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Raw Results 06/29/14

Raw results from Hartford, CT:

The show opened with The Authority coming to the ring looking pleased despite Cena winning the title last night at MITB. They spoke about Daniel Bryan needing longer than expected to recover, then introduced the new champion. Cena came out and they showed him that he’s on the cover of 2K15. He questioned their fake sincerity. Hunter talked about him being the face of WWE but said he needs to do it with respect. He said if not they can just do it the hard way. Triple H announced Cena will defend the title at WWE Battleground PPV in a Fatal Fourway. Tonight he’ll be in a tag match against two of the opponents, Randy Orton and Kane. Cena will partner with the other opponent, Roman Reigns. Hunter said for Cena to remember that if he survives the Fatal Fourway, there’s always a “plan B.” Out came Seth Rollins with the MITB briefcase. Rollins headed to the ring for the opening match.

Seth Rollins defeated Rob Van Dam via pinfall. The match was almost 12 minutes but saw Rollins hit RVD when he was getting back in the ring after a splash. Rollins twisted RVD’s knee into the ropes, then hit the Curb Stomp on him for the win. Post-match, Renee Young tried to interview Rollins but he took over the mic. He talked about how everyone’s made he was right and won the MITB match. He said now he can cash in anytime, anywhere. Dean Ambrose showed up on the big screen and said he plans to be right nearby every time Rollins tries to cash in that briefcase.

Lana brought Rusev to the ring for another of her pro-Russia speeches. Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger came down with Swagger challenging Rusev saying he can stop the Rusev Crush. Lana told Rusev to back off, but he disobeyed her and rushed Swagger. Swagger took him down with some arm drags, so Rusev fled the ring where Lana chastised him.

The Wyatt Family defeated Sheamus and The Usos via pinfall. Jey Uso made a hot tag in late, then took out Harper to the outside and splashed on him. Back in the ring, Jey ducked Harper’s strike attempt and kicked him. A brawl broke out with all competitors in the action and Harper ultimately hitting a big clothesline on Jey for the pin.

Bo Dallas came out to the ring to have a moment of silence for two superstars unable to compete right now: Bad News Barrett and Daniel Bryan. He kneeled down in the ring with a spotlight on him for a while then got up smiling. He said he was the one who tried to inspire Daniel Bryan last night. They showed a clip of Bo interrupting Bryan during his interview on the MITB pre-show Sunday night with Bryan saying “Bo, Leave.” Nikki Bella’s theme song hit and she came to the ring for a match against both Cameron and Naomi.

Cameron and Naomi defeated Nikki Bella via pinfall. Cameron did a lot of trash talking and mocking Nikki during the match. Eventually, Naomi tagged herself in to win the match and show up her sister. Cameron got in the ring and pushed and shoved Naomi, who shoved her back. A fight almost started, but Cameron walked off.

Cole and the commentators talked about how Swagger hurt Barrett when he threw him into the barricade on Smackdown. Due to that, Barrett’s out for several months with a hurt shoulder, so the IC title is now vacant. There will be a battle royal at Battleground to decide the new champion. Paul Heyman showed up from backstage with Cesaro to say he’ll be the next IC title holder. That set up the next match with Cesaro against Kofi Kingston.

Kofi Kingston defeated Cesaro via pinfall. The match ended during a commercial break with Kofi winning. Post-match, Cesaro staged an attack on Kofi and kept on assaulting him. They showed a replay of Kofi’s win on the WWE App.

Damien Sandow came out to the ring dressed up as Mr. McMahon and mocking him. He said he was officially entering himself into the IC title battle royal at Battleground. Stephanie McMahon appeared on the big screen, angry that Sandow was making fun of her father. She put him in a match against Great Khali next.

Great Khali defeated Sandow via pinfall. A Khali Chop was all that was needed for Khali to get the pin within 6 seconds. 

A mysterious limo pulled up backstage but they didn’t show who was inside. Lawler talked up the person's accomplishments in a few words but didn't give it away.

After commercial break, The Miz was introduced and came out dressed as a Hollywood Superstar. He wore a scarf, sunglasses and white suit and talked about how he couldn’t leave the WWE Universe. He said they didn’t realize the A-List Talent he is, so he needs to show them, and he won’t stop until he headlines Wrestlemania again.

Chris Jericho’s pyro went off and out came Jericho for his WWE return. He got in the ring, upsetting Miz, who asked if he knows how important he is. Miz rattled off all his various accomplishments, but Jericho soon hit a Codebreaker on him to shut him up. Jericho got on the mic and gave his “Welcome, to Raw, is, Jericho!” line, but got cut off with the Wyatt sounder. The Wyatts appeared in the ring to surround him. Jericho tried to fight them off but couldn’t. Eventually, Bray hit Sister Abigail to leave Jericho on the mat.

Dolph Ziggler defeated Fandago via pinfall. They showed via WWE app that Summer Rae and Layla called for a truce. Fandango got control of things early on, and got a kiss from Layla on the apron. At one point, Summer Rae got into the ring and started to kiss Ziggler, distressing Fandango at the scene. Fandango asked “Summer, what are you doing?” The distraction allowed Ziggler to pounce on Fandango with the Zig Zag for the win. Post-match, Layla looked annoyed at both Summer and Fandango over what just happened.

Goldust & Stardust defeated Rybaxel via pinfall. Late in the match, Ryback tried for the Meathook Clothesline on Goldust but he ducked it and tagged Stardust. Stardust was able to avoid Axel’s strike attempt when he came in. He cleared Ryback then hit a swinging face plant to get the pin on Axel.

Paige came out to cut a promo how nobody believed she could hold her own as the divas champion, but she’s more than proven herself in the past three months. Suddenly, her promo was cut short when AJ Lee’s music hit. AJ came out on stage and skipped around the ring before getting in to talk to Paige. She told her she did what no other woman in almost a year could by defeating her. She said she gave her a slap of reality that she needed. AJ set up a challenge for the title, and Paige said she didn’t think anyone wanted to see her defend the title tonight, but the crowd insisted, so the ref called for the bell.

AJ Lee defeated Paige via pinfall to become new Divas champion. The match lasted just over a minute, with AJ able to score a quick rollup pinfall out of nowhere for the win. Paige was shocked at the result, as AJ pranced around with the title in hand, celebrating her win.

Triple H of The Authority came down to ringside to watch the main event tag team match as a preview of the Battleground Fatal Fourway match.

John Cena and Roman Reigns won due to disqualification against Randy Orton and Kane. Late in the match, Cena was ready to hit the AA on Kane, but Orton snuck in and hit the RKO on Cena. Reigns cleared Orton of there and then hit a Superman Punch on Kane. Orton and Reigns started fighting up the ramp to the back. Kane started to decimate Cena and threw him into the ring steps, then took the steps apart to smash Cena with. The ref called for the bell. 

Post-match, Kane hit a Tombstone Piledriver after a nearby Triple H told him “Finish him.” HHH smiled at the scene seeing Cena laid out in the ring. He and a medic checked on Cena post-match, with HHH waving towards the back. Rollins came out with the MITB briefcase in hand. He looked at Cena laying on the mat then handed the briefcase to the ref. However, the ref was too slow to start a match, and Dean Ambrose came running in, chasing Rollins away to fight him in the crowd. HHH still had the briefcase in hand.

Hunter yelled at the ref calling him an idiot, as Kane tried to find more weapons to destroy Cena with. Suddenly, Roman Reigns came in and hit a big spear to take down Kane right in front of HHH. The two had a stare down, but Triple H left the ring and continued to glare at Reigns. The Shield theme song kept playing as Reigns stared back at HHH before Raw went off the air.

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