Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Can Jericho Save Us?

Monday night marked the electrifying moment many were waiting for as Y2J himself, Chris Jericho showed up to spoil the "Torch Ceremony" for Randy Orton. And many of us could see the marathon runner ending from a mile away, literally. Y2J clotheslined the runner down backstage before making his big return on the top of the Raw ramp. Jericho then vowed to save the fans from Randy Orton's title reign. The question is, will he?

Jericho's definitely one of the more charismatic performers in the WWE and pro wrestling. He has even noted on various interviews that wrestlers don't need to be jacked up or huge in order to entertain the fans, and that they can do it with personality. Y2J has that handled.

Best guess based on Raw is that we may be headed towards another big Elimination Chamber match. They seem to occur once a year now for the WWE title. Perhaps it will involve Orton defending against the likes of Jericho, Michaels, Kennedy, Umaga, Snitsky and HHH. Maybe Jeff Hardy gets inserted into the mix, but as of now he's still a IC title holder.

The most likely successor to Orton as WWE champ would have to be either Triple H, Kennedy or Jericho. And this also raises a major question. If Jericho receives several title shots, where are Triple H's? Shawn Michaels had more than his share, whereas Triple H got 2 matches in one night involving the title and Orton. The first time around he beat Orton for the title, before losing later at the end of the PPV. Michaels has had several title opps now and it seems as if they are postponing HHH's next chance until a big event such as Wrestlemania.

Regardless, Y2J is back and he can only add more charisma, talent and great entertainment to the Raw show. At the very least he is saving us from the self destruction of the Raw brand.

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