Friday, November 2, 2007

WWE Smackdown Preview 11.02.07

Cyber Sunday saw several key matchups involving Smackdown superstars this past Sunday. Tonight's episode of Smackdown should feature more in these feuds including Undertaker vs. Batista, Rey Mysterio vs. Finlay and Matt Hardy vs. MVP.

Matt Hardy was unable to compete at Cyber Sunday, forcing a new match to be scheduled involving Kane vs. MVP for the United States Championship. Kane won the match, but not the title, as he kicked MVP out of the ring for a 10 count. Will Matt Hardy be present on tonight's Smackdown? Will Kane become the new contender for MVP's title now?

Rey Mysterio was able to finally extract his revenge on the fighting Irishman, Finlay. During Cyber Sunday, Rey knocked out Finlay on a stretcher, then pushed him across the finish line to pick up the win. Will Finlay look to continue this feud with Mysterio, or will Rey have his sites set on a title now, such as the US title or World Heavyweight title?

Finally, there is the continued feud between Undertaker and World Heavyweight champ, Batista. Batista finally got the victory over Taker at Cyber Sunday, in their fourth showdown. Undertaker will still be hungry to take his title back, so don't expect him to back away from The Animal anytime soon!

Tune in to Smackdown tonight on the CW network at 8PM EST for all the action!

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