Monday, July 2, 2007

Will Triple H Save Smackdown?

Many people agreed that Smackdown was hurt in the recent WWE Draft. It lost several of its bright stars of the time including King Booker, Mr. Kennedy and the tag duo of Kendrick & London. With Undertaker injured, and now Batista unable to compete for Edge's title, the competition almost seems weak in each of the title divisions. Deuce & Domino defended their tag titles at Vengeance versus a makeshift tag team of legendary stars Jimmy Snuka and Seargeant Slaughter. MVP defended his title versus Flair, who is always a legend but is also aged. That leaves few names to compete, I'd put Flair, Hardy and Kane as those in the hunt for the US title or Heavyweight title, but the Cruiserweight and Tag division is weak. The diva division is not as important, but something needs to be done to save the Smackdown brand before it falls off.

Enter Triple H. While I respect him and feel that Matt Hardy is definitely on the rise, it appears Triple H will be taking on Edge at Summerslam. If this build a new feud and puts HHH on the Smackdown roster, I'm all for it. As much as I'd love to see HHH vs John Cena, I think putting Hunter in Smackdown for now is a brilliant move. He has the ability to take down Edge and re-capture that title. If Rey Mysterio returns as well, that further solidifies Smackdown as a good show again. Rey would be a definite top competitor for Chavo's title right now. This only leaves the tag division. I haven't seen the Major Brothers in action yet, and there's a new "hillbilly" style tag team who is soon to debut. Maybe they will also breathe new life into the brand. For now I welcome the return of the Game..

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