Saturday, January 6, 2007

New Year's Revolution - predictions

New Year's Revolution card:
WWE Champion John Cena vs. Umaga
DX vs. World Tag Team Champions Rated-RKO
Intercontinental Champion Jeff Hardy vs. Johnny Nitro (Steel Cage Match)
Women’s Champion Mickie James vs. Victoria
Kenny vs Ric Flair
Carlito vs Masters

First off, I think a few titles will change hands..

DX will defeat RKO - This is where the big story turn might come for WWE. We all saw the look on Orton's face during RAW a few weeks ago, when Edge said he was striving for the better title. Both Edge and Orton have egos which can only stay subdued so long..There just could be a new feud, and expect DX to be our new tag champs..If it doesn't play out like this, I can see Cryme Time maybe winning the titles with help from DX maybe during a RAW this year..

Victoria defeats Mickie James
- Victoria's been on a roll lately..she's defeated her list of RAW Divas, including last but not least, Mickie James. Expect her to further dominate here and become Women's champ yet again, one of the best in women's history. Unless for some strange reason, ringside announcer Lillian Garcia decides to interfere?

Kenny defeats Flair - He's done it twice now on RAW, but by using the ropes. It's a big PPV moment for Kenny but this may be the year he wins the IC title later on..Expecting another win for Kenny to push him here.

Jeff Hardy defeats Nitro - should be probably the best match on the card. Expect interference from Joey Mercury/Matt Hardy. Jeff Hardy's too extreme to lose this match, unless theres alot of interference. Cena may interfere but I doubt it. Hardy retains IC title.

Carlito def. Chris Masters - a feud that's been going on ever since masters slapped his masterlock hold on Torrie Wilson on RAW. Carlito's ready for revenge and with Torrie outside the ring she just might give Carlito that winning edge.

Cena defeats Umaga - Gotta go out on a limb here. Umaga's beat Jeff Hardy, sent Kane to Smackdown and hasn't lost a match yet. It's gonna take alot for Cena to retain, especially after his Monday Night Raw matchup with K-Fed. After what Umaga pulled to give K-Fed a cheap win over the Champ, you'd have to say the anger and rage in Cena will carry him to the victory over the monste, Umaga. It may be a DQ win, keeping both Cena's title and Umaga's "undefeated" streak in tact.

That's all for now..Happy New Years Revolution to all WWE Fans!

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