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ECW Recap 08.21.07

ECW recap from University of South Carolina:

ECW opened with Armando Estrada in the ring with all sorts of weapons and objects including trash cans and shopping carts. Estrada told the crowd the opening match would be fought under "extreme rules". Estrada introduced Big Daddy V, the most dominating force in ECW history. V came down to the ring with Matt Striker. Estrada then introduced Big Daddy's V opponent, ECW original, Tommy Dreamer.

Tommy Dreamer vs. Big Daddy V (Extreme Rules)

V knocked Dreamer down to the mat early. Dreamer grabbed kendo stick or cane and started to whack away at V. V grabbed the stick, throwing Dreamer back. V then snapped the stick, grabbed a chair and smacked Dreamer with it. V set up a shopping cart in the corner of the ring and then threw Dreamer into it, head first. V then tried to splash Dreamer in the corner, but Dreamer moved causing V to run into the shopping cart. Dreamer went out to grab a table from under the ring, and shoved it under the ropes. Matt Striker distracted Dreamer and then V came out to knock him down.

Back in0 the ring, V set up the table as Dreamer started to get up. Dreamer stood up with a trash can and smashed it on V's head a few times. V stayed standing up. As Dreamer came off the ropes at V, Big Daddy V picked up Dreamer on his shoulders and slammed him backwards through the table. Big Daddy V then picked up a pin victory on Dreamer on the broken table.

Winner: Big Daddy V wins via pinfall over Tommy Dreamer.

Vince McMahon and Coach shown walking backstage. Joey Styles said things are about to get interesting.

CM Punk highlight footage was shown where Punk discussed how he is a straight edge wrestler who is only addicted to wrestling and competition, Joey Styles said the main event will be Boogeyman and Punk vs Morrison and The Miz.

Vince and Coach shown backstage discussing who Vince's WWE son might be. Coach brought up 1 time Vince told him about back in New York in the 70's. Coach then called in Vince's next possible son, Balls Mahoney. Balls made a joke at the angry Vince by making Vince say "I don't have Balls as a son!" Balls Mahoney started snickering as he exited the office.

Balls Mahoney vs, Elijah Burke

Balls tossed Burke to the ropes then knocked him down with a shoulder. Burke able to bounce back and grabbed Balls' arm to hold it behind his back. Burke taunted Balls who then did an armbar takedown as Burke came off the ropes. Burke grabbed Balls' hair and yanked him down to the mat. Burke started kicking Mahoney in the gut and continued to work on his arm/shoulder. Burke able to escape a series of punches by Mahoney, and then tossed him shoulder first to the ring post. Burke ran at the corner then jumped off the corner rope to do a elbow drop onto Mahoney. Burke continued to dominate with Balls down in the center of the ring.

Burke sat down on the mat and started to stretch the injured arm/shoulder of Mahoney. Burke then missed an elbow drop off the ropes, as did Mahoney. Burke with a hard clothesline to knock Mahoney down. Balls able to land a series of punches as the crowd chanted the name "Balls" at each one. Balls then wound up and hit Burke with an uppercut. Mahoney went to the corner where Burke ran at him. Mahoney avoided the running Burke, then was able to roll up Burke for a victory.

Winner: Balls Mahoney wins via pinfall over Elijah Burke.

John Morrison highlights shown discussing how he lives in the "Palace of Wisdom". Morrison said Punk is a footnote to an average reality and nobody will remember Punk's name.


Balls Mahoney walking backstage and walked near The Miz who was with ECW's Extreme Expose girls. Miz joked about Balls being "Balls McMahon" and said thats the only way Balls could attract a girl like Kelly Kelly. Kelly tried to argue about it with Miz, but Miz told Balls they all had to go for their main event match tonight. Kelly waved and winked at Balls Mahoney as she walked off.

Kevin Thorn was backstage and Joey Styles asked about Stevie Richards recently beating him and "having his number". Just then, Richards burst into the area and rushed Thorn. The 2 men started grappling as several refs/WWE staff came in to break it up.

Vince and Coach shown sitting on a couch in a backstage office. Coach told Vince he has 1 more possible candidate who might be Vince's son. Coach then brought in CM Punk. Vince told Coach there's no way this guy could be his son because he's straight edge and doesn't drink, smoke, etc. Punk told Vince he also "doesn't have unprotected sex with dirty skanks, causing him to get kicked out of his home." Punk left laughing as Coach held an angry Vince back.

CM Punk & Boogeyman vs. The Miz & John Morrison

Miz came down to the ring escorted by the Extreme Expose divas. Miz pushed Punk to start the match, but Punk quickly beat up Miz then tagged in Boogeyman. Boogeyman came in with a handful of worms and chased Miz outside the ring. Boogeyman went near Extreme Expose and threw worms at them causing them to run off. Miz tried to standby and defend them as ECW went to commercial.

Back from break, Morrison threw Punk to the ropes, but Punk able to do a back kick knocking Morrison down. Boogeyman got into the ring and spit worms into Morrison.s face. Boogeyman went at Morrison in the corner, but Morrison did a flip kick and kicked Boogeyman in the head. Boogeyman was able to recover and flipped Morrison in the corner. Morrison was able to quickly tag in Miz to face Boogeyman. Boogeyman grabbed Miz's leg and Punk made a tag in. Punk then with a spin kick to Miz' head knocking him down. Miz and Punk battled in ring with Punk climbing the corner ropes. With the ref distracted, Morrison ran over on the apron and knocked Punk off to the outside floor. Punk eventually recovered to get back into the ring and fight Morrison.

Morrison tagged in Miz who ran off the ropes to clothesline down Punk. Miz then kicked at Punk on the mat and tried for a pin. Miz continued to attack Punk and catapulted him face first into Morrison's elbow. Morrison and Miz continued to tag each other back in to isolate and work on Punk. Morrison sat Punk up on the corner ropes, where Punk did a sunset flip to finally escape. Punk then crawled over to try to tag Boogeymanm but Miz ran in and knocked Boogeyman off the apron. Punk battled with Miz and knocked Morrison off the side apron. Morrison then went after Boogeyman on the outside, throwing Boogeyman into the steel steps. Punk finally got Miz up on his shoulders but didn't notice John Morrison make a tag by slapping Miz' back. Punk landed the GTS on the Miz, but then Morrison able to hit Punk with a spinning kick and his finisher for the win.

Winners: John Morrison and The Miz win via pinfall over CM Punk & Boogeyman.

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