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Raw Results 05/26/14

Raw results from Knoxville, TN:

After a Memorial Day video package opened Raw, Triple H and Stephanie were introduced and came to the ring. They talked about how Daniel Bryan has to make the right choice, to surrender the WWE title, because he can’t defend it on a nightly basis. That drew “No” chants. HHH brought up that Shield will have a choice for a contract signing for Payback PPV, and if they sign they can go to the PPV and perish. 

Next, they brought up how Raw GM Brad Maddox made the choice to allow Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns to be guest commentators during last week’s Batista match. They called him to the ring. Maddox said he didn’t want to do it but they gave him no choice. Stephanie then said they felt like they didn’t have a choice either. Kane’s music hit and he started to make his entrance. Triple H punched Maddox down to the mat. Kane got in the ring and used his foot to push Maddox down. Stephanie ordered Kane to teach Maddox a lesson so he chokeslammed and tombstoned him. Steph then told Maddox he was fired.

Cesaro defeated Rob Van Dam via pinfall. RVD was dominating late in this one, but Wade Barrett was ringside on commentary and distracted RVD when he was going to do his finisher. Cesaro hit a German suplex into a bridge pinfall for the win. Post-match, Sheamus arrived out and hit a Brogue Kick on Cesaro.

Eva Marie defeated Summer Rae via pinfall. Nikki Bella was ringside. At one point in the match, Fandango’s music hit and he came out dancing onto the stage with Layla. That distracted Summer allowing Eva to score a rollup pinfall.

Randy Orton and Batista were shown backstage talking in Triple H’s office. Goldust and Cody Rhodes showed up saying they came to talk to HHH about why they aren’t advertised for Raw again. Orton and Cody argued a bit. HHH walked in and ended up booking Orton and Batista vs. The Rhodes brothers, but said it wouldn’t be any ordinary match.

El Torito defeated Drew McIntyre via pinfall. Los Matadores, Hornswoggle and the rest of 3MB were ringside. During the match, Drew was ready for a superplex but Torito got away. A brawl broke out at ringside, distracting McIntyre, so Torito was able to pull him down and cover for a pinfall win. Post-match, Hornswoggle attacked Torito from behind, tried to take off his mask and then ripped off his tail.

The Wyatt Family came to the ring for a promo. Bray called for Jerry Lawler to get into the ring to talk, but Lawler shrugged it off. Bray told JBL and Cole not to move a muscle as the other Wyatts went to ringside to try to get Lawler. JBL got up and started towards the ring, but Harper clotheslined him down. Harper stared down Lawler and he finally got into the ring. They set up a chair for Lawler to sit in as Bray talked about how Jerry’s a friend of Cena’s and cheerleads about how great a man he is. Bray suggested he was going to make an example of Lawler, then hung upside down in the ring corner as Harper and Rowan held Lawler up.

John Cena’s music hit and he rushed down to the ring to fight the Wyatts. The heels eventually overpowered him and Bray put  a foot on Lawler’s face. He said Cena can watch his friend fall and realize it’s all his fault. Bray set up for Sister Abigail on the King, but The Usos rushed out to intervene. Cena and the Usos cleared the ring, with Cena calling Bray “plain evil” after he got the mic. He said “Payback will be a bitch” for Wyatt next Sunday.

Rusev defeated Zack Ryder via submission. Ryder had come out at first with an American flay in honor of Memorial Day but Lana and Rusev interrupted. Rusev won in just over 30 seconds by putting The Accolade on Ryder. Post-match, Big E rushed to the ring to clear Rusev out with a clothesline, then waved the flag around a bit.

Batista and Randy Orton defeated Cody Rhodes & Goldust via pinfall. The match lasted about ten minutes. Cody tagged in late and had momentum, then went for the Disaster Kick on Orton. Orton surprised him with an RKO then moments later hit another for the pinfall win. Post-match, Justin Roberts announced he had been told this was a handicap elimination match and Cody had to leave the ring so Goldust could face Orton and Batista 1-on-2.

Batista and Randy Orton defeated Goldust in a no holds barred handicap match via pinfall. Goldust had a bit of fight in him against Orton, but Batista charged and hit a spear on him to get the Batista Bomb and the win.

Bo Dallas defeated Sin Cara via pinfall. JBL returned prior to the match and appeared to have some neck pain from earlier. Before the match, Bo Dallas cut a promo talking about Raw being the summit on the top of the mountain of his dream. He told the fans we don’t conquer the mountain but our dreams. In the match, Sin Cara had a bit of offense, but Dallas hit the Bo-Dog for the win. Post-match, he told the fans you get satisfaction from effort and if you give it your all, then you’re already a winner.

Stephanie McMahon came to the ring to call out Daniel Bryan to hand over his title belts. Bryan came out with the belts wearing a neck brace. He talked about how his match with Kane caused a lot of the issues. Steph tried to assure Bryan he could get another shot again when he came back healthy. Bryan rolled his eyes and then told Stephanie he had a word for her she’s not used to, “NO! NO! NO!” Bryan began to lead the crowd in a chant. Stephanie said she was afraid this might happen and asked if the fans or the injury were messing with Bryan’s brain.

She brought up two weeks ago when Bryan was being taken away by ambulance and showed footage on the big screen. Brie shoved Stephanie away in front of the ambulance. She told Bryan “you can’t put your hands on the boss” and for every action there’s a reaction. She told Bryan he has until Sunday to hand in the WWE World Heavyweight title or his wife is fired.

Emma defeated Alicia Fox via pinfall. Fox was in control throughout but then missed on a big boot in the corner. Emma scored the roll up pinfall for the win. Post match, Fox went on a rampage, attacking Emma and then throwing her out of the ring. She ripped a crew member’s top off and gave him a wedgie then poured soda on herself and kissed the crew member.

Adam Rose defeated Damien Sandow via pinfall. Despite Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter arriving out with one of the Rosebuds, Rose was able to get the win. Swagger attacked him post-match, but Rose was able to turn the tables to get the best of Swagger once again.

Sheamus defeated Alberto Del Rio in a non-title matchup via pinfall. Del Rio kept trying to put away Sheamus for the win, but couldn’t. He eventually tried for a Cross Arm-breaker, but Sheamus slipped out of the hold, then moments later hit the Brogue Kick. Post-match, Paul Heyman got on the mic to introduce Sheamus as winner, and apologized for not being more enthusiastic. He announced that his client Brock Lesnar ended Undertaker’s undefeated streak at WrestleMania. While Sheamus was keyed in on Heyman’s speech, Cesaro snuck into the ring to attack him, hitting The Neutralizer to leave Sheamus on the mat.

Michael Cole was in the ring for the official Payback contract signing involving The Shield and Evolution for their elimination-style match at the pay-per-view. As Cole was speaking, The Shield’s music hit and they came through the crowd to the ring. They spoke about how they will rid WWE of Evolution this Sunday. Reigns threw the various chairs and other items out of the ring. Evolution arrived out with HHH saying the fans need to pay attention because once Shield signs off on the contract, it’s the last time they’ll ever appear on Raw.

Eventually everyone signed, and Reigns got on the mic to tell HHH to shut up and fight. All three of Evolution got in the ring. They acted like they were going to back off, but then went on the attack, with a brawl in the ring. Hunter nearly got a Pedigree, but got knocked to the floor instead. Reigns and Batista ended up one-on-one in the ring. Hunter retrieved his sledgehammer from the outside and hit Reigns from out of the ring. Orton hit the RKO on Rollins, then Batista speared Reigns down.

Eventually on the outside, Evolution took Reigns and cleared off the announce table. They hit a Triple Powerbomb similar to Shield’s driving Reigns through the table. Evolution mocked Shield by putting their three fists together after replays were shown of the attack.

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