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ECW Recap 11.20.07

ECW Recap from Tampa, FL:

Kenny Dykstra vs CM Punk

Highlights shown from Survivor Series where Morrison was knocked off the apron and then Punk scored the GTS on the Miz for the win.

Smackdown's Kenny Dykstra faced off with CM Punk in the opening match. Punk flipped Dykstra down to the mat and kicked him in the back, followed by a suplex. Punk tried to put a hold on Kenny's arm, but Kenny stood up and forced Punk to the ropes. Punk came off the ropes to do a backbreaker on Dykstra. Kenny threw Punk to the corner and ran at him, but CM jumped up. Dykstra had Punk on his shoulder, but Punk managed to slide off and try for a GTS. Kenny escaped to clothesline Punk down where he applied a headlock maneuver.

Punk got to his feet, but Kenny forced him back down in the hold on his neck. Dykstra locked the headlock in to wear Punk down, but Punk stood up again. Dykstra rammed him into the corner then placed him seated on the corner to beat him up more. Dykstra climbed the ropes to try to suplex Punk, but Punk countered and tossed Dykstra down to the mat. Punk followed with a splash off the ropes and pin attempt. Punk had the momentum but another pin failed after knocking Dykstra down. Punk was able to land a clothesline with a springboard off the ropes. Dykstra recovered from a pin attempt and managed to reverse Punk's bulldog to toss Punk into the corner post. Kenny climbed the corner, but Punk got up and dropckicked the rope, Kenny lost his balance and Punk grabbed him to put him into the GTS from the ropes.

Winner: CM Punk wins via pinfall over Kenny Dykstra

Styles and Tazz reviewed last week's incident when Kane came to the ring to chokeslam Matt Striker. Styles announced that tonight Kane will face Striker and Big Daddy V together in a handicap match.

ECW returned from a commercial with Elijah Burke in the ring. Burke spoke on the mic saying he invited a close personal friend of his to come join them at ECW. Shelton Benjamin came down to the ring to join Burke.

Tommy Dreame vs. Shelton Benjamin

Benjamin knocked Dreamer to the mat early on then started punching and kicking him around the ring. With Dreamer under the bottom rope Shelton grabbed his legs to catapult him up. Dreamer continued to withstand the attack and then turned the tables. Dreamer went for a DDT but Shelton reversed to whip Dreamer to a corner. Shelton ran at him but Dreamer elbowed him. Dreamer tried to climb the ropes but Shelton grabbed his leg and yanked him to the mat. Benjamin scored a final running takedown DDT/bulldog type move then a pin on Dreamer for the win. Styles then made the announcement that Benjamin is the newest member of ECW's roster.

Winner: Shelton Benjamin wins via pinfall over Tommy Dreamer.

Deuce & Domino vs. Jesse & Festus

Miz and Morrison joined Tazz and Styles at ringside. As the bell rang Festus turned into a monster and Jesse forced him to the outer apron. Jesse took control over Domino as he slid under him in the corner then pulled his legs out from under him. Jesse punched Domino from the apron then tried to climb the ropes and jump at him but Domino moved. Deuce put Jesse down on the mat and locked a hold on him keeping his arms pulled back.

Duece and Domino continued to dominate Jesse, until he escaped a move off the ropes by Domino. Jesse rolled under a clothesline and tagged in Festus. Festus began punching and knocking down D&D then flung Deuce over the top rope. With Domino down on the mat, Festus tagged in Jesse again and he climbed the ropes. Festus tossed Jesse from the ropes onto Domino and he captured a pinfall victory.

Winners: Jesse and Festus win via pinfall over Deuce & Domino.

Backstage Matt Striker was with Big Daddy V and told Kane he will pay the price for laying a finger on him.

Styles said they would have exclusive footage of an argument that took place between divas Kelly Kelly and Layla.

Nunzio vs. Kevin Thorn

Thorn took control early easily dropping Nunzio to the mat for a beatdown. After several moves, Thorn put Nunzio up in a backbreaker on his shoulder and squeezed the grip. Thorn dropped to the mat with Nunzio, then picked him up to ram him into the corner of the ring. Thorn took Nunzio off the ropes and droppd him down with the Original Sin.

Winner: Kevin Thorn wins via pinfall over Nunzio.

Footage shown courtesy of WWE Mobile from after last week's ECW show. As Kelly was rolling her suitcase down a back hall to exit the arena, Layla came up with her suitcase and knocked into Kelly saying "Excuse me". The two divas got into a shoving match and threw food from a nearby buffet table onto one another before refs pulled them apart.

Alternative rock band Seether shown sitting front row at ECW. Just then, Layla came out with a microphone to start talking near a table set up with Thanksgiving foods. Layla said she's smarter and better looking than Kelly Kelly and that is why she gives thanks this Thanksgiving. Kelly Kelly came out from behind quietly and grabbed a pie, then shoved it on Layla's face. An angry Layla grabbed a bowl of gravy and poured it on Kelly, then Kelly responded with cranberry sauce. The two divas continued to throw food from the table at each other until two refs came out. The girls fell to the floor still fighting with the refs trying to hold them back. Styles said next week they will fight in the ring.

Highlights shown from last night's Raw where Chris Jericho came out to spoil Randy Orton's "Passing of the Torch" ceremony.

Kane vs. Big Daddy V & Matt Striker

Kane immediately went at V, then dropped Striker to the mat. Kane forced V to the corner and left him there to go after Striker. Kane knocked Striker around then ran at V with a clothesline in the corner. Kane went for a double chokeslam but V hit his arms down and dropped Kane to the mat. V followed with a splash on Kane's back off the ropes. V stayed on Kane as Striker taunted him. Kane clocked Striker in the face but Striker got up and dropkicked Kane in the face. Kane managed to eventually escape the attack of Striker and V. Kane tried for pins after knocking each guy down but V kicked out and also hit Kane while he tried to pin Striker.

Kane finally eluded V and gave him a solid boot knocking him to the mat. Kane then grabbed Striker in the chokeslam and smashed him to the mat for a pin. After the bell, V went at Kane grabbing him to slam him backwards. V followed by using an elbow drop before standing over Kane in the center of the ring.

Winner: Kane wins via pinfall over Matt Striker and Big Daddy V.

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