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WWE Raw Recap 11.19.07

Raw recap from Fort Lauderdale, FL:

Raw opened showing a live shot of a man running with a torch down the street for about 30 seconds. Michaels came down to the ring to start the show off. HBK said the better man won last night and he wanted to invite Orton out to the ring to shake hands. Orton showed up on the Titantron with a visibly bruised forehead. Orton said he can't expect him to come to the ring for another Superkick. Michaels said he was going to ask for a rematch first. Orton said a Marathon runner is coming from Miami to Fort Lauderdale to symbolize the passing of the torch to Orton as the new great champion. Orton said Michaels had his chance and now it's over. Just then Mr. Kennedy came down to the ring.

Kennedy got in the ring and stared in Michael's face. Kennedy kept staring then reached up to grab the mic from overhead. As he was about to grab it, HBK shoved him and started to attack. The two went outside the ring and fought with Kennedy whipping Michaels into the ring post. Kennedy got back in the ring on the mic to tell HBK he had his shot and its his turn now. As Kennedy ducked out of the ropes to look at HBK, Michaels yanked him through the ropes and tossed him into the apron. HBK got into the ring and told Kennedy they can fight right now. Kennedy got back up outside the ring and told Michaels on the mic he is only famous for losing recently.

William Regal came out to the top of the ramp and told HBK and Kennedy to do things properly in a match right now.

Shawn Michaels vs. Mr. Kennedy

Raw returned from a commercial with HBK knocking Kennedy down the ramp. JR said the bell had not officially rung for the match to start. HBK finally tossed Kennedy into the ring, but he slid out and HBK chased after. Kennedy started punching away at HBK then tried to pick him up. The two men eventually spilled over the crowd barrier into the audience. HBK continued attacking Kennedy, and the two fought all the way over to the commentator table. Kennedy rammed HBK into the side apron then threw him into the ring. Kennedy then grabbed a steel chair and got onto the apron, but HBK was on his feet and delivered Sweet Chin Music. The kick sent the chair into Kennedy's face and he crashed to the outside of the ring.

Winner: No match started as both wrestlers continued fighting before the ref could call for the bell.

Jim Ross announced that tonight Jeff Hardy will take on Umaga in a singles match. Monday December 10th there will be a 3 Hour Raw show on USA.

Jim Ross discussed the Survivor Series Pay Per View and the theme song, just as Santino Marella came down to the ring for a match.

Jerry Lawler vs. Santino Marella

Lawler knocked Marella back to the corner to start things off, then the two grappled. Marella rammed Lawler in opposite corners then bowed to the crowd. Just then, Lawler grabed him and whipped him to the other corner. Lawler ran at him but Marella moved away causing Lawler to crash into the ringpost. Marella knocked Lawler to the mat then left the ring to grab the mic. Marella started to mock Lawler on the mic and put on his crown from the commentator table. Marella got back into the ring and kept taunting. Lawler managed to score a win over Marella by sliding him on his shoulders to the mat for the pin, but just then Randy Orton snuck into the ring and delivered and RKO.

Orton grabbed a mic and said he couldn't help himself and he has an update on the status of his torch runner and showed him on the screen. Orton left the ring smirking and JR said the passing of the torch ceremony would be later on Raw.

Winner: Jerry Lawler wins via pinfall over Santino Marella.

Todd Grisham interviewed Kennedy backstage about the earlier incident with HBK. Kennedy said he just went out to the ring to show HBK some respect and it didn't happen because HBK decided to Superkick a chair into his face. Kennedy said next time their paths cross HBK better worry about Mr. Kennedy.

Jim Ross discussed last night's match between Khali and Hornswoggle. Khali slapped Hornswoggle down to the mat early and was going to attack. Finlay came down to save him with Vince and Shane looking on. Vince then showed in a back office talking to Coach and Regal. Vince discussed how great last night's event was. Regal and Coach started joking about the Hornswoggle vs Khali match and Vince became angry. Just then Carlito entered the office. Carlito said he wanted to show his appreciation to Vince. Vince then asked Carlito to take on his son Hornswoggle to show his appreciation. Carlito agreed, then Regal and Coach laughed about it. Vince then gave them a look and asked if he said something funny.

Jeff Hardy vs. Umaga

Replay shown of HHH delivering a Pedigree to Umaga before Hardy did the Swanton on him to score the pin at Survivor Series.

Jeff attacked early punching away at Umaga. Umaga ran at him in the corner but Hardy avoided it to start punching. Umaga shoved him back and tried to dive onto Jeff, but Jeff moved. The two went to the outside where Umaga took an upperhand and tossed Jeff back. As Umaga went to get into the ring, Hardy dropkicked him under the ropes. Umaga bench pressed Hardy off him when he tried for the pin. Jeff then tried to gain momentum off the ropes but Umaga knocked him down. Umaga slapped in a vice grip to the shoulder of Hardy down on the mat.

Jeff battled back to his feet, but Umaga shoved him back down. Umaga re-applied the vice grip to Hardy's shoulder, but he got back up again. Umaga tossed him to the corner ropes then went to splash him but Hardy moved. Umaga hit the ringpost and Hardy DDT'd him down. Hardy then went to the apron to prepare for a move, but Umaga shoved him to the crowd barrier. Raw headed to commercial with Jeff outside the ring.

Raw returned with Umaga applying a grip once again to Jeff's shoulder in the ring. Jeff got to his feet and tried to pick up Umaga but Umaga fell on top of him for a pin. Umaga applied the shoulder grip yet again. Jeff tried to gain some moment back on his feet by running off the ropes, but Umaga flipped him up and onto the mat. Umaga then continued with more punishment. Umaga did a spinning back kick to Hardy's head and went for a pin with Jeff kicking out. Jeff eventualy rolled out onto the apron an was able to pull Umaga down by his neck onto the ropes. Hardy then tried to jump off the ropes onto Umaga but Umaga caught him and slammed him down. Hardy escaped yet again from a pin. Umaga had the opportunity for a splash off the ropes, but Hardy rolled away. Both men got up and Umaga knocked Jeff to a seated position in the corner. Umaga went for a hip splash, with Hardy moving. Jeff followed up with a Twist of Fate knocking Umaga down. His pin attempt failed but Jeff continued the attack. Jeff avoided Umaga in the corner but then missed on a Swanton.

Hardy managed to DDT Umaga down in the ring and then Umaga slid out. Hardy dropkicked Umaga into the commentator's table. The ref was about to countout Umaga but just then Snitsky ran down into the ring. Snitsky attacked Hardy and tried to pick up Hardy on his shoulder to ram him. Hardy slid off and attacked Snitsky getting an upperhand. Umaga got back into the ring, then clotheslined Hardy down as he turned to face him. The two men tossed Hardy from the ring. Just then HHH's music came on and HHH walked down to the ring. HHH slid in and immediately attacked, clotheslining Snitsky down and tossing Umaga from the ring. Snitsky tried to fight back, but HHH was able to hit him in the face with a knee, then clothesline him out of the ring. The lengthy match concluded with Hardy and HHH in the ring posing as Snitsky and Umaga stared at them from the ramp.

Winner: Jeff Hardy wins due to disqualification when Snitsky entered the ring to attack.

The cryptic code briefly blipped on the screen before Raw went to commercial.

Backstage HHH and Hardy acknowledged each other. Just then Todd Grisham walked up to ask HHH whey he went to save Hardy. HHH said he needed to show Snitsky and Umaga who the real badass of the WWE is. HHH said he has nothing in common with Hardy except respect for him. HHH then joked he has nothing in common with Grisham because unlike Todd, HHH will walk away from a transvestite at a bar.

Hardcore Holly vs. Cody Rhodes

Holly gained an early advantage and tried for a pin. Rhodes kicked out then flew at Holly to clothesline him down. The two stared at each otehr and Holly slammed Rhodes to the mat twice. Holly started to choke Rhodes against the middle rope. Holly then slapped a headlock onto Rhodes in the center of the ring trying to wear him down. Holly started to chop away at Rhodes in the corner, but Rhodes escaped to do a legsweep on Holly. Holly kicked out of a pin and whipped Rhodes to the ropes for a dropkick. Holly picked up Rhodes for the Alabama Slam, but Rhodes punched Holly in his sides and escaped. Rhodes then pushed Holly to the ropes and DDT'd him down to the mat. Rhodes scored the pinfall victory and started to celebrate, but Randy Orton slid into the ring. Orton RKO'd Rhodes down, then did the same to Holly as he got up.

Orton told the crowd he had another update on the torch runner. The runner was shown just arriving to Fort Lauderdale, and Orton said the passing of the torch would be very soon.

Winner: Cody Rhodes wins via pinfall over Hardcore Holly.

Jim Ross introduced a tribute video of Randy Orton the WWE Champion. Ross reminded people of tonight's ceremony.

Backstage Vince McMahon was in his office when Finlay entered. Vince said Finlay coming into the Hornswoggle match was a surprise and he doesn't like surprises so much. Finlay said they are both Irish and love surprises. Vince suggested they go out for a drink after the show tonight. Finlay said he would order a big glass of hot milk because it's good for someone Vince's age. Vince got angry and stared at Finlay, then said he was just joking.

Mickie James and Maria shown walking backstage on their way out for a tag team match.

Promo video shown for Nature Boy Ric Flair announcing his return to next week's Raw show.

Mickie James & Maria vs. Jillian Hall & Melina

Melina grabbed the mic prior to the match and started to talk. Jillian took it from her and said since they played her music, Jillian gets to talk first. Jillian introduced singer Jon Secada who was sitting front row near the ring. Jillian talked about Jon being there to support Lillian Garcia and her new album. Jillian then insulted Lillian's singing and said she felt bad for Jon. Jillian then said nobody in Florida understands "Mexican talk" anyways so nobody wants her album. Jillian started singing a Gloria Estefan song badly and got booed for it. Jillian shrieked n the mic then shoved the mic back to Lillian calling her "second best".

The match started with Melina facing Maria and twisting her arm. Maria grabbed the top rope and flipped out of the move then knocked Melina to the corner. Maria managed to do the Bronco Buster on Melina in the corner. Melina took the upperhand after Jillian grabbed Maria's hair from the apron. Jillian tagged in to do a move off the ropes but Maria moved away causing Jillian to hit Melina. Melina lay knocked out on the apron as Maria managed to tag in Mickie. Mickie attacked Jillian, and tried for a pin after a neckbreaker. Jillian kicked out and gained control. Jillian picked up Mickie and then Melina came in to run off the ropes for a move. Maria was outside the ring and grabbed Melina's legs then pulled her out of the ring to attack. Back in the ring Mickie was able to grab Jillian and gave her a kiss before giving a spin kick to her head.

Winner: Mickie James & Maria win via pinfall over Jillian Hall & Melina.

Hornswoggle vs. Carlito
No DQ Match

Hornswoggle came out from under the ring. Carlito slapped Hornswoggle in the head a few times then grabbed his beard. Carlito made fun of Hornswoggle by getting on his knees and putting his hand up to grapple. Carlito laughed and then shoved Horsnwoggle to the mat. Horn got back up and bit Carlito on the ass, then took off out of the ring. Hornswoggle ran up on the commentator's table and grabbed JR's hat, then ran over to put it on Lillian. Carlito chased him and the leprechaun ran under the ring. Carlito got back in the ring then tiptoed to the other side. Carlito then left the ring and lifted the apron. Just then, Hornswoggle came out of the other end of the ring with a bucket of water. Hornswoggle went into the ring and over to the other side then waited for Carlito to crawl back out. Carlito pleaded with him not to toss the water, but Hornswoggle did it causing Carlito to get soaked and slip outside the ring.

Carlito angrily got up and grabbed Hornswoggle, managing to slam him in the ring. As Carlito was preparing to finish him off, Finlay came down to the ring and got in his face. Carlito spit his apple at him, and Finlay followed up by clothslining Carlito down to the mat. Finlay then picked up his leprechaun friend and slammed him on top of Carlito for the pinfall victory.

Winner: Honrswoggle wins via pinfall over Carlito.

Orton's Torch Ceremony

Orton came to the ring and announced he has beaten all that he has needed to beat, so it is time for the torch to officially be passed to him. The torch runner was shown on screen and Orton said he has earned this and deserves it. As the torch runner ran into the backstage garage, someone clotheslined him down hard to the concrete. The man's back was to the camera but it was Y2J posing with both arms raised up.

As Orton looked on from the ring, the arena went dark and the code promo came up asking "Did you break the Code?" The commercial ran through the letters and numbers then spelled out "=Y2J". Then the countdown began from 10 to 1, and a series of pyrotechnics went off followed by Y2J's "Break the Walls".

Jericho stood at the top of the ramp for a few minutes as the crowd cheered and Jericho held the mic up, then yelled out "Welcome to Raw is Jericho". Jericho told everyone to take a cell phone pic, email and call their friends to let them know Jericho is back. A "Y 2 J" chant followed. Orton interrupted Jericho's speech to ask who he thinks he is. Orton told Jericho he had been fired last time he saw him on Raw, so he asked Jericho why he came back. Jericho said he was back to save everyone from Orton's "boring personality" and his reign as champ. Jericho said the 1st chance he gets he will take the WWE title from and once he becomes champ things will "never ever be the same again". Raw went off the air with Orton looking irritated in the ring and Y2J posing up on the ramp.

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