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Raw Recap 1.15.07 - Possible spoilers!

RAW opened with John Cena coming down to the ring to the roar of the fans. Coach was in ring and introduced John Cena as WWE champion, with a table in the middle of the ring. Coach said this will be the last time he introduces John Cena as champion, because he would be signing to a Royal Rumble match vs the #1 contender...Umaga. Umaga and his manager Armando Estrada came down to the ring and stared Cena down. Coach announced that at Royal Rumble, the match would be chosen by Armando Estrada. Armando took the mic and said this match would be "fluke-free", as it would be a "Last Man Standing Match". Armando signed on the papers for his wrestler, Umaga, and John Cena then signed as well. Cena with mic in hand said he's crazy enough to sign into a match with a monster, and he's also "full of surprises". After that, Cena dropped the mic, then tackled Umaga. Cena fought Umaga outside the ring and threw him into the steel steps, then smashed the steps on Umaga's head. Cena then chased Estrada down outside the ring and caught him, tossing the scared manager into the ring. Cena then delivered a F-U to Estrada right through the very table the contract was just signed on!

Johnny Nitro/Melina vs Jeff Hardy/Maria in a mixed tag match. Maria entered with Jeff Hardy and the two boogied to Hardy's music on the ramp. During the match Melina really took it to Maria, assaulting her against the ropes and in various submission holds. At one point Melina got flipped by Maria, but Melina managed to escape and tag Nitro. Nitro entered the ring with Maria and then proceeded to knock Jeff Hardy out of position for a tag. Nitro stalked down Maria in the ring with a grin on his face. Maria then stomped on Nitro's foot and rolled away as Hardy entered to take it to Nitro. A swanton bomb attempt was almost stopped as Melina grabbed Jeff Hardy's leg, but Maria pushed Melina away. Nitro and Hardy battled on the top rope until Hardy suplexed Nitro down face first. Hardy landed the Swanton for the victory!

A vignette was shown with McMahon and Coach in office. Coach was trying to explain the brawl that occurred out in the arena between Cena and Umaga. Vince was on a cell phone and then asked for Donald Trump. Vince told the secretary it was a matter of urgency for Trump to call back.

Rated RKO entered the arena and stood at top of the ramp. All of a sudden the DX theme music started to play, but then abruptly ended with a flatline sound. Orton grabbed the mic and explained how tonight they would take out DX for good, after they take out Shawn Michaels in tonight's 2 on 1 match. Orton explained that HHH is physically unable to help Shawn tonight, and that HHH got off easy compared to what is going to happen to HBK tonight. Orton said he needed to go check on something backstage and left the ramp, as Edge continued talking about the demise of DX. Edge said he needed to go check if Randy was ok backstage. Edge and Orton returned dragging Hacksaw Jim Duggan who was bleeding from his mouth to his neck. RKO said Hacksaw was around for HBK's original TV debut. RKO then proceeded to make an example of Hacksaw by pounding him over the head with chairs on the ramp.

Kenny Dykstra vs Ric Flair - Another rematch between these two, went back and forth. Eventually Flair proved again why he is the "dirtiest player in the game" when he was able to first attempt a roll up pin and grabbing Dykstra's tights. A failed pin, but Flair rolled up Dykstra near the ropes and used the ropes to make the pin without the ref seeing. Flair wins by pinfall.

Shawn Michaels interview backstage. Michaels said he was sorry for what happened to Hacksaw at the hands of RKO, but that he would go at RKO alone tonight, because HHH is unable to assist him. Ric Flair then entered wearing a DX shirt and told Shawn he has his back tonight, and nobody's taking anything away from him. Michaels and Flair shook hands and left.

Vince McMahon read a letter to Coach he received from Donald Trump. In the letter, Trump told McMahon that last week's RAW skit involving Trump vs Rosey was poorly produced and not at the usual level of WWE entertainment. Trump said he would be watching RAW this week and hoping it is up to standards. Vince exited the office and entered the arena. Vince walked to the ring, theme music playing.

A replay was shown of Rosey vs Donald match from last week, where Trump emerged victorious. McMahon then began mentioning the Miss Usa situation that Trump was involved in. Vince said he would show Trump how to deal with Miss Usa. Music began playing and Miss USA (Torrie Wilson in costume) came down to the ring. McMahon told Torrie she had been very bad and would have to make up for it. Just then Carlito's music came on and he came down to intervene in the ring. Carlito told Mr McMahon he's not cool and that last week's skit sucked. Carlito said people dont want to see McMahon speak or skits, they want to see a fight. McMahon began taking off his jacket and said Carlito can fight. McMahon introduced the Great Khali and said Carlito can have a fight with him. Khali came to the ring and dismantled Carlito for a victory. McMahon entered the ring after with the mic and said "now that's cool".

Mickie James vs Victoria in a Women's Title match. The two divas battled back and forth with vengeance, landing several moves on one another. Victoria threw Mickie out of the ring at one point, then drop kicked a standing Mickie through the ropes. Victoria executed several nice moves on Mickie, but missed one punch allowing Mickie to land a swift kick to Victoria's head. Victoria knocked out was pinned 1-2-3 and Mickie retains the women's title.

Chris Masters in ring announced that nobody has officially broken the Masterlock to this date. Masters held a signed letter in hand and announced that Mr McMahon had signed the letter saying that due to outside interference the Masterlock challenge is still intact. Masters called out any superstar to come out and break the hold. Ron Simmons responded to the challenge. Due to outside interference in the match, Simmons was able to break the hold, but the Masterlock challenge stays in tact.

Ric Flair was seen unconscious backstage being attended to by WWE officials. Shawn Michaels rushed in as it was announced Flair would need to be taken to a medical facility to get checked out.

JTG of Cryme Time vs Shelton Benjamin - The two tag teams arrived to ring for the singles competition. Charlie Haas and Chad looked on as the match continued. At one point, Chad undid the corner turnbuckle pad. Charlie Haas rushed over to put the pad back on, and the ref turned his attention to Haas. Chad ran around to other side of the ring and helped knock Benjamin down for JTG to capitalize and get the 3 count.

An update on Flair, he was taken by ambulance to a nearby medical facility. Michaels rushed in to talk Todd Grisham and said he was ready to beat the odds in the match vs RKO.

A review of HHH's injury as well as behind the scenes of the surgery. HHH said he knows what it takes and wants to come back on top as The Game.

RKO vs Shawn Michaels in a 2 on 1 handicap match. Edge with mic in hand and began mocking DX...asking "Are youuuuu readyyyy??" Orton told the crowd to throw DX signs up for everyone to see. Orton then yelled for security by order of Mr. McMahon to grab all the DX signs from the crowd and bring them to the ring. Security guards grabbed several fan DX signs and brought them to the ring. Michaels entered on the ramp to the DX theme music and cheering fans. Michaels ran to the ring and began the assault. HBK cleared house throwing Edge out of the ring and began working on Orton. For a while HBK took it to Orton and Edge, until Edge countered with a foot to the face. Michaels managed to escape several attacks by Orton and Edge. HBK at one point landed out of the ring and Edge clotheslined him to the ground. With Michaels in the ring, Orton distracted the ref while Edge began pounding HBK in the corner of the ring until blood was drawn. Michaels showed resiliency as he battled off attacks by Edge and Orton. Blood dripping off HBK's face he began chopping Edge several times. The 2 fell to the mat and HK flipped back up to continue the attack on Edge. HBK looked woozy as he kept taking it to Edge. At one point Michaels climbed the top ropes to jump down to land an elbow on Edge. Michaels was too out of it to go for the pin. When both wrestlers were back up, HBK prepared for Sweet Chin Music. As he went for the kick on Edge, Orton entered the ring to intervene. HBK jumped on Orton to attack. Edge then landed a spear on Michaels from the corner. With Michaels laying in the middle of the ring, Edge brought in 2 chairs. As Edge went to slam the chair down across HBK's head, Michaels managed to kick Edge from the ground. Orton entered the ring, and Michaels dropped him onto a chair laying in the ring. Michaels blood all over his face rolled out of the ring and went to retrieve the sledgehammer from under the ring. HBK entered the ring, sledgehammer in hand and delivered a shot to the ribs of both Orton and Edge. Michaels then grabbed Orton and layed his head upon one of the chairs in the ring. After scaring Edge out of the ring, Michaels smashed the chair across the skull of Orton. Michaels wins with the DQ, extracting revenge and a tribute to his partner HHH!

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