Thursday, June 21, 2007

Mickie James: Richmond's Finest

WWE Diva Mickie James made the return to her hometown of Richmond, VA for this past week's Monday Night Raw., a local Richmond VA newspaper recently interviewed James and discussed how she grew up in Hanover County and is a lover or horses. James made the jump from "state fairs to the wrestling ring".


"How does a girl with a love of horses go from Patrick Henry High to the pinnacle of professional wrestling?

I was always a huge fan; I watched it with my dad growing up. . . . [After high school] I was looking to get into boxing or karate, just to do something on the side to stay in shape.

I was working at a bar, and a friend knew that I would watch wrestling religiously. He suggested I go to this wrestling school up in the D.C. area. I had no idea there were wrestling schools out there. I went up and checked it out and started that night."

Read the full article and interview with Mickie James, WWE Diva, here.

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