Friday, May 23, 2014

Smackdown Results 05/23/14

SmackDown results from London, UK: 

The Mouth of the South Jimmy Hart came out to open the show with an in-ring promo. He introduced Hulk Hogan who was back in London for his first appearance in 20 years. Hogan talked about the show Legends House on WWE Network and mentioned the network would soon be launching in the United Kingdom. There wasn’t a date given for the launch of the network in the UK during Hogan’s five-minute segment.

Batista defeated Dolph Ziggler in a No Disqualification match via pinfall.  The match involved multiple spots including the fight spilling onto the announce table. Michael Cole seemed to get hit during the brawl. At one point, Ziggler missed on a Fameasser leg drop he went for on the ring steps and appeared to hurt his leg. Batista eventually made a comeback for the win by Batista Bomb.

Cameron & Naomi defeated Eva Marie and Brie Bella via pinfall. Summer Rae was the special guest referee for the match and made a fast count to give the Funkadactyls the easy win.

Bo Dallas defeated Sin Cara via pinfall. After winning in a squash match, Dallas did a victory lap around the ring.

Sheamus defeated Alberto Del Rio in a non-title match due to disqualification. Cesaro was on commentary with Paul Heyman. During the match, Cesaro attacked Sheamus, causing the DQ.

Smackdown GM Vickie Guerrero came to the ring and demanded that Adam Rose come to the ring. She wasn’t really amused by any of his antics. At one point, Rose tried to push his lollipop in Vickie’s face and she fell backwards off the apron onto the arms of the dancers. They carried her around the ringside area kicking and screaming as Rose’s theme song played on.

The Uso Brothers defeated Rowan & Harper in a non-title match due to disqualification. Cena and Bray Wyatt were both at ringside for their respective teams. Bray seemed ready to get in the ring post-match, but backed off as Cena’s music played out the close of the show.

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