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Raw Results 09/29/14

Raw results from Chicago, IL:

The opening segment had Triple H and Stephanie arrive to the ring to discuss Ambrose stealing Seth Rollins’ MITB briefcase. HHH said nobody disrespects the business like that. Paul Heyman’s voice came on to say “Ladies and gentlemen,” before he headed to the ring. He said he’s there to see if Seth Rollins or The Authority have a problem with his client Brock Lesnar, after what Rollins tried to do at NOC. Seth Rollins eventually arrived out and talked Heyman out of any issues, apologizing for what he did but saying it didn’t involve The Authority and he was being an opportunist. He also said he was trying to prevent Cena from becoming champion again, since nobody wants to see that. 

Dean Ambrose appeared on the big screen after Heyman left. He held up the briefcase and said if they want it they should come and get it. The Authority and Rollins started to leave to go backstage, when John Cena rushed out to his music. He attacked Rollins a bit, before Rollins escaped and joined The Authority on the ramp to back away.

Dolph Ziggler defeated The Miz and Cesaro via pinfall in a Triple Threat match to retain the Intercontinental Championship. Late in the match, Ziggler put a figure four on Miz, but Cesaro broke it up. Cesaro hit a big uppercut on Miz, then Ziggler super kicked Cesaro out of the ring. He followed with a pin on The Miz to win. Post-match, Miz was grabbing his knee after the figure four, so Damien Mizdow imitated him.

HHH and Stephanie ordered two of their personnel (Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury) to go find Dean Ambrose. They ended up going through the Rosebuds and Big E before coming up to Great Khali who said “Who’s Ambrose?” When they reported back to HHH saying they couldn’t find Ambrose, Stephanie mentioned the mustard she saw on one of their faces. HHH told them to find Ambrose or they’d be fired.  Damien Mizdow and The Miz showed up to complain to HHH about the Triple Threat match. HHH told Mizdow he’d have a match tonight against Sheamus and said if Miz ever barked orders at him again he’d find his straight to DVD career would go straight to the unemployment line.

Layla defeated Rosa Mendes via pinfall. Tyson Kidd and Natalya were ringside for Rosa while Summer Rae was there for Layla. Kidd seemed more focused on his cellphone during the match and not his wife or the ring action. At one point, Natalya got into a fight with Summer at ringside and Kidd continued to ignore. In the ring, Layla was able to throw Rosa into the second rope and hit a neck breaker for a pinfall win.

Ambrose came out to the ring with the MITB briefcase and also brought out a bag of WWE t-shirts from concessions. He said he forgot what he was charging so he just tossed them to fans in the crowd, and also gave away the bag. Eventually Noble and Mercury came to ringside with Ambrose joking the Cruiserweight division was there to get him. He wouldn’t hand over the briefcase, so Rollins showed up with security. Ambrose apologized on the mic and left the briefcase in the ring. Rollins eventually got it as Ambrose went into the crowd. As Rollins opened the briefcase he was sprayed with green slime. Ambrose pretended to apologize from in the crowd while the crowd chanted for him a bit.

Backstage, HHH informed Kane and Orton they’d take on Cena and Ambrose tonight. Meanwhile, the MITB briefcase was there and something started to vibrate inside it. Stephanie said “it’s not mine,” and then Rollins walked in to get the briefcase saying “It’s an electric razor.”

Mark Henry arrived out to the ring to apologize again for losing to Rusev. He said he knows the fans expect more from him. Bo Dallas’ music hit and he came out to interrupt. He told Henry he should apologize to himself, not the WWE Universe. He said maybe Henry should enter the Hall of Bolievers.

Bo Dallas defeated Mark Henry via pinfall. In the match, Henry was in control throughout most of it until he missed a second rope splash. Dallas hit the Bo Dog to get a clean pinfall win.

They had a backstage segment with Goldust and Stardust. Goldust told his brother they’d finally obtained the cosmic key and only it can determine their fate. He said everything else around them backstage is just science fiction. 

Brie Bella came to the ring for a match. Nikki’s music hit and she came onto the stage to remind Brie that this is the same arena where she had quit for Daniel Bryan months ago. Nikki she remembers having to wrestle a handicap match so now it’s payback time.

Brie Bella defeated Eva Marie and Cameron via pinfall. The match lasted just under three minutes. Brie managed to run the two divas into each other at one point and then scored a rollup pinfall on Cameron.

Heath Slater and Titus O'Neil defeated Los Matadores via pinfall. Hornswoggle, dressed as an alligator, came to the ring with Titus and Slater. Before the match, Titus went over to ringside where he hugged political activist Jesse Jackson. Adam Rose was on commentary with the Bunny and Rosebuds standing behind them. In the match, Hornswoggle got into the ring at one point with Torito chasing him off. Later in the match, Slater managed to trip up one of Los Matadores and then he scored the pin. Post-match, Titus threw Torito down so that Hornswoggle could do a Gator Roll on him. Rose and the Bunny got onto the apron. Titus charged towards Rose who yanked the top rope down. Los Matadores took down Slater to the mat and the Bunny hit a top rope splash onto him. The Bunny went to ringside to high five Jesse Jackson, who raised his arm up in victory.

Rusev and Lana came to the ring where Lana said Rusev showed dominance against Big Show on Smackdown, but he was a sore loser and punched Rusev. Big Show came out onto the stage to interrupt, saying they are an all out propaganda machine, twisting around the facts. He had the video clip shown of him KO punching Rusev down on the mat. Rusev eventually spoke saying, “Big Show I will break every bone in your body.” Show interrupted saying “We don’t speak Russian.” Show then polled the crowd to see if they wanted him to head to the ring and knock down a White Russian. He started on his way to the ring but Rusev rolled out the other side to retreat. Show grabbed the Russian flag hanging in the ring and yanked it down.

John Cena did an interview backstage where he talked about how he heard the fans chanting “his” name earlier. He clarified that he was talking about “Ambrose,” and tried to get the crowd to chant it again but they didn’t. He said he’s happy to be teaming up with him tonight. Ambrose showed up in the scene and Cena asked if he had something to add. Ambrose said “No, not really,” then said once they finish off Kane and Orton, Rollins is his. Cena said he wants to get his hands on Rollins. Ambrose told him “Nobody takes food off my plate, not even you.”

Alicia Fox defeated AJ Lee via pinfall in a non-title match. Paige was at ringside for Alicia. She distracted AJ at one point, which allowed Alicia to hit the scissors kick on her back for a pinfall. Post-match, Fox pulled out some Mountain Dew cans from under the ring. Paige hit the Rampaige on AJ and raised up the Divas title belt. Fox dropped the two soda cans next to AJ.

Sheamus defeated Damien Mizdow via pinfall. Miz was on commentary complaining how HHH badmouthed his movie career earlier. In the match, Sheamus at one point hit his 10 forearm bashes to Mizdow’s chest. Miz went to check on his stunt double and Sheamus grabbed Mizdow then sent him into Miz. In the ring, Sheamus hit a Brogue Kick to get the win.

They had a backstage segment where Kane and Randy Orton were venting to each other, saying they don’t care about the “stupid briefcase.” Kane brought up how he is getting stuck putting out the fires that Rollins starts. Stephanie entered the room and chastised them. She tried to suggest that the people have been saying they’ve gone soft lately and lack the killer instinct they once had.

John Cena & Dean Ambrose defeated Kane & Randy Orton due to disqualification when Seth Rollins interfered. At one point, Cena hot tagged Ambrose into the match and he beat up on Kane and Orton. He eventually hit Dirty Deeds on Orton and started to cover, but Rollins rushed in to break things up. Post-match, Rollins took some shots at Ambrose, who punched back. Rollins backed off. Ambrose then tried for a suicide dive out onto Kane, but Ambrose’s leg got tangled in the rope and he fell short. He got right up and started to brawl. Ambrose returned to the ring to go after Rollins, but Orton struck from behind. Cena cleared Orton out of the ring so he could start punching Rollins. Ambrose got back up and went over Cena to get some shots in on Rollins. Ambrose tossed Cena out of the ring. With Rollins down in the corner, Ambrose picked up the MITB briefcase and looked at him. Orton came up from behind on Ambrose and hit the RKO. Kane then chokeslammed Ambrose. Rollins instructed them to finish off Ambrose.

Kane and Orton held Ambrose in place on the MITB briefcase and Rollins hit the Curb Stomp onto his head into the case. Cena rushed into the ring to try to make a save but got hit by the RKO. Kane hit a chokeslam on him, and then Rollins Curb Stomped Cena’s head into the briefcase as well to close out RAW.

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