Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Vince, It's a Boy!

Last night's Raw presented us with several new revelations. Fans were given two new Summerslam matches with a Triple threat IC title match (Kennedy vs. Carlito vs. Umaga) and a Divas Battle Royal (for the #1 Women's contender spot). Along with the 2 new title matches, we also discovered that Mr. McMahon has narroed down his ilegitimate child search. Last night, Vince announced to everyone that his offspring was a male WWE superstar, removing speculation that it was any of the Divas on the 3 rosters.

Last night's RAW show seemed to be heading in a direction where Snitsky was McMahon's son. The main event match came from nowhere after Vince confronted Cena in the ring. Vince also seemed to be in Randy Orton's corner endorsing the contender for Cena's title.

After last night's show it looks like 1 of the following 3 is Vince's son:

1) Mr. Kennedy - This has been a strong rumor around various wrestling news sites. Mr. Kennedy in fact received his "Kennedy" name from Vince's middle name, which would make perfect sense for the father-son relationship.

2) Snitsky - It seemed to be heading in this direction on last night's show. Where Snitsky called Vince "Dad" before going out to dismantle Cena. It could still be a strong possibility.

3) Randy Orton -
Quite possible we see this unfold at Summerslam. Randy Orton was adopted and in fact is Vince's son. Vince becomes involved in the title match, helping his newly discovered son to defeat John Cena for the WWE title.

It appears the revelation of who Vince's child is will be made at Summerslam. Pay Per Views are usually a good venue to shock the world. Summerslam airs this Sunday at 8PM on Pay Per View cable networks.

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