Friday, November 23, 2007

Injury Updates: Matt Hardy & John Cena

Matt Hardy's luck took a bad turn this past Tuesday night in Tampa, Florida, as the superstar suffered appendicitis. Hardy had a CT scan done which revealed an enflamed appendix. He immediately received emergency surgery which revealed the appendix had burst. Matt reported feeling like he was dying from the poisonous toxins released in his body. According to Matt:

"I will be here in the hospital until the antibiotics clean the rest of the toxins from my body, and then from there it will be anywhere from 8-10 weeks before I get back into action,” Hardy explained."

Yet another unfortunate situation forcing a superstar out of action, but thanks to WWE trainers and hospital staff Hardy didn't suffer any serious problems. Read the entire story about Matt Hardy's status and operation at also has exclusive footage of John Cena's Road to Rehab. In the video, Cena works out under the guidance of Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. James Andrews and others at the medical center. According to Andrews, Cena is past the "intermediate phase" of surgery recovery and now will begin the final stages, which probably will take some time. Cena is apparently ahead of the curve to recover but doesn't want to push things too much. Kevin Wilk, Cena's Physical Therapist, is also in the video and says Cena is about to begin doing bench presses and push ups because he has almost full range of motion in his arm.

View the Full Coverage of Cena's Rehab at

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

omg i feel so abd for the wwe superstars they have to watch out the stupid old randy damn orton he is going to kill them i hate what m v p did to matt is was mean to turn his bac on his tag team partner and when you come bac matt i think he should come out on smackdown do a apolgy on front of the wwe superstars and the fans and everyone watching

November 23, 2007 at 11:00 AM  

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