Sunday, June 29, 2014

WWE Money in the Bank 2014 Results Recap

The WWE Money in the Bank 2014 results are official from Boston with a new champion crowned and a winner of the MITB briefcase keeping his eye on him. The Authority set their master plan in motion on Sunday night in an attempt to put all the odds in their favor, with Kane active in the scenario. In other matches, titles were also on the line for The Usos and Paige, with several other non-title matches filling up the card as well. Below is the recap of what went down, with full MITB results here.

Among the non-title matches were another Rusev vs. Big E clash, with Rusev once again victorious using his Accolade submission. Not much surprise there. Stardust and Goldust were also once again victorious, defeating the team of RybAxel. It came down to a late miscue where Axel hit Ryback, allowing Stardust to roll up the big man for the win. Summer Rae and Layla fought in a match right before the main event ladder match, with Layla victorious after hitting Summer in the face. Fandango was the special guest referee.

Both Paige and The Usos successfully defended their titles. Jimmy and Jey kicked off the pay-per-view against Rowan and Harper who seemed on the verge of claiming the titles. However, the double team prowess of The Usos led to back-to-back Superfly Splashes on Rowan for the win. In Paige’s match, Naomi put up a pretty dominant and impressive performance, but Paige ultimately countered a move with a face-first DDT to get the pin. While Cameron didn’t interfere, she seemed somewhat disinterested in the match, but still comforted Naomi afterwards.

The two ladder matches didn’t necessarily disappoint, but may have been a bit too predictable for some fans. In the first of these, the briefcase was up for grabs. Barrett was ineligible to compete due to a shoulder injury. Ambrose and Rollins kept fighting throughout it, with Ambrose hurting his shoulder and being taken backstage. He eventually re-emerged and grabbed Rollins off the ladder, to make what seemed like the winning climb. The Big Red Monster Kane came down and pulled Ambrose down, then chokeslammed him and hit a tombstone pilderiver on him. Rollins made the climb to get the case for the win.

The main event featured all eight competitors as scheduled. Cena seemed to be a non-factor most of the match with other competitors hitting their various trademark moves to take him out. Kane kept playing the role of enforcer and helper for Orton. At one point, Orton got accidentally hit on the top of his head with a ladder, busting him open. He was checked on by medical staff for some time at ringside but eventually got back into it. Still, it was clear he was bloodied up, as towards the end of the match his face was covered. Kane helped him to clear the ring again so Orton could climb, but a heroic John Cena was once again back to stop The Authority’s plan. He hit the AA on Kane first, then hit the AA on Orton to slam him on Kane. Cena made the climb and grabbed the two belts for the win.

This makes for Cena’s 15th championship reign now. There was no cash-in attempt after he won, with Cena simply posing from the corner to show the belts to The Authority who were annoyed at ringside. It may set up a future program between Cena and Brock Lesnar, probably for a Summerslam main event. However, with Rollins lurking with that briefcase, he may be ready to cash-in at any opportune moment.

If you watched the Money in the Bank 2014 pay-per-view, what was your favorite match? Also, what did you think of the latest results?

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