federation Ceremony.” Lana introduced another man who gave the medal to Rusev and put it around his neck. Lana told fans to show respect for Russia’s national anthem. The song played forth as confetti fell from the ceiling.

The Shield came out to cut a promo about defeating Evolution at Payback. Rollins said Shield adapted and Evolution perished. He said the reason they perished is because they weren’t one like The Shield. Reigns said they are like brothers. Triple H and Orton came out to the ring area, with HHH bringing a sledgehammer. Rollins grabbed chairs, ready to fight. Hunter said on the mic he adapts better than anyone else. He said “last night was Plan A, now it’s time for Plan B.”

Suddenly, Rollins attacked Reigns from behind, hitting him with a steel chair. He hit Ambrose next and then repeatedly hit chair shots on his Shield teammates drawing a “you sold out” chant from the crowd. Rollins soon went to ringside to stand next to HHH and handed a chair to Orton. Orton got into the ring and removed Reigns vest to show his welts on the back, then he RKO’d him onto a chair. Hunter then put his arms around both Orton and Rollins and mouthed ‘I won’ as he stood over Reigns and Ambrose. He put the sledgehammer on Reigns as Raw went off the air.

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