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ECW Recap 08.14.07

ECW recap from Uncasville, CT:

Highlights of Mr. McMahon shown discussing his illegitimate child situation and his daughter Stephanie informing him it's one of the WWE superstars.

Coach standing in the ring with a table when the show started. Coach said he was here tonight to continue the investigation into who Vince's child is. Coach said one piece of business needs to be handled first. Coach introduced the brand new General Manager of ECW, Armando Estrada. Estrada came down to the ring wearing all white with cigars in the pocket. Estrada thanked Coach and Vince McMahon. Estrada told the crowd could refer to him as the new GM of ECW or the Hardcore Dictator. Estrada then conducted his first ever championship contract signing, with CM Punk and John Morrison coming down to the ring.

Morrison picked a mic up off the table and told Punk that where he's seated is as close as he's ever gonna get to "earthly paradise". Morrison signed the contract then tossed it to Punk telling him to think about it before he signed it. Morrison then told Punk he didn't even last 15 minutes in the ring with him last week. Punk picked up the mic and said that's only because he beat Morrison before the time expired, so he earned the title shot. Morrison and Punk stood up and began to get in each other's face, with Punk saying he'd be wearing the ECW title after Summerslam. Punk signed the contract as the two started to get in each other's face. Estrada then told Morrison he would face Boogeyman tonight and Punk would fight next against Big Daddy V.

CM Punk vs. Big Daddy V

V came down to the ring with manager/pitch man, Matt Striker. As the match started, V shoved Punk back down into into the corner. Punk tried to recover and grab V from behind, but V rammed him back into the corner, then began to punch, headbutt and chop at Punk. V picked up Punk and threw him to the mat on his back, then picked him up again and pressed him up above. V let Punk drop to the mat hard then stood him up again for more punishment n the ring. V knocked Punk down off the ropes causing Punk to roll out of the ring. As Punk got back up on the apron, Big Daddy V ran over and smashed into him sending Punk flying into the announce table. Punk layed outside the ring, holding his side in pain as the ref continued the count. Punk tried to crawl and stretch his way to get back to the ring but was counted out before he could. A ref ran over to attend to Punk who was still holding his side on the outside of the ring.

Winner: Big Daddy V wins due to countout of CM Punk.

Highlight reel shown of the Boogeyman in anticipation of his match tonight with John Morrison.

Ad shown for Saturday Night's Main Event, saying legendary boxer Evander Holyfield will be a substitute for MVP in the boxing match against Matt Hardy. SNME will air Saturday at 11:30PM EST on NBC.

Tommy Dreamer walked up to new ECW GM, Armando Estrada and said he wants first shot at whoever wins the ECW title Summerslam match. Estrada told Dreamer to prove to him he's not lazy. Estrada said Dreamer had 60 seconds to get out to the ring to prove he's not. Dreamer began to make his way from backstage, as various ECW wrestlers came up to him and he shrugged them off. Dreamer passed by Extreme Expose showing Miz dance moves, then pushed Coach aside when he came up to him. Dreamer ran into a food cart by accident, hurting his leg. Dreamer continued to limp his way to the ring. When Dreamer got into the ring with 20 seconds left, Big Daddy V was still standing there from the previous match. The ref rang the bell for another Big Daddy V match.

Tommy Dreamer vs. Big Daddy V

Dreamer got one attempt in early as he ran at V, but V grabbed him and slammed him back to the mat. V then proceeded to brutally assault Dreamer, dominating him with splashes off the ropes and more slams. Big Daddy V scored the pinfall victory and stood over Dreamer after the win.

Winner: Big Daddy V wins via pinfall over Tommy Dreamer.

Highlights replayed from the Miz vs Balls Mahoney match last week, where Kelly Kelly was ringside and went over to check on Balls when he got knocked out of the ring. Kelly Kelly then shown preparing herself in the mirror backstage when Balls Mahoney came walking up. Balls started to suggest they could maybe get dinner at a nice restaurant at the casino. Just then, Miz came walking up with Brooke and Layla arm in arm with him. Miz started to joke about Balls having a crush on Kelly Kelly after last week and said that Kelly isn't attracted to guys like him. Miz told Kelly they had to go and they left Balls standing there. Kelly Kelly turned back and looked in Balls' direction for a moment after, then left.

Stevie Richards vs. Kevin Thorn

Richards jumped on Thorn early knocking him to the mat to start punching away. After both men got up Thorn pulled Richards into a hard clothesline. Thorn tossed Richards from ring corner to corner, knocking him down. Thorn started to kick away at Richards. Richards tried to get up briefly, but Thorn knocked him down again, then picked him up and slammed him. Thorn sat Richards up on the mat, then ran off the ropes to clothesline him. Thorn kept a headlock applied to Richards, keeping him down on the mat. Thorn continued to dominate Richards holding his 1 arm, and repeatedly clotheslining him down. Thorn tried for a pinfall after another hard clothesline, but Richards kicked out. Styles said Richards may barely be conscious.

Thorn tossed Richards to the ropes again, and this time Richards was able to gain momentum. Richards grabbed Thorn off the ropes and slammed him down on both Richards' knees. Stevie then tried for several pins. After battling more, Thorn picked up Richards on his shoulders and slammed him down hard to the mat to get a pinfall win. Thorn started to kick away at Richards after the bell. The ref warned Thorn to stop, but Thorn picked up Richards and did his Crucifix finisher, slamming Richards down again. The ref slid out of the ring and told the ring announcer to award the match to Richards. An enraged Thorn went at the ref who warned him to back off as more officials came down to check on Richards.

Winner: Stevie Richards wins due to ref reversing decision after Kevin Thorn refused to stop attacking after the bell

Summerslam ad shown with the Batista vs Great Khali match highlighted.

Coach shown backstage interviewing Elijah Burke to see if maybe he is Vince's son. Burke said he's been told he has Vince's smile. Tazz and Styles said Vince's child could be anyone really. They then ran down the list of matches scheduled for Summerslam, ending with the John Morrison title defense versus CM Punk. Highlights then shown of the history of their feud with Punk winning last week's "15 Minutes of Fame" match to get a title shot at Summerslam.

A second ad for Saturday Night's Main event shown featuring Evander Holyfield as MVP's replacement for the boxing match against Matt Hardy.

Boogeyman vs. John Morrison

Morrison stood in the ring, posing with his championship belt as Boogeyman was introduced next. Boogeyman crawled out of the entrance wearing a black wig. Boogeyman stood up with a mouthful of worms and smashed a clock over his head.

Boogeyman took control early slamming Punk down and tossing him to the corner for a splash. Boogey tried for a pin then threw Morrison to the ropes. Boogey ran at Morrison who dropkicked him off the ropes. Boogey got back up and then climbed the corner ropes for a move. Morrison came over and did a spinning kick on Boogey's head, causing Boogeyman to fall from the corner to the apron and then down outside the ring. Boogey finally got back into the ring where Morrison started to beat him up more and put him in a hold.

The crowd got behind Boogeyman who finally regained momentum. Boogeyman clotheslined Morrison down hard then had a failed pin attempt. Morrison was able to escape and knock Boogeyman down again. Morrison then climbed the ropes to do a flip off the turnbuckle, but Boogeyman avoided the move, causing Morrison to land and hurt himself. The 2 continued to battle with Morrison landing a kick to Boogeyman's head off the ropes. Morrison tried for 2 pin attempts to no avail. Morrison tried to pull Boogeyman to the center of ring for a pin but Boggeyman held the bottom ropes. Morrison shoved the ref at one point due to the ref warnings. The ref immediately rang the bell and gave Boogeyman the match due to DQ.

After the win, Boogeyman stood behind Morrison who was yelling at the ref. Boogeyman grabbed Morrison and slammed him down hard in the center of the ring. Boogeyman then went over and got his bag of worms and went to Morrison. Morrison scrambled to roll out of the ring and grab his ECW title so he could back away up the ramp.

Winner: Boogeyman wins due to disqualification on John Morrison.

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