Friday, May 30, 2014

Smackdown Results 05/30/14

Smackdown results from Atlanta, GA:

The Shield started off the SmackDown show with a promo talking about how they will end Evolution at the Payback PPV.

Cesaro defeated Kofi Kingston via pinfall. Kofi went for a high-flying move late in the match, but Cesaro caught him with the European Uppercut for the win. Post-match, Cesaro hit the Neutralizer to send a message to Payback opponent, Sheamus.

Paige defeated Tamina Snuka via submission in a non-title match. Paige eventually locked on her Scorpion Crosslock to force Tamina to tap out. Next up, Paige defends her championship at Payback against Alicia Fox.

Bo Dallas defeated Xavier Woods via pinfall. At one point, Xavier Woods gained momentum but as he went for the move off the corner, Bo caught him with a dropkick to take him down mid-air. From there, he hit the Bo-Dog to grab the pinfall win. Post-match, Dallas got on the mic to thank everyone, saying “Tonight we are all winners. All you have to do is Bo-lieve!” He saw Woods getting to his feet and quickly went over to hug him, with JBL saying “That is sportsmanship. We need that in this world.”

El Torito defeated Jinder Mahal via pinfall. Jinder got a bit of control when he hit an atomic drop to put Torito down on his now-stub of a tail. However, a brawl started on the outside with Los Matadores and the rest of 3MB allowing Torito to gore Mahal in the gut on the top rope and hit a Sunset Flip move. From there, he hit the Bull-sault to take the pinfall. Post-match, 3MB tried to surround Torito in the ring to let Hornswoggle attack. Los Matadores yanked Slater and Drew out of the ring. Torito grabbed some hedge clippers and went towards Hornswoggle indicating he was going to cut off his hair, but 3MB rescued Horney before anything could happen.

Sheamus defeated Wade Barrett via pinfall in a champion vs champion (non-title match). Barrett had a near fall when he hit Winds of Change, but Sheamus kicked out right before 3. Moments later, Barrett hoisted Sheamus up on his shoulders to try to put him away, but Sheamus escaped and hit a quick Brogue Kick for the win. Post-match, he grabbed his title belt and walked over to Heyman who was on commentary. Sheamus grabbed Heyman by the shirt and stared at him with Heyman pleading and finally saying “Good luck on Sunday.” Sheamus released his grip and then went to hug fans on his way up the ramp.

Big E defeated Titus O'Neil via pinfall. Prior to the match, Lana came out onto the stage to introduce Rusev who had some words in Russian directed to Big E. In the match, Big E hit Titus with multiple strikes at one point to knock him to the mat, then hit a huge splash. He finished things with the Big Ending and then waved the American flag from inside the ring with Rusev waiving the Russian flag on stage as Lana stood by.

Bray Wyatt defeated Jimmy Uso in a Last Man Standing match via pinfall. The two fought on the outside late, with the crowd singing “Whole World” as Bray set up for a move. Jimmy escaped his clutches and delivered a huge super kick to take down Bray. Bray nearly didn’t get up before 10, but got to the steel steps at 9. Suddenly, Harper and Rowan rushed over to attack Jimmy, but he managed to fight back, delivering Super Kicks on all three men. With Bray slumped against the steps, Jimmy rushed at him for a hip splash, but Bray moved out of the way causing Jimmy to hit against the steps. Bray grabbed Jimmy and hit Sister Abigail on the outside floor. Bray got in the ring and hung upside down across the lower rope to count along with the ref who eventually reached 10 giving Bray the win.

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