Friday, January 5, 2007

Smackdown Beat the Clock Sprint Week 1

Smackdown kicked off with Teddy Long, Smackdown GM in the ring. Long announced the Smackdown Sprint would consist of 2 weeks of cometition in a series of matches to get the best time possible. The winning time after 2 weeks allows that wrestler to face Batista at Royal Rumble. Batista came to the ring and told Long and the crowd he loves the idea, and wants to face the best...Long said wrestlers were drawn at random to face each other.

1st Match:
Kane defeats Chavo in 7:43

Back and forth match with Kane having to chase Chavo down several times outside the ring. Chavo did a splash off the top ropes onto Kane, but Kane was able to slap a chokehold on Chavo and got up to slam him down and score the pin.

2nd Match
Kendrick vs London - draw.
The two tag team champs knew each other's styles well and gave a great performance in this match. Back and forth
match between the two, had the clock expire at 0 with no winner. Ashley came down to the ring to re-unite the two tag team champs in the ring after a tough match.

Next up was a JBL in-ring interview of MVP, after he survived burns from the Inferno Match vs Kane. JBL once again addressed the crowd saying how sick it was for them to cheer a match like that and a guy getting his flesh burned. MVP came to the ring and thanked JBL for representing him while he couldn't. MVP said he was laying in a hospital bed watching Smackdown and realized he had to stop feeling sorry for himself. MVP asked Teddy Long if he knew what he did to MVP with setting up that match. MVP said if anything Long almost deprived all Smackdown fans of seeing their beloved MVP winning the championship. MVP said he is rehabbing so that if his name's called for the Beat the Clock challenge, he will be ready to go, to win and beat Batista at the Royal Rumble for the title.

3rd Match
King Booker defeats Gregory Helms 6:24

King Booker set a new time to beat of 6:24 by beating Gregory Helms, thanks to Queen Sharmell's outside interference. The Queen grabbed Helm's leg as he went agaisnt the ropes to do a move on Booker. Helms turned his attention to the Queen for just enough time for Booker to recover. Helms turned around and got kicked. Booker then picked Helms up and ran against the ropes using the scissor kick to knock Helms out cold. After the King and Queen left, the Boogeyman's music came on as the arena darkened. Boogeyman appeared in the ring behind Helms. Boogeyman picked up Helms and slammed him to the mat, then produced his bag of worms. Boogeyman ate a handful of worms then regurgitated them all over Helms.

A review of Batista's rise to become the World Champion was next, stemming from his time with D-Evolution to beating HHH at Wrestlemania to capture the title, to heading to Smackdown's roster and having to eventually vacate his title due to injury.

Next was a Diva match pitting Ashley vs Jillian. Earlier in the day, Jillian said she plans to break that pretty little nose on Ashley's face. However in the match, Ashley ended up getting the best of Jillian rolling her up for a surprise pinfall. Ashley wins with a 3 count!

4th Match
Jimmy Wang Yang vs Tatanka - Draw, time expired

In another Beat the Clock match, cowboy vs Indian. The two fought to a draw, as Jimmy Wang Yang landed a backflip off the ropes and started the pin too late as time expired. Tatanka attacked Yang after the match out of anger, with a continuous assault on the newcomer.

Kristal with an interview of Vickie Guerrero to discuss last weeks events where Chavo shoved Vickie down. Vickie said she is feeling emotionally distrought and can't focus or sleep due to all the problems shes facing. Vickie said she doesn't know who she has left to turn to, and sobbed away on Kristal's shoulder.

5th and Final Beat the Clock Sprint match
Mre Kennedy def Benoit 5:07

Mr. Kennedy vs Chris Benoit..Kennedy set the new time to beat, at least it looked that way at first. Kennedy removed the turnbuckle from the middle of the corner. As Benoit slapped the crossface crippler on Mr. Kennedy, Kennedy was able to grab the ropes and break the hold. Kennedy then got up and whipped Benoit into the corner. As Benoit fell back, Kennedy rolled him up for the pin, beating Booker's time by 1:24.

Teddy Long came out as the match ended to tell Mr Kennedy he wasn't the winner yet. Next week will have matches involving Matt Hardy, Finlay, The Undertaker and MVP. It looks like this contest will go down to the final match, most likely Finlay vs Undertaker...Will MVP fulfill his destiny and get the fastest time, then go on to win the title from Batista at the Rumble?? Stay tuned..

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