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Summerslam Show & Fan Picks!

I want to give a shout out to a Myspace WWE Fanatic, Ken, who's one of the hosts of the radio show called "The Loud Idiots". The show discusses WWE wrestling news stories as well as all sorts of pop culture topics (from comic books to sci-fi). Ken will be part of a radio show called Non-Productive on Wednesday night (9PM EST) which will include discussion of the Vince McMahon illegitimate child story and Summerslam. Be sure to tune in to the show on Wednesday at 9PM EST at

Fans Speak: WWE Summerslam

And now the fans speak from Myspace. Various comments & Summerslam predictions collected from the WWE Fanatics Myspace profile and WWE Fanatics on Myspace Group.

Matt Hardy vs. MVP (US title) & CM Punk vs. Morrison (ECW title)

"They're really playing up MVP's condition. I think with the harassment WWE is taking about Benoit, I think they'll put the title on Hardy. At least until MVP is fully cleared to compete full throttle." (Tim)

"I think MVP and Morrison will win. I think they are trying to build up the two of them." (Tommy)

Mysterio vs. Chavo Guerrero

"rey mysterio. he is returning to the ring for the first time in a long time." (Johnathan)

"Prepare to witness the 619!!! Mysterio has been waiting a long time to get his revenge on Chavo". (Janet)

Triple H vs King Booker

"Without a doubt, Triple H will be victorious in this bout. You could put Triple H against ANYONE at Summerslam, and He would win. ( good would it appear for his character and ratings should he lose his first match after returning to the squared circle?) I've been a Triple H fan for years.....He has the IT factor....the untangible...I appreciate the fact that he treats his "game" as an art. A great showman....a class amazing entertainer.....OK...enough sap.." (King of Queens)

Mr. Kennedy vs. Carlito vs. Umaga (IC title)

"well i really don't like umaga , kennedy or carlito. it's pretty obivious that umaga is going to win. if i had to choose between kennedy & carlito i would have to pick kennedy for the win." (Vampire Heart)

"kennedy because he looks like he would be more determined to win since he took out lashley" (dexter)

"i think umaga is going 2 win, but i want kennedy 2 win it" (Joey)

Diva Battle Royal (#1 Women's Contender)

"To make this match better it should be held in a swimming pool like in Armageddon 99 and be done Royal Rumble style. And include Lillian." (Joe)

"i would say victoria but ever since she got drafted to smackdown she is not that good as she was before but i think mickie james is going to win."." (Krystal)

"I'd have to say that none other than the "Glamazon" Beth Phoenix will come out on top and hopefully get that title away from a very undeserving Candice Michelle." (B Radimus)

"heyy wwe fanatics my prediction for the diva battle royal has to be michlle mccool, they've been focusing soo much on her for like the last month on smackdown with all the lovin life stuff" (Hammer)

"For the Diva's Battle Royal... my prediction is Mickie James so that Candice can pin her cleanly." (Frederick)

Votes also came in for Torrie Wilson, Maria, Jillian, Layla, Kristal and Victoria. This match could go so many ways, even giving us a surprise new competitor we weren't expecting, such as Maryse who we haven't seen wrestle.

Batista vs. Khali (World Heavyweight Title)

"hey let me say that the animal batistas got his hands full with the great kahli that guys a monster " (Roy)

"It's hard to pick Batista to win this one. Khali's been dominating all wrestlers on Smackdown and the new claw grip finisher he's got is tough to escape!" (WWE Fanatics)

Randy Orton vs. John Cena (WWE title)

"i feel a screw job in that match sunday. i dont know why, but i feel some very unlikely person will interfere as the ref is knocked out and help orton win." (Manny P.)

" definetly looks like the whole Orton beats Cena to fued with HHH was just more Internet educated guessing. At least for right now." (DeathandtheFiend)

"Something tells me this match might also give us the answer of who is Vince's child. Not saying it's Orton or Cena, but Vince became involved with them and Snitsky last week. Let's hope the champ holds the title to give us that HHH vs Cena match we'd all love!" (WWE Fanatics)

More great Summerslam Stuff:

Check out Kat Deluna's Myspace page where you can add "Whine Up" , the official Summerslam theme song to your Myspace page! Kat will be appearing on Miss Teen USA Pageant on NBC (Time TBD) this coming Friday at 8PM ET. Also check out Kat DeLuna's debut album, 9 Lives. also offers a good selection of WWE Summerslam DVDs here for the fan looking to stock up.

Even though we have just 4 days to go until Summerslam, feel free to pick up a Fanatics Summerslam Countdown Timer for your Myspace page. It won't be available much longer!

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Blogger darkhardy said...

I guess I am going to do my quick run down on this one cause it could long and ugly if I dont.

Divas Battle Royal- Haven't paid lot of attention to the feuds that the divas are going through but I know who I would want to win.
My pick- Maria is has been some good work lately.

Kennedy v Carlito V Umaga (3X for the Intercontinental title)- Let's do it up like this, Carlito and ref get taken out of the picture. Vince comes down to the ring. He throws the title to Kennedy. Kennedy hits Umaga between the eyes with the belt. He covers him the ref revives. He counts the pin on Umaga. Vince reveals that Mr. Kennedy is his son!!!!
Winner- Mr. Kennedy

ECW title match Morrison V CM Punk-
Just for the pure entertain ment of it let's make this one. Extreme Rules. In the End, can we say GTS??
Winner- CM Punk

Chavo v Rey Mysterio-
I guess we need a normal match once in a while but I would prefer No DQ match in this one. With Little REY REY beating the heck out of Chavo with a chair then doing something like breaking his nose after a drop of the dime on a chair face first. With all that in mind who do you think I want to win.
Winner- Rey Rey!!!

World Heavyweight championship- Great Khali v Batista
I think this one needs to have more build up so here is a thought
They knock each other loopy.
Winner- None, Double count out!!

HHH v King Booker-
Let see here. The normal match will tkae place here. hmm.. I think the plot for this one is stupid so I dont really for the match but they need to have a match for HHH return. A couple of pedigrees should do the trick!!
Winner- HHH

WWE Title match-
I was battling for this one quite some time cause I like both wrestlers. after I thought a bit I came with a plan. I think the Orton v Cody Rhodes feud was too short. Cody Rhodes interfers due to Orton not wanting him there and it bites him in the end. After a huge fight and both Cena and Orton are almost spent with the ref out of it, Rhodes comes down. Rhodes knocks down Orton with his huge clothesline. Cena throws on his STFU. Orton starts to tap with a reviving ref. The champ is still here!!!
Winner- John Cena

August 24, 2007 at 3:35 PM  
Blogger MC said...

Thanks darkhardy. I'll have mine on the site this weekend..Have a few I disagree with you on, but for the most part you seem on track...

August 24, 2007 at 3:47 PM  

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