Monday, November 19, 2007

WWE Raw Preview 11.19.07

Tonight's Raw will feature aftermath and fallout from last night's Survivor Series Pay-Per-View. The event saw Randy Orton successfully defend his WWE Title against Shawn Michaels. It also saw 2 of Raw's brightest and biggest stars, Jeff Hardy and HHH as the sole survivors in a traditional elimination match. In addition to all of this, has announced that tonight the meaning of the mysterious videos with encrypted codes will finally be revealed to WWE fans on Raw.

At Survivor Series, Randy Orton was able to successfully beat Shawn Michaels using no disqualifications or tricks. Instead, Orton waited for Shawn Michaels to hold off on the Superkick, then he delivered the RKO. Will Michaels be back to challenge Orton yet again? Or will tonight see a new contender throw their name into the mix?

Last night's event also saw Jeff Hardy make a pin on Umaga after a Triple H Pedigree. The two Raw superstars were sole survivors in the match. The tag team champs from Raw, successfully defended against Cody Rhodes and Hardcore Holly. There was also the 10 diva tag team match involving several WWE Raw divas. Raw diva Mickie James made the winning pin over her rival Melina. Will Mickie be the new challenger for the Women's title now? Also what will be the next challenge for Hornswoggle who was scared underneath the ring by The Great Khali at Survivor Series?

Finally there is the impending arrival of Y2J. For weeks mysterious promotional ads have run during WWE programming, indicating there would be an event on 11/19. Raw should see the return of Chris Jericho, and should make for an exciting moment for WWE fans! Read more about it and watch videos of "SAVE_US.222" at

Raw hits the air at 9PM EST on the USA Cable Channel!

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