Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Ashley Massaro Blogs: Survivor & Playboy

Ashley Massaro recently wrapped up her Survivor China stint. The show came to its conclusion with a finale aired live on CBS this past Sunday. Todd Herzog was the million dollar survivor, and Ashley was there as part of the cast to discuss the show. Ashley was eliminated early on in the contest, but had the following to offer about her experiences:

"So I officially finished Survivor on Sunday, that was a long season eh? I guess it feels that way since I got voted off early on. Man, ya win some ya lose some. I can't win it all but I'll keep trying thats for sure. I had a cold and my ear wouldnt pop the whole way home on my flt yest, so so annoying. I cant believe Todd won a mill, I mean I can kinda cuz was the shistiest but I mean wow. I wouldnt have been able to just sit there through the show I woulda been running around and screaming. Kinda like I did when I won the diva search."

Read more about Ashley's Survivor China experiences from her Myspace blog. She also talks about a Playboy Cover contest on her blog, where you can vote for her Playboy issue as the top cover. No word right now on Ashley's official return to Smackdown or WWE.

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