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Raw Results 10/20/14

Raw results from Kansas City, MO:

The show opened with The Authority as Triple H, Rollins and Orton arrived to the ring. HHH talked up the main event Street Fight with Orton, Rollins and Kane against Cena and Ambrose. He put over the Hell in a Cell matches for Sunday including Ambrose vs. Rollins and Cena vs. Orton. He said the winner of the second match gets a title shot against Brock Lesnar. Rollins talked about how he wants to be “Mr. Undisputed Future of WWE” from now on. He promised to end Ambrose’s future at HIAC. Orton took the mic from him and said he was going to end the rivalry that has gone on between he and Cena. He said he would then defeat Lesnar to make HHH proud of him. HHH said Rollins and Orton are just like The Authority, winners, and that is best for business.

Damien Mizdow, Goldust and Stardust defeated Sheamus & The Usos via pinfall. At one point a brawl involving everyone took place. Mizdow got dumped out of the ring by Sheamus. Late in this one, Stardust tried for the Disaster Kick on Sheamus but he ducked it and hit the Brogue Kick. Mizdow was still the legal man for the heels and managed to roll up Sheamus for the win. Post-match, Miz acted all excited as if he had won the match, with Mizdown imitating him.

Alicia Fox defeated AJ Lee via pinfall in a non-title matchup. Late in the contest, Paige and Alicia got in a bit of a shouting incident outside the ring and shoved one another. Paige rolled Alicia back into the ring and then tried to get in too but AJ kicked her away. Alicia stole a quick rollup pinfall due to the distraction. Post-match, Alicia and Paige let everyone know it was an act by taking a bow.

Orton went up to Rollins backstage to ask why he was in support of him earlier. Rollins said he’s a team player. Orton said he didn’t need him on his team, so Rollins let him know he supported Orton because that makes it easier for him to cash in the briefcase.

Randy Orton came out to cut an in-ring promo about how he was going to defeat Cena on Sunday and go on to defeat Lesnar. Cena came out to interrupt, saying Orton hasn’t been relevant since 2002 when the Royals had lost 100 games. He said now the Royals have their eyes on the prize in the World Series. Orton said there’s a difference between being in the series and winning it. Cena agreed saying Orton has no chance on Sunday. Cena said he plans to view Orton with Lesnar’s face on his on Sunday. He told Orton that at HIAC he is going to face the guy who runs the place.

Paul Heyman came out to interject, talking up his cline who was another member of the class of 2002. He talked about him being champion in 2002 and now in 2014. He said whoever won Cena vs. Orton becomes the ultimate loser since they have to face his client. He let Orton know he wants no part of his client. Cena started to leave, but Heyman told him he wasn’t done. He said Cena isn’t thinking right because if he wins Sunday it means facing Brock again. Heyman got right in Cena’s face, so Cena grabbed him and put him up for the AA. He hesitated and finally put Heyman back down on his feet.

Orton quickly spun Cena around and hit the RKO on him. Heyman laughed at Cena for that, but then Orton hit the RKO on Heyman too, before yelling “who’s the dumb— now?” at Cena.

Rusev defeated Big E via submission. After the match was in a progress, they returned after a commercial break. Rusev was able to kick Big E and then put The Accolade on him. Big E tapped out fast. Post-match, Lana was talking about how Show will fail at HIAC on the mic. Rusev said he’d rip Show’s heart out and devour it. He said Show is going to fail his country again. Rusev’s music started to play and they waited for the Russian flag to drop. Instead, Big Show appeared on the big screen and started to laugh. He pointed up and an American Flag dropped down with patriotic music playing. Rusev was about to rip the flag down, but a guy in military fatigues came in from the crowd, getting into the ring. A security guard managed to stop him in the ring, so Rusev got a sneak attack in and kicked him down. Security chased Rusev away and medics attended to the hurt soldier.

Big Show arrived out after commercial break. He appeared upset over what had just happened with the American soldier and Rusev. He said there are some lines you don’t cross and you don’t cross an American soldier like that. He told Rusev he’s trying to get in his head, well it’s a dark place to be. He vowed to destroy Rusev at HIAC. Show demanded Rusev to get out there now for a fight. Rusev didn’t show up so Show went backstage to look for him. He asked one guy where he was and was pointed to Rusev’s dressing room. Show kicked in the door but there was no sign of Rusev.

Ambrose was shown in a room backstage eating popcorn and watching “See No Evil 2.” John Cena came in to ask why he wasn’t taking things serious ahead of their match. Ambrose said he had a plan, and Cena walked out.

Dean Ambrose came to the ring with two bags. He talked about his upcoming HIAC match with Rollins, then pulled a mannequin out of a bag that was made to look like Rollins. He ripped one of its arms off, then pulled out a screwdriver and jabbed the mannequin in the face. He used some tongs on its crotch among other demonstrative actions before Rollins came out onto the stage along with Noble and Mercury flanking him. He laughed off Ambrose’s antics saying he could open for a comedian but could never beat him. 

Rollins tried to continue but Mick Foley’s music hit and he came out to the ring. He talked up how Hell in a Cell left him broken, bruised and battered. He said he tried to protect his last bits of innocence by wearing Santa Claus gear for over 300 days. He told Rollins and Ambrose they’d be scarred physically, but the emotional scars are worse. Ambrose said he doesn’t care about adding scars or losing teeth. He said if anyone understands that it’s Foley. Rollins said both Foley and Ambrose are crazy. Foley then yelled that his life had been broken into two parts, before and after the cell. He said neither Ambrose nor Rollins are ready.

Foley finished saying tomorrow night the people in Kansas City get the game they’ve waited 29 years for. He said on Sunday, Ambrose and Rollins get the match they’ve been waiting all their lives for. He told them to have a nice day and left. Ambrose went to attack Rollins, who fled the ring. Ambrose tossed the mannequin out at him.

Cesaro defeated Dolph Ziggler in a non-title match via pinfall. Towards the end, Cesaro went off the top rope for a move with Ziggler dropkicking him out of the air. Ziggler set up for a super kick but Cesaro caught his foot. He followed with a huge European uppercut for the win.

Backstage, Rollins and Orton were arguing over who was in charge during the street fight handicap match. HHH came in and told them since they were arguing, Kane would be in charge. Kane walked up and yelled at them to stop the arguing. He said they need to put their differences aside tonight to do what is best for business.

Kane, Randy Orton & Seth Rollins defeated John Cena & Dean Ambrose via pinfall in a handicap street match. For a good part of the first half of the match, Ambrose was getting beat up by the heels after trying to pick up a table to use outside the ring. Cena finally got a hot tag late, and went after Rollins hitting a Five Knuckle Shuffle. Cena went for the AA on Rollins through a table, but Rollins escaped and pushed the table over before shoving Cena into a chair in the corner of the ring.

On the outside, Kane and Orton beat up Ambrose using steel steps. They pulled Cena to the floor and tossed him over the announce table, then into the stairs. Back in the ring, they put the table in the corner and Kane whipped Cena into it. After tossing Ambrose out to the ramp, the cell started to lower. Ambrose was able to rush back in before the cell hit the floor. He got the hot tag from Cena.

Ambrose was able to take out Rollins and dump Kane out of the ring. He hit a clothesline on Orton, and then some kendo stick hits. Once everyone was on the floor, Ambrose dove onto Rollins into the cell. However, Orton was able to recover and grabbed Ambrose to roll back into the ring. He went for the RKO, but Cena broke it up. Kane chokeslammed Cena, but Ambrose hit a DDT on Kane. Orton shoved Ambrose to the ropes. Ambrose went for his clothesline move but Orton got him with the RKO instead.

Post-match, Rollins did a curb stomp on Orton. He yelled that he was in charge now and climbed to the top of the cell to celebrate the win.

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