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Raw Results 12/08/14 - 2014 Slammy Awards

Raw results from Greenville, SC:

Jerry Lawler came to the Slammys podium on stage to introduce the Slammys host, Seth Green. Green came out to talk about how awards will be voted on WWE app tonight. He was interrupted by Miz and Mizdow. Miz tried to talk himself up as an A-lister. Green said Mizdow is the A-lister he sees. They moved on to announce the first Slammy voted on will be the This is Awesome Moment of the Year award.

Seth Rollins defeated Dolph Ziggler via pinfall. Mercury and Noble interfered towards the end, which helped Rollins get the win with a Curb Stomp.

Back on the stage, Seth Green announced Awesome Moment award goes to Sting for his appearance at the end of Survivor Series. Seth Rollins goes up the ramp and takes the Slammy saying he’s accepting the award since Sting doesn’t deserve it.

Kofi Kingston defeated Stardust via pinfall. The close saw Kingston make a comeback which finished with Trouble in Paradise and a splash from off the top rope. Post-match, Big E and Xavier celebrated in ring with Kofi, taunting Goldust and Stardust on the outside.

After voting, John Laurinaitis was on stage after commercial to announce Surprise Return of the Year Slammy. It went to The Ultimate Warrior in a posthumous win.

There was a brief discussion between Seth Rollins and Paul Heyman backstage. Rollins reminded him he’s going to defeat Cena at TLC to make him lose #1 contendership, and also reminded him that when he cashes in his briefcase, nobody will see it coming. Heyman said Rollins is the future but Cena is in his way. He told Rollins to make Cena a thing of the past at TLC.

Natalya defeated Charlotte via pinfall in a non-title match. This was the RAW debut of NXT Women’s Champion Charlotte. The close saw her hit an elbow drop for a 2 count. Natalya countered a move and went for a Sharpshooter which Charlotte countered into the Figure Four. Natalya countered into a rollup pinfall for the win. Post-match, Tyson got in the ring to pose on the corner and celebrate Natalya’s win.

Santino Marella announced Shocking Moment of the Year Slammy went to Brock Lesnar for ending Undertaker’s Wrestlemania streak. Paul Heyman accepted the award with a brief promo speech.

Bray Wyatt came out to cut a promo about Dean Ambrose and TLC PPV. He talked about the rocking chair Ambrose destroyed last week being “hers.” He continued to put over that he will win at TLC until sirens went off and an ambulance backed out into the arena. Dean Ambrose came out the doors with a neck brace on. He ripped off the brace then walked towards the ring with a ladder and a chair. He tossed a chair and the ladder in, with the ladder hitting Wyatt in the gut. Ambrose kept tossing different objects at Wyatt who eventually went towards the stage. Ambrose said the only way Wyatt leaves TLC is in an ambulance.

Diva of the Year Slammy was presented by Jerry Lawler. AJ Lee won the award and name dropped Charlotte, Bayley, Paige and Sasha Banks as potential candidates to win it next year. AJ said she’s not done being the queen just yet and plans to win back the Divas title.

Backstage, Cena was interviewed by Renee Young about his match against Show tonight and his match against Seth Rollins at TLC. He said Rollins isn’t man enough to beat him and can’t do it without Show’s help. He called Show, the Authority’s puppet. Cena said he’ll prove tonight that he’s not done stepping up.

Erick Rowan defeated Luke Harper due to disqualification in a non-title match. The two former Wyatt Family partners ended up fighting to the outside. Harper was disqualified when he used a ladder. Post-match, Rowan slammed Harper into the steps. He tossed Harper back into the ring and then threw the steel steps in. Rowan rammed Harper in the face with the steps, before Harper retreated outside. Rowan threw the steps out at him, barely missing.

Jimmy Uso and Naomi were hanging out backstage looking like they were happy. Naomi mentioned that The Miz’s agent talked with her and she will go out to Hollywood to see what can happen. Jimmy got upset after hearing that and said he’s going too since he doesn’t trust The Miz.

Adam Rose was with The Rosebuds on stage to present LOL Moment of the Year Slammy. It went to Damien Mizdow as The Miz’s stunt double. Miz and Mizdow came out to the stage with Mizdow speaking to accept the award. The Miz interrupted him taking credit for it and then walked off with the award.

Lana and Rusev came out to deliver another promo against America. Jack Swagger came out to interrupt, accusing Rusev of breaking Zeb Colter’s leg. He says he’s going to snap Rusev’s ankle. They brawled a bit with Rusev tossing Swagger into the crowd barrier. Swagger made a comeback and slammed Rusev into the barrier then put the Ankle Lock on him on the outside floor. Officials had to come out to break things up.

Ryback & The Usos defeated Kane, Damien Mizdow and The Miz via pinfall. The finish saw Miz in control of The Usos, but Ryback getting into the match and getting a pin on Miz for the win. Seth Green got in the ring post-match to celebrate with Ryback and The Usos.

Ricky The Dragon Steamboat announced Slammy for Match of the Year. It went to Team Cena vs. Team Authority at Survivor Series.

AJ Lee defeated Summer Rae via submission. AJ won the match in just over two minutes, using the Blak Widow submission hold to make Summer tap out.

Extreme Moment of the Year Slammy was awarded by Rob Van Dam to Jericho jumping off the steel cage onto Bray Wyatt, which led to him losing the match. Fandango’s music hit and he danced onto the stage with Rosa. He thanked Jericho for his WrestleMania match last year, then said you will never, ever forget the name of Fandango. He danced off stage with Rosa.

Renee Young interviewed Big Show backstage about if he’ll be able to focus on Cena tonight with the fact he has a stairs match with Rowan on Sunday. Show said the fans keep reminding him of the mistake he made at Survivor Series, so he’s going to take out his rage on Cena tonight and Rowan on Sunday. He said he would be a “very focused and very angry giant.”

Booker T presented the names for Superstar of the Year Slammy Award: Brock Lesnar, Daniel Bryan, Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, Bray Wyatt, John Cena and Seth Rollins. Raw took a commercial break before the winner was announced. After break, Reigns was announced as the winner. Reigns’ music hit and he walked out on stage to accept the big award from Booker. He said this is him stepping up, and he doesn’t care if it’s Cena, Brock, Rock, Hunter or Vince McMahon at the top of the stairs, he’s going to step over them to the top. Reigns raised the trophy up and walked backstage.

John Cena defeated Big Show due to disqualification. The close saw Cena hit the AA on Show after escaping a Chokeslam. He went for the pin, but Seth Rollins got in to attack Cena causing the DQ. Post-match, Rollins, Noble and Mercury kept on attacking Cena. Rollins got a ladder set up to prepare for a Curb Stomp on Cena. Dolph Ziggler’s music hit and he rushed out to shove Rollins off the ladder to the ropes. Cena recovered and helped Ziggler clear the heels out of the ring. Show got back in the ring and then KO’d Ziggler. Cena got KO’d next.

Erick Rowan rushed down to the ring and got attacked from behind by Luke Harper. Show helped Harper smash Rowan into ring steps on the outside floor. Show chokeslammed Rowan onto the steps, and then Ryback’s music hit. He rushed to ringside to fight with Show a bit, before going into the ring to clothesline Harper. Ryback was going to slam harper through a table, but Kane got in the ring and smashed a chair into Ryback’s gut. Kane bashed Ryback repeatedly with the chair.

Ziggler eventually got back up and took Show out, but then got thrown through a table by Harper. Cena got up and tried to hit an AA on Harper, but Rollins stopped it, then hit the Curb Stomp on Cena and brought him to the floor. Rollins got help from Mercury and Noble to Triple Powerbomb Cena through a table. The show concluded with Show, Harper, Rollins, Kane, Mercury and Noble all gloating in the ring as they had taken out the faces.

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