Friday, January 12, 2007

Smackdown Beat the Clock Sprint Week 2

Carrying over from last week's Smackdown, Mr. Kennedy had the leading time for the Smackdown Beat the Clock Sprint of 5:07.

The show kicked off with a recap of last week's matches and restating that Mr. Kennedy has the time to beat. Then the first match..

Match 1: Finlay vs Matt Hardy - draw
Mr Kennedy joined Michael Cole and JBL from the lockerroom saying he doesn't expect Matt Hardy, Undertaker, MVP or Finlay to be defeated in under 5 minutes. Matt Hardy started off quick taking it to Finlay and trying to get a pin. Unable to, Finlay countered and began working on Hardy with his rough style, using submission style holds and trying for pinfalls. Matt Hardy landed several "side-effect" moves on Finlay, but pinfalls were to no avail. As Matt Hardy threw Finlay down he climbed the ropes to do a high risk move. Just then, Little Bastard emerged onto the apron. Matt Hardy saw the leprechaun and went after him, as did the ref. Finlay then brought his shalalee into the ring and smashed it across Hardy's leg, bringing Matt Hardy down. Unable to get a pin afterwards, Finlay locked in a leg lock and attempted to get Matt Hardy to submit. As time wound down, Hardy resisted the urge to tap out and time finally expired. No winner here, but Finlay kept the hold locked on Matt Hardy. Joey Mercury emerged into the ring and began assaulting Matt Hardy, as Finlay kept the hold locked on. Mercury brought a chair into the ring and placed it over Matt Hardy's face. About to jump off the top ropes, WWE officials came down and intervened. Mr. Kennedy's time still stands as the best time in the Beat the Clock challenge.

Match 2 (non beat the clock) Tatanka defeats Jimmy Wang Yang - a revenge grudge match after Tatanka assaulted Jimmy Wang Yang following their beat the clock last week. At one point Tatanka hung Wang Yang up by his legs in the corner of the ring. Tatanka then started kicking Yang and ran into him in the corner. Wang Yang eventually was able to escape Tatanka and began a flurry of high flying moves. Yang attempted to fly off the top ropes, but Tatanka caught him, then slammed him down to the mat hard. 1-2-3 pin, Tatanka wins.

It was announced that later on, Kendrick and London would defend the titles vs Regal and Taylor. In addition, Benoit would have a rematch coming up against Mr. Kennedy after his cheap victory in the Beat the clock sprint last week.

Mr Kennedy defeats Chris Benoit (non beat the clock) - A rematch from last week's beat the clock contest in which Mr Kennedy removed part of the turnbuckle and whipped Benoit into it, to get a cheap victory. During the fight, it was noted that Mr Kennedy has defeated a host of former world champs..Batista, Rey Mysterio, Kane, Undertaker and Benoit.. As Benoit began taking it to Kennedy during the match, Chavo Guerrero appeared on the ramp. Chavo then took a seat at the commentary table with JBL and Michael Cole. Chavo said what's going on is not about Vickie lately, but about Chris Benoit disrespecting the Guerrero family by knocking Vickie down. Chavo said Chris Benoit picks and chooses the matches he defends his title in. At one point in the match Kennedy had Benoit on the top ropes. Kennedy climbed the ropes and superplexed Kennedy off the top rope. Kennedy attempted a pinfall but Benoit kicked out. Benoit was able to slap the Cross Face Crippler on, but Kennedy escaped and rolled out of the ring. The match continued and the commentators noted Benoit just never gives up, which was frustrating Kennedy. Benoit landed 3 German suplexes on Kennedy in a row. Benoit went to the top rope and landed a flying head butt on the fallen Kennedy. Benoit went for the count, but Kennedy kicked out. More back and forth fighting and pinfall attempts. After a missed Canton by Mr Kennedy, 4 More German suplexes by Benoit were landed on Kennedy. Benoit locked in a sharpshooter on Kennedy, but Chavo came to the ring apron. Benoit tossed Chavo into the ring and attempted to put a sharpshooter on him. Kennedy then snuck up from behind and grabbed Benoits tights, rolling him up for a cheap pin. Benoit then goes after Chavo and then chases him away.

A look back at Batista's climb back to Championship form was shown next. From Mark Henry injuring Batista in the steel cage, to Batista returning to extract revenge.
Batista returned to form when he defeated Booker in his final attempt at winning the WWE title.

Tag title match Kendrick & London with Ashley vs Regal & Taylor - After Regal and Taylor wore down London for a while, London finally managed to get off a tag to Kendrick. As Kendrick did in ring acrobatics and high flying moves on Taylor and London, London was notably missing from the ring. A double team by Regal and Taylor, Kendrick got pinned by Regal with Regal pulling the tights. London emerged into the ring and prevented the 3 count. Kendrick managed to roll up Regal for a 3 count. The tag team champs retain their titles and continue a long, great title reign.

Next match, MVP vs Vito, Beat the Clock Spring match - MVP came to the ring bandaged up and walking gingerly. His surprise opponent, Vito came down the ramp in flowered dress. 5:07 on the clock as the match started. Vito used the strategy of attacking the injured/burned back of MVP. MVP took it to Vito with many vicious punches and hand chops. As the clock got down under a minute, MVP threw Vito to the corner ropes and then followed with a running boot to Vito's face. MVP went for several pinfalls under 30 seconds but was unable to get anything before time expired. MVP attacked Vito after the match, but Vito was able to reverse toss MVP into the steel steps, causing MVP to hit his back. Mr. Kennedy's 5:07 time stands.

Kristal had a brief backstage interview with Batista. She asked his thoughts on facing either Mr. Kennedy or Undertaker. Batista said Kennedy seems to run his mout alot, but since he's entered the WWE/Smackdown he's beaten several former champions. Batista said facing the Undertaker would be a first.

In the final Beat the Clock Sprint match, Undertaker entered to smoke and the eerie sounds of the bell tolling with his music. And the surprise opponent, the Miz..who walked down the ramp with a horrified look on his face. Miz began the match simply trying to dodge the Undertaker who chased him around the ring like a cat chasing a mouse. Undertaker finally caught up with Miz and began an assault on him. As the assault continued, Mr Kennedy ran down the ramp and distracted Undertaker before he could land a chokeslam on Miz. Mr Kennedy then backed away up the ramp as Miz tried to attack Taker from behind. Several punches later, Taker was still standing and dropped Miz. As the clock rolled down from 1:30, Mr Kennedy stood on the ramp watching the match. Under a minute, Undertaker inadvertently knocked the ref out as he was trying to slam Miz down. Undertaker landed a chokeslam, but the ref was out and couldn't count the pinfall. Mr Kennedy rolled Miz out of the ring as Taker tried to wake the ref. Undertaker left the ring and retrieved Miz as the clock ticked down from 20 seconds. As Undertaker got a Tombstone Piledriver off on Miz, he went for the cover but was 1 second too late. Time expired, Mr. Kennedy celebrates on the ramp, yelling how he will be at the Royal Rumble vs Batista.


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